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  2. Thanks all, it’s nice to know I’m in the range. Surgical site is better today, but no energy. Probably because I’ve had about 1000 calories in the last week. Really working at the protein shakes today. Traveling to New Zealand for our son’s wedding at week 9 so good to hear you were all pretty good by then. Looking forward to fitting in an airplane seat!
  3. What Are You Wearing Today?

    First, your pictures are fabulous! Please keep posting pics so we celebrate your successes and cute outfits. That said, I completely understand your frustration. And just to make things more complicated, different bra companies and styles will fit differently and you’ll likely be different sizes from brand to brand. Just throwing this out there, but is there anywhere you can go and get measured and try on bras? Like a Nordstrom or a lingerie store where the sales people know what they’re doing (i.e. not Victoria’s Secret)? And the salesperson can doing all the running and fetching until you find a bra that flatters & fits. Even if it’s more than you’d usually spend on yourself, please consider getting a good bra. It really will make a huge difference and likely make you feel even more confident in all the new clothes you’re fitting into.
  4. When were you able to get you required protein drinks down without too much trouble? Right away How about when did you stop with narcotic pain meds? I didn't need them for incision pain, but my doctor recommended I take them when I really started feeling the surgical gas pain. That was the worst part of the whole surgery experience (that pain). It lasted 4 days. Did you move to Tylenol or were you just done? Just done Were you prescribed blood thinners? Yes, shots in my stomach for 2 weeks. Did you ever feel worse after a few days before getting better again? No. Bad gas pain for 4 days, then steadily better How long till you actually felt pretty good again? Felt good after 4 days (able to leave the house and stuff. Just low energy). I was decently functional, but honestly didn't have my old energy level back until 10 weeks after surgery.
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  6. Almost 3 yrs post sleeve

    Welcome! My goodness, your skin is beautiful! You know what to do. We'll support you through it.
  7. Medical update from the LadyB ;)

    The feeling is definitely mutual!
  8. Medical update from the LadyB ;)

    Awwww, thanks.
  9. What Are You Wearing Today?

    Oh Trish, please don't take what I said as a criticism. It really wasn't meant that way. Bra shopping is so darned hard at times. Maybe the timing is just no quite right yet for you. I had zero luck for months, then one day bought a bra on special at target without even trying it on. Got home and surprise, surprise it fitted. Since then I've found many more on sale in the same size (normally a hard size to find here) and bought them everytime. Luckily here bras have standard sizes that must be adhered to. It must have been divine intervention that day. Having a supportive, well fitting bra has made a world of difference to me and how I feel I look in clothes. It's like a self-confidence boost!
  10. What Are You Wearing Today?

    I have read, reread, and read that thread again. And I've measured a thousand times. When I go to the store and try on the size I come up with, it does not fit. I'm not kidding. I have literally spent 3 hours trying on bras and I'm fed up with it. If I could have my boobs removed, I would. BELIEVE ME, ugh...I know how bad my pics look with the girls swinging in the breeze. I wish I had known how bad that picture looked before I posted it, between the sweater being too big and my boobs hanging too low, lol. I never would have posted it
  11. I’m overweight now!!

    It doesn't sound terrible at all, lol. I didn't know anything about the dark skin marks (rings) until I actually noticed one on the side of my neck. My first thought was, "Ew, I didn't clean my neck very well in the shower" I washed it again. Didn't come off. Then I noticed a few others in skin folds, like under my arms, groin, etc. I had no idea it was supposed to be just darker skinned people, to be honest, lol. Like my skin tags...I have a TON of them...I swear they were breeding all over my neck and upper chest when my diabetes was active. Go figure
  12. Wow...6 months already!

    Whoa lady! You look fantastically fabulous!
  13. Almost 3 yrs post sleeve

    Welcome Amber. You already know what to do because you've admitted it already....lose the you've already said you don't need it! My surgeon recommends banana for a hypoglycemic episode. Reckons there is enough high GI carbohydrate to lift your sugar level quickly, coupled with low GI carbohydrate to stop the crashing after. Sugar just starts the cycle all over again.
  14. I only took pain meds at night as sleeping flat wasn’t fun (afraid to sleep in the recliner for fear of the cats running over my belly). I went in to work on day 6 for a couple hours to do paperwork. I went back to work full time on my feet all day -no break on day 9. I put on a big Super Bowl party day 11. I felt great. I was on thick liquids til day 12, my first meal was refried beans. I got my liquids in from the start. Protein was after the first 2 weeks. I did shakes and they count both as liquid and protein. I drank out of a 2 ounce shot glass every 15 minutes. And no blood thinners after the hospital. Good luck on your new journey!
  15. Met With Surgeon

    Thank you, @BurgundyBoy. I bet that you did get a lot of basketball scores lol I was just being lazy and should have looked to see exact wording. It is this - STRESS SR DUKE TREADMILL SCORE 2.00 You truly have a way with words. I think that you may be one of those people that could sell ice cubes to Eskimo's lol Thank you so much for making me feel better. I really am good with this. Actually looking forward to getting it done and finally feeling a bit better.
  16. Almost 3 yrs post sleeve

    Hi there Sure you can do it with support xx What is your motivator ...xx
  17. Wow...6 months already!

    You are doing great! Keep up the great work!
  18. Medical update from the LadyB ;)

    With the stress you are under, it’s no wonder your blood sugars are out of whack! Hoping things go smoothly! You deserve to catch a break! Aww thanks Phoenix!
  19. Almost 3 yrs post sleeve

    Welcome to the forum, Amber! Sorry to hear of your regain. I have not yet had my sleeve surgery and this is one of the things that concerns me. Good luck getting back on track. You can do this!
  20. Almost 3 yrs post sleeve

    Welcome to Thinner Times Amber - it's good to have you aboard, Have you taken a look at the 5-Day Pouch Test? It's a great way of getting back on track.
  21. Once I got home, I only used the Percocet at night to help me get some sleep and even then, I probably only managed 2 hours at the most because my back was killing me in bed. I used the occasional dose of Tylenol during the day for the first week - I was a little over-enthusiastic with my walking and overdid it a few times. But by the 7 day post-op, I was off any pain meds. I was on a clear liquid diet for a week or so post-op so other than broth, my protein intake was minimal - maybe 30g on a good day.
  22. Medical update from the LadyB ;)

    Isn't it weird. Like if someone said something rude to @tracyringo @Gretta @BurgundyBoy @Michael_A @Cheesehead or @CheeringCJto name a few I'd punch them in the face. Like Texas Ranger curbstomp. I keep trying to remember to post to you because I remember how friggin bored I got in the one night I stayed for wls surgery I can't imagine how hard it is for you! Ugh. Soon enough that blood pressure will settle in and that glucose will chill out. Peace is coming, friend.
  23. Wow...6 months already!

    Looking good Trish. The difference is obvious. Congratulations on reaching your 6 months.
  24. Raw veggies, salsa - uh oh.

    It really IS varied from patient to patient. So far now, getting sleeved 12 12, I'm starting to "think" I'm somewhat healed. Now nothing bothers me. Nothing. Raw onions, pickles, artichoke hearts. Nothing. Now the antibiotics I was on came right back up (at work no less ), but I think that's just the sleeve not getting along with those horrible pills. (Changed antibiotics, btw!) I found a new friends in zucchini. I am on Prednisone for an asthma flu combustion that took up residence in my lungs. With Prednisone comes ridiculous hunger. Like insane. So I crossed up two zuchinni's worth of chips in the oven and made a pizza out of zuchinni, eggs and mozzarella cheese. Topped with onions spinach and a little sauce and cheese. Boom. Veggie sticks you can dust with unflavored protein powder and dip in marinara. Mwah! But I just thought of it. I think I have an aversion to beef now. Big Dallas former 300 pounder Brandi from Texas is afraid of beef? I'm going to watch for that to hit the news wire. I think I, alone, kept the black Angus farms in business down here! So weird person to person. Anyone else notice weird shifts?
  25. Lab results

    Mine were as well, but I don't get to skip my 9 month one next month. My surgeon watches me like a hawk!!! My new family doctor has even asked that I delay my B12 injection so they check what my natural levels are. Up until now my three monthly shot has tended to happen a couple of weeks prior to my blood draws so definitely impacts the results.
  26. What Are You Wearing Today? offence intended....gosh I hate that is time my dear to give the girls some support. Even just one bra if you're worried about it not fitting for long. It will rinse and dry pretty quickly. My size has been pretty steady for a long time now. Sure the girls sometimes don't fill my cup, but then the redistribution takes place and they're fine again. Band size settles at a new level pretty quickly as the back fat, along with fat over the rib cage, tends to be lost early. If you read the bra thread you'll find a few people have commented that band size stays high while everything else changes. I think you'll feel even more confident when you see yourself in photos where the girls are well supported. It certainly has made me far more confident to wear shorter more fitting tops. Dang, I have skirts again and need to tuck the tops in now so they (and consequently me) look so much slimmer and better "turned out". That's why I went shopping yesterday...need some short sleeved tops that tuck into my skirts/pants. The look is so much better!
  27. 3 month post op today !!!

    You too bubba! I'm on steroids for asthma now so I'm creeping to 900 calories with this hunger grazing the Prednisone causes! Don't get on that April! Stupid asthma!
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