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  2. Thank you so much, @cinwa ❤️ He melts mine too ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  3. Thank you for sharing your experience. Its a good warning for all of us on how regain may happen. I can definitely see myself in what you are saying about food choices sometimes. I have good days and bad days as far as wanting to graze or not caring about food at all. I also had the 34F. Has your daughter had any regain and how far out is she?
  4. Iron is typically absorbed in the duodenum and proximal small intestine but this part of the intestine is typically 'bypassed' In a RNY. This post is from another thread on the same topic: Carbonyl (and/or polysaccharide iron) - it's the least abdominally distressing (for me and most bariatric patients I know) and is 100% bioavailable so if you take 60 mg of carbonyl or polysaccharide iron, you'll get 60 mg of iron unlike other forms of iron. Ferrous fumarate has approximately 33% elemental iron. Ferrous sulfate has 20% elemental iron. Ferrous gluconate has 12% elemental iron.
  5. Just use the search function. There are lots of threads with really good information regarding iron supplements. Sorry, I can't help you at all.... I have the opposite problem with super high ferritin.
  6. I'm two years out, and like @BurgundyBoy and @Aussie Bear, I don't really get hungry, per se, just low energy and dizzy. I also don't have those intrusive thoughts about food that I used to (fixated on a particular thing I want, etc), unless I eat a lot of carbs. That keeps me away from carbs! It's very freeing to live a life not controlled by food or thoughts of food.
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    Where it all began

    My restriction did change . I was able to increase the amount of food I could eat. I would eat my protein first, as I still do, I could just eat more. The thing about that is just because I could doesn't mean I should. How many times have we heard that. During my period of regain I also started to eat more carbs which go down more easily, hence you can eat more of them. I do want to add this might be an individual thing. My daughter had surgery 1 year after me and still has very tight restriction, A few bites of protein and she is full. We both had 34F, but with different surgeons. It could be she has a tighter sleeve. I don't know. My regain was not about restriction it was about my food choices. I also was grazing. All emotional eating. It looks like you are doing well. I don't think you can only depend on your sleeve. That will work for the honeymoon period and for some 2years When I went for my 2 year check up, I asked my surgeon about restriction. He told me at that point it was 85% me 15% surgery. You have done great. Get support and discuss any concerns with your surgeon.
  8. As soon as I recover from knee #2, you will see some!! I'm getting very excited for the snow to go away and to be able to play outside with him all summer!!
  9. @Nana Trish Wanna see these photos of you SPRINTING after your (totally adorable) Assistant here.
  10. I've only had a high count a couple of times, Cindy. From infection or illness that has resolved. Please keep us posted on this, and make sure to get to the hematologist. Try not to google this too much (I know I'm telling you something you probably already know, and you're already worried) because it puts ALL kinds of ideas in your head before you even have a chance to talk to the doctor. Praying that everything is fine and sending big hugs to you!! Please let us know as soon as you know what's causing this ❤️❤️❤️
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  12. Who could ask for a cuter PT helper?? LOVE this boy!! ❤️❤️❤️
  13. We are coming to the USA in May to do a New Orleans-Charleston road trip(SO excited) Supplements are really expensive over here so I intend to buy some iron and vit D. Can anyone recommend a really good iron if your iron stores(ferritin) is low? I have bought at Wal-Mart,CVS and GMC in the past. Glad of any advice please?
  14. No he didn't say what he thought was causing the low white blood count. He just said to go to a hemotologist, and that he wanted me to quit losing weight. (I don't know if those 2 things are related or not.) He wanted to see me again in three weeks (which was this past Thursday) to check on my weight. I was working out of town, so I'll go see him this Thursday. But I haven't gotten the nerve up to go to a hemotologist yet. At first I just figured the low WBC might be due to rapid weight loss, and that it might just even out on its own, but after reading on the internet, I'm a bit frightened.
  15. So sorry Cindy. Did he not give you his thoughts on what could be the problem?
  16. My surgeon did a CBC, and my white blood count was too low. (I guess it's supposed to be 4,000 - 11,000 and mine is 2,400.) He wants me to go to a hemotologist. Has anybody experienced this or know about it? Of course, reading on the internet just scares me because it mentions leukemia and the like.
  17. I’m laughing pretty hard as I type this...I made pork loin for dinner tonight, measured out 4.5 ounces of it, and I could only eat half of it I can’t ALWAYS eat that much, lol
  18. I just recently (the last couple of months) started adding in veggies. I couldn’t do it before then. And I can’t always do it, lol. When I can, I do. It’s like a treat if you can believe that! And yeah, if I was eating steak, I couldn’t do 4 ounces of that either. I can eat red meat now, after all this time, but still less of it than fish or chicken. I think it’s fantastic that you still have that kind of restriction!! I’m not going to say I wish I did though. I’m very happy and comfortable with what I can eat. But I still weigh/measure everything I eat at home, and I’m pretty good at eyeballing it when we dine out. I’m comfortable with my portion sizes because when I’m done, I’m going back for seconds. Salmon is one of my favorites, on and off, lol. My pouch has a love/hate relationship with it, and I can eat it about 6 months out of the year. The other half of the year, it will yell at me if I try to eat it, and it will either get stuck or make me sick. I still haven’t figured that one out yet...
  19. Hmmmmmm, this is interesting to me. I could maybe eat the 2 eggs and cheese, but no way could I eat 4 oz of protein and the veggies too. Yesterday I ate 4 oz of salmon with nothing else and was stuffed and it was sooooooooooo good !! I get what you are saying about the meat type, had I been eating steak I would have only been able to eat 3 oz.
  20. That's about my limit too, @Aussie Bear...I eat 2 eggs with a melted slice of cheese for breakfast and it fills me right up. I can eat a full 4 ounces of protein for my dinner, and still add some soft cooked veggies too. Maybe 1/4-1/2 cup, depending on the meat I choose.
  21. I believe that soft food can push right through. I could easily overeat something like yogurt or cottage cheese. Dense protein though...I can eat about 4.5 ounces in a sitting. Anything more than that and I'd be in pain. I can eat more than I could at say 6 months out, for sure. But I don't push the envelope with dense protein, ever, and very rarely with yogurt, etc. I believe the lack of a valve ALLOWS for foods to push through, but if you follow the no drinking with meals rule, it won't. I don't drink for an hour after I eat, and sometimes even then I'm still kind of full. I think it's awesome that you still have as much restriction as you do. I still have quite a bit, but I felt it relax a bit after probably the 15-18 month mark. After my knee surgery and gastritis though, my pouch feels brand new...with all "new" restriction.
  22. Wow. You look great. Thanks for sharing. I am coming up on my 1 year mark and can use the encouragement.
  23. While sleevers have that section of the stomach removed where ghrehlin production is most prominent thereby reducing their hunger initially, RNYers have other unexplained hormonal changes due to bypassed intestine. The body is such a clever biological factory though that it does eventually learn to produce these hormones elsewhere. I'm told that happens earlier with sleeve surgery than bypass, but I'm not even close to an expert on this stuff. According to research I've read, that would explain the three year regain trigger point for sleeve as opposed to the five year danger period for RNY.
  24. Haha!!!! Gotta love our dogs. My gosh you look so strong!!! I need to get some arms like you before winter....I'm not looking forward to having to swing an axe this upper body strength is non-existant right now and I'm seriously concerned about that even though I've let it happen.
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