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  2. In response to Stratusphr, I did use the doctor that deemphasized protein after the first month or so. This doctor did recommend emphasis on protein/vegetables, with only a very small amount of carbs. I am now at almost 10 years out, and I am doing well. I stay within 8-12 pounds above my lowest weight. I do eat a lot of animal protein, because the few times I tried vegetarian meals that contained carbs like beans and rice I found my blood sugar tanked extremely low - dumping syndrome, according to the doctor. I feel good, the only real issue I have is that I have osteopenia, even though I'm very careful about my calcium and vitamins. Hoping for the best on that. Good luck with your revision!!!!
  3. This is strictly a 'doctor' question. How did you like Dr. Ayoola? I'm looking at a sleeve to RNY revision due to severe reflux and hiatal hernia. I have a 'second opinion' scheduled with Dr. Ayoola in August. I have a friend who really, really likes him. He did her sleeve to DS revision a couple of years ago. I hope you're doing well.
  4. I just saw this. I'm curious, did you use this doctor that didn't think we need all the protein every doctor I've ever heard speak knows is important? If so, did you follow this plan? If so, how are you doing? I'm looking at a sleeve to RNY revision. I'm trying to educate myself on how this surgery will change how I do things. Thank you! I hope you see this!
  5. I know this is old, but surely a newby will be curious. Pasta can sure be one of those 'one bite too many' foods. I had sleeve surgery in 2010, but am currently looking at a revision to RNY due to reflux. I hope my tricks won't have to change a lot. With pasta, I make homemade meat sauce and keep the pasta separately. I'll put a TINY bit of pasta on my plate and add a half cup of sauce. A lot of times I'll actually use rotini pasta or something similar that I can literally count rather than the long spaghetti. With rotini I will count out 7 pieces!! I still cannot believe how much pasta I could eat pre-op!!
  6. Possibly going from sleeve to an RNY due to severe GERD. I'm kind of hoping I'll have dumping to help deter me from sweets. Do you not experience dumping when you eat the chips and cookies?
  7. This is a good thread (use the search option for more). It's worth the read: https://www.thinnertimesforum.com/topic/121129-iron-levels/?tab=comments#comment-1303986 This is what I wrote: "I took Carbonyl (and/or polysaccharide iron) because it's the least abdominally distressing (for me and most bariatric patients I know) and is 100% bioavailable so if you take 60 mg of carbonyl or polysaccharide iron, you'll get 60 mg of iron.....".
  8. What Iron should we take? I take 18 mg Slow Release iron. I still bruise alot.
  9. You will still be able to drink water. The goal is 64 ounces a day. You may be used to chugging more than that! Four years out I can drink pretty fast. Also keep in mind that as you drop the weight and have less fat, you may not sweat as much doing those activities. I rarely sweat! However, on the flip side once you lose the fat you are cold more often!
  10. Hi , how did you get on with your pregnancy? I am 7 weeks post sleeve and am about 5 weeks pregnant!!
  11. Thanks so much for taking the time to share Tammy. I guess if I really try and pin it down, what scares me the most is the stories I read that some people have trouble even with sips of water long after the surgery, and others can manage a couple of gulps at best. Even with my weight I'm quite active on and off (projects around the house, gardening, and so on) and I enjoy chugging water very much as I do sweat a lot while working. So the idea that I will be unable to drink water fast enough to replace what I'm losing is really quite scary for me. Thanks for your reply once again, and I think I'm going to really take the weekend to work through this. Cheers.
  12. Hi Vincent! It is so completely normal to have second thoughts/fears. What you need to know is that weight loss surgery will extend your life expectancy! Just think on that for a moment. I am 55, and for me the opportunity to extend how many years I have with my spouse, children and grandchildren made WLS very worth it for me! I had the sleeve 4 years ago and my only regret is that I did not have it sooner. I will reply to your questions per my experience. 1) I have never ever vomited since I had sleeve surgery. Not once! Post-surgery, you will not be able to drink a full glass of water immediately. When I got home from the hospital, concentrating on a "shot glass" of water every 15 minutes was the goal. You really don't feel like eating or drinking so I can't imagine drinking water until you threw up immediately post surgery. 2) I have never vomited post-sleeve. 3) You may need to crush up your meds, but check with your surgeon on their best advice with the meds. 4) The pre-op liquid diet is hard, much harder than post-surgery. I am not sure how long you have been on it, but by day 3 I felt better. Once I had the surgery, I really had no appetite and being on a liquid diet post-surgery really wasn't that big of a deal. 80-85% of my stomach was gone so honestly being on liquids after that was okay. I was tired too pre-surgery. Post-surgery it only took me about a week to feel better. I took two weeks off work however. 5) I have never dumped with my sleeve. 6) I have had reflux a handful of times. I determined that when I ate something and then immediately laid down for a nap, that was a bad idea Once I knew not to eat anything close to sleep time I did not have reflux again. Though my surgeon gives a prescription for nausea if needed, I never had to fill it. Please do not worry. You are on you way to HAVING YOUR LIFE BACK!!!
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  14. Absolutely totally lactose intolerant. Can’t even have a teaspoon of milk or eat a single square of chocolate as I get violently Ill. Had surgery 15 years ago and was fine until about 3 years ago. Just woke up one day and couldn’t eat anything with lactose or gluten in it from then on In
  15. Hi everyone. I'm new to the forum. Was really hoping to get some advice from those who have been through the gastric sleeve.A little background. I'm 45, BMI 43, history of arteriosclerosis (2 stents) and T2 diabetes (under control with meds). My cardio has recommended I consider the gastric sleeve and I've been working towards it since end of last year and I am 8 days away now. I was excited and all ready for it but lately the more I read of some people's experience the more I'm scared, and I am suddenly getting second thoughts. I've been trying to find out more about what to expect after surgery but can't seem to find a good source from people who have actually gone through the surgery, so I'm really hoping you would be willing to help to share your experiences.Some of the things that are playing on my mind:1) How long will we struggle to drink water? I've read that even after healing completely it may take 15 minutes to drink even half a teacup of water without vommiting, is this true?2) I've seen that some people say they will almost always vomit after eating or drinking? Is it really that common?3) I am on quite a few meds which my cardio says I need to start the day after the surgery. Will I be able to swallow the meds?4) Will we feel tired and impaired due to the limited food and water we can take? I'm on my pre-op liquid diet now and I just feel so weak and hungry, is this the constant feeling to expect after surgery?5) I was made to understand from the doc that dumping isn't common for the gastric sleeve, yet I've read quite a number of accounts that say otherwise. Is this something common as well?6) I currently do not have GERD, but is this something I should expect to occur after the surgery? I've read some people can't even lie down without getting acid reflux.I know it is a long post, but I'm really hoping to get some idea of what to expect as the fact it is permanent and (for example) I may be stuck with not being able to even stay hydrated without being nauseous just scares me. Thanks in advance for any advice or help. Cheers.
  16. I'm 6.5 years out and I've gained back 20 lbs. For the life of me I can't hardly get a pound off! I guess my body likes it here because I have maintained here for the last 3 years and I'm ok with it!! The new study now shows that your lowest weight after surgery is just a side effect of the actual surgery! To maintain there you would have to eat that small amount of calories you ate to get there...which many will not do as it is VERY unhealthy, I try to stay within that 20lbs, give or take 5lbs. My restriction is still very good which I'm grateful for, I'm 58 years old so weight does not come off easy LOL.
  17. Noisy tummy hear too, sounds like things going down a drain, happy sounds when i eat or drink. im happy to hear the noise, makes me laugh
  18. I am having left shoulder pain and everyone thinks I’m just complaining
  19. @LL2 - if you are in serious pain then you need to go see your surgeon. It is not normal to have pain so long after your surgery. We are here to support you.
  20. Hi, I'm Leslie and I had a gastric bypass a d a few other surgeries on July 15,2020. The pin has been excruciating. I had a botched gastric sleeve about 7 years ago and the pain was no where close to this pain level. I am here for support and information. So, howdy from Texas. Glad to be here.
  21. I can only speak from my personal experience with this issue. My surgeon's office required clearance from the psychologist prior to scheduling my surgery. The two offices were not in any way connected, but the surgery was put on hold until the psychologist sent an updated report to the surgeon stating that I was cleared for moving forward. Best of luck to you. Keep pushing forward and do not view a two month delay as a road block. The time will pass quickly and perhaps you will be better prepared than you are now, which may lead to better long term success. Stick with the program and it will work out.
  22. I had arthroscopic surgery for diverticulitis. It’s been two weeks and I still have this sense of smell where most things gag me. Why?
  23. I had it the lower body lift 6 weeks ago and was afraid of tension on the incisions and mostly worried about busting something open and how j would sit and sleep. I barely felt any incision pain at all, the abdominal muscles after being repaired was the worst pain of my lift for the first three days and I’ve had gastric sleeve and two c sections done as well. Outside of abdominal pain it was mostly back pain I dealt with from having to hunch over and I had to use a walker to help take pressure off my back cause I couldn’t be up and around for more than ten minutes for the first week because the back pain would get so bad. I bought a thick foam wedge system off Amazon to sleep on my back sitting up with my legs up so you sleep in sort of a V shape. I made sure before surgery I had something in the car floor board to sit my legs on and just reclined the seat back for my ride home. The doctor told me they do leave a little room in back for tension because they don’t want to worry about something splitting or opening up in back and they know with being hunched over that area will get more tension. I either laid in bed or sat in a recliner for the first 5 weeks and I was fine, they told me I was doing all the right things and never had any openings on my incision. In the beginning I was scared to sit on the toilet to pee so first I literally was peeing in the shower and then I got one of those camping cones that women can use to stand up and pee and it was perfect. After about two weeks I positioned the walker at the back of the toilet to lift myself on and off of it and sat back at an angle when using the restroom.
  24. Hello everyone, I am 8 Years Post Op RNY. 4 years Fleur De Lis Abdominalplasty and Panniculectomy, and 3.5 months post Circumfrencial Body Lift, with Thigh Liposuction, and excess skin removed off my inner thighs. Highest weight: 252 lbs BMI: 47 Weight at time of surgery 236 lbs BMI: 44 Current weight 149 lbs. BMI 28 I had wound healing complications where I was infected with E.Coli in my side. I had to be rehospitalized after the skin removal surgery due to the infection in May. 23 days Post Op Gallbladder removals and GJ anastamosis revision. I was in the hospital for 33 days from 6/11/21-7/14/21 for the most recent issue. When I have more bandwith to process everything and recap what happened I will post it here. I just wanted to post here, say Hello and also remind people to never give up. For years I was stalled in the 170s after RNYGB. I maintained that, and even though I was technically a success by ASMBS standards of > 50% Excess weight loss and maintained after 5 years, I still felt kinda like a failure due to not being able to loose more of my excess weight not knowing all these years my severe dumping issues and such was caused by a dilated GJA. I'm 17 lbs down since I was admitted to the hospital on 6/11 and working now to reverse my diagnosis of "severe protein-calorie malnutrition" due to my inability to eat for so long but more on that later. What I wanted to cheer people on here with is: It is absolutely worth it to follow up, even after more than 5 years out. Your WLS will be with you the rest of your life and it is helpful to check in for yearly for optimal health. If you haven't quite reached your personal goals, keep persisting and asking for help, you can get there. -Xander
  25. my surgery was put off for 2 more months because I admited that i have always battled with depression. Even though I am already on medication. What I don't understand is how is my surgeon is gonna know the results of my therapy when she is not in anyway linked to this particular hospital???
  26. Has anyone experienced hypocalcemia after gastric bypass? I ended up in the hospital 3 days after my surgery with a level of 6.7. My parathyroid level is elevated and vitamin D was slightly low. Since then I have been on high doses of vitamin D and taking around 4000mg of calcium daily. It's not working and I keep having to go to the ER for IV calcium every couple days. My Endo won't fit me in for another 2 weeks and primary is following slightly. I am obviously not absorbing the calcium and am wondering if anyone else has had this issue and what was done to help resolve/manage it? Thank you
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