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  2. Day 5 of pre-op diet: I've lost 8lbs in 5 days, which is crazy to think about! I am still feeling the tummy grumbles like woah, especially between lunch and dinner, but all said and done I'm doing great and this is a lot easier than I thought it would be. I am getting really excited and anxious since my surgery date is just around the corner. I think I'm ready, but it's not going to feel real until I'm sitting in patient registration. 

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    Hello Jay! My vsg surgery is the same day as yours. Best of luck to you!
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  5. What a year can do

    Oh my goodness! You look so great @Michael_A!! Your perseverance on this incredible journey has motivated all of us. You should be very proud of yourself! Amazing job - well done sir!
  6. I get why you are looking for the negatives, @ready2bme - I did the same thing, and pretty close to surgery. Unlike many people here, I met with my surgeon and started my program while I was still undecided about whether I would ultimately have surgery. I wanted to make sure the decision I made was informed by opinions and research on both sides of the fence. Mainly I didn't want to end up with some bad complication down the road, kicking myself because I'd been too scared to look at the other side of things. I admit, though, that your original post scared the crap out of me for a couple of days. I have pretty severe health anxiety, and a tendency to imagine that every ache or pain is a sign that The End is Nigh. I try really hard to avoid stuff that will set me off, and when I feel myself GETTING set off, I try really hard to stop the behavior that I know will follow (the endless googling of symptoms, the endless internal monitoring of my sense of my body, waking up in the night to read more about whatever it is that scared me in the first place). One of the things I had to consider when I was deciding whether to have surgery was whether I was in a good place for it mentally and emotionally. I knew there were risks, however small - and I knew that I would likely be more scared of those risks than most people. I also knew that I would likely blow out of proportion any symptoms I had post-surgery, and scare myself. Knowing all of that, I still decided to go forward with surgery; I just promised myself that I would be just as vigilant about symptoms of irrational anxiety as I was about symptoms of any complications/issues with my body. I think I've done pretty well at that. Most of the time these days I'm successful at heading my brain off at the pass. So while I was scared by your post, it wasn't like a big downward spiral or anything - it was just a scary blip. I've seen other scary things here, too - reading about @ktallon's experiences comes to mind, or about @Ladybugzzz86 post-surgical issues. (If you think I didn't research the hell out of portal vein clots after reading @Ladybugzzz86's story -- whooo boy!! I was pretty sure I had one for a couple of days!!) I DO think there is room here for discussion of possible downsides of WLS as well as just the upsides. I think we're used to seeing both sides here, too - but maybe the difference is that the downsides we read about tend to be people's personal stories, things that are actually affecting them. I guess my only contribution to this thread would be maybe we should keep in mind that many people come here at the ends of their ropes - in a vulnerable, easily influenced state. And so the way we frame these conversations is just as important as having them. TT should be -- and I think it is -- a place that is both safe AND honest. And I really value both of those things.
  7. My body has gone crazy!!!!

    I was typing the above post when you posted and thought it may pertain to you as well.
  8. VSG Scheduled

    Congratulations - not long to wait.
  9. My body has gone crazy!!!!

    Going into WLS I knew that not only were my dietary habits going to change, but along with the weight loss there would be other physical changes along the way. Any time your body goes through rapid physical changes there is an adjustment period where your muscles, tendons, and joints have to relearn your new movement, causing them to be used differently which can result in pain. I get foot, ankle, knee, hip and lower back pain that I associate with weight loss, but I see this as a good thing due to the deplorable physical issues caused by the excessive weight. I suffered from gout, splay feet, and bulging discs in my lower back. The foot, ankle, knee, and some of the hip pain are kept in check with properly fitted shoes. I have went from wearing a 14 4E shoe with low rigid stiff arches, which gave the best support for my splayed feet issues. I now wear a 14 regular with medium height semi stiff arches because the splay feet issue has gone away. As my splay feet issue resolved, my gait changed causing hip pain. My toes used to point outward when I walked, now they are aligned straight front to back. To battle the hip pain caused by the adjusting period I have the insoles of my shoes shimmed on the outer edge to assist with the gait realignment, as well as extra meta-tarsal padding added to help protect my adjusting foot. I also get shoes with a large toe box to allow ample room for my feet to adjust and fluctuate through out the day. I started going to a shoe store that measures my feet, arches and meta-tarsal width every time and does the shimming for me by using my old shoe wear pattern to adjust them accordingly. The shoes cost me $10-$20 more per pair, but I know I will have an appropriate fit, and reduced/eliminated foot, ankle, knee, and hip pain. My hip and lower back pain is controlled by stretching, back strengthening exercises, and chiropractor adjustment. I stretch my feet, upper and lower calves, quads, hamstrings, hips and lower back everyday. This only takes about 10 minutes. I do lower back strengthening exercises with a resistant band called chops this only takes 5-10 minutes. I do both of these prior to my walking and/or running. I have been to the chiropractor once right after WLS due to a re-occurrence of a bulging disc. He told me as my belly goes away my chest and shoulders lose support from my belly and my back has to work more to support them. That is when he had me start doing the "chops" to help strengthen my lower back. Overall with these few adjustments I have been able to keep the pain in check. I will have to continue to adjust as I lose more weight and then again when I hit maintenance weight. This is a small price to pay for a longer healthier life.
  10. Funny that you should mention that. I have had this bookmarked for awhile now. Time to End Insurance-Mandated Wait Before Bariatric Surgery? | Medpage Today
  11. What a year can do

    CONGRATULATIONS! I'm so happy for you! You look fantastic too!
  12. Hungry

    I can't remember when my hunger came back. I'd guess 18 month to 2 year post-op. It isn't like it was pre-op but I cannot go all day without eating like I could in my honeymoon. I met someone a couple of years ago who was sleeved about 15 years ago. His hunger never returned but I don't think that is the norm. Now if I'm really hungry, I can eat a couple of ounces of cheese or a handful of nuts and feel fine within a few minutes. The desire/compulsion to eat a lot of food quickly is long gone.
  13. VSG Scheduled

  14. Thanks, BB. I was hoping that you would comment on this. You always seem to make perfect sense of things
  15. Stall

    Welcome to Thinner Times! I can't help of dealing with stalls because as I've written a good few times, I had many years of dieting - all sabotaged by what I perceived as failing the moment I saw no loss on the scale so I chose not to have scales in the house until I got into the normal BMI range for my height. I relied on follow-up visits for weighing.
  16. Hungry

    Well, I do get somewhat hungry, 11 months out. Like a lot of the others it feels different than it used to but it is recognizable. More of a sense of low energy when it happens. I still enjoy the act of cooking and have some head hunger - have to be careful when I am eating out not to order too much, else the table gets to enjoy half my food! As @athenarose says though your stomach does NOT get bigger even if the hunger is there!
  17. Stall

    Hi @Learningtolovemyself - welcome to TTF and congrats on your excellent success so far! 103 pounds is fantastic! It sounds like you know the drill with stalls. They happen. They seem to take forever. Then they go away, just as mysteriously. I find that sometimes the mere act of complaining on the forum about my stall causes me to break the stall overnight... I really hope you see some progress soon - you're getting close to Onederland, and that is a sweet sweet victory. Maybe try upping your water intake radically for a couple of days? That sometimes nudges the scale down a bit for me. Otherwise, you're on plan so you're doing just what you should be, and the stall can't last forever if that's what you're doing.
  18. Stall

    It's totally normal! I had my surgery a little over a week after yours, and I'm also currently in a long-ish stall. 222 for days and days and days. Sometime I'm up half a pound, some days down half a pound... seems like every day is either 222.8 or 222.2! Like you', I'm staying on my plan and like you I have still got about 55 lbs to go before I could even think about being done. But I get it - it's frustrating! For myself I know it's generally related to water retention and that I "flush" it all out right before/during my period. But the waiting is super annoying! Three weeks every month of wondering if the flush will really happen this month or if my weight loss has finally slowed down. All I can offer is what everyone here has told me (and will soon tell you too!) - you just have to keep working the program and trusting it, and the weight WILL come off. That only changes if we change our behavior for the worst!
  19. Stall

    Hi all, I had my sleeve 8/31/17. I lost 28 lbs pre-op and have lost 75 pounds since surgery for a total of 103 pounds lost. I am about to hit my 6 month mark and I haven’t lost weight in 2 weeks. I am still completely on my plan. I KNOW weight loss stalls happen and after losing 103 pounds my body is probably taking a breather but of course, I am still feeling discouraged. I still have 50-55 pounds to lose. Argh!! Could others please share their stall experiences? I just want to be reminded this is normal and will pass! Thank you all!
  20. Thanks, I've bookmarked it, and I'll add it to the "articles on WLS" thread, as well. Good stuff and a powerful tool to convince someone that WLS is NOT a radical choice, but a sensible option.
  21. Thanks, BB! Success tastes very good. I'm so happy you've been a vocal and supportive part of my journey
  22. HELP PLEASE I am gaining !!

    Whew! That's got to feel great! Glad things are going in the right direction!!!
  23. My body has gone crazy!!!!

    My joints, particularly my hip joints, started to feel really weird at around 10 months out and still feel a little weird. I hold myself so differently now, it's no wonder, I guess. I think things are re-aligning a bit, but basically every step feels strange when I walk, like I'm not me. I have a different gait. It doesn't seem surprising when I think about why, but it does feel weird.
  24. What a year can do

    Your transformation is phenomenal, Michael!! I can see how much healthier and happier you are just by looking at your face! I can't believe you're nearly at goal...that is incredible. So glad your health has improved so much and that you'Ll be around much longer for your wife and all your kids! Good for you...and them! Thanks for being an inspiration for us all here!
  25. What will it feel like when I wake up?

    @Lyds85 Surgery only had minor issues for me. I woke up in the recovery room after surgery remembering nothing. I had no throat pain from being intubated. My team preventively put me on a medication for nausea that made it harder for me to pee (yes, a prostate issue). Since I had no nausea I stopped it and had no problems peeing. Yes to some pain or soreness at the incision sites, but nothing that the meds couldn't take the edge off. Also had some upper chest shoulder pains from the dissolved carbon dioxide in my system coming out of solution (yes it's a "gas pain" but really it's like the bends that scuba divers get, it has nothing to do with your bowels). All in all the surgery was less of a bother than a few of my prior broken bones or bike accidents.
  26. NSVs—Let's share!

    You bet!!! (And it's wise for us to do the same...IF they had any faults, of course)
  27. I have been on Zoloft for about 8 months now. It did make me very sleepy when I started it and I finally leveled out. I have tried so many different medications over the years and this is the first time I have not had panic attacks since i was a teenager so I know it's the right one for me... I just wish it didn't cause me to gain weight.
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