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  2. Looks like they are down to just mocha cappuccino now
  3. 10 pounds! And since I got through the two days of liquids/very low carbs, I feel more and more confident in the fact i can get back in the game!
  4. It sounds like you are happy and the weight has lifted!
  5. Emotional eating. I also convinced myself that I could just have one of something high in carbs. I have been working very hard on the emotional piece with a therapist. I also have incorporated alternative behaviors to help self regulate. I meditate every day and when I am struggling I try and pause and just allow things to be. This has been my most difficult challenge. I also recognize the lies I tell myself about eating sugar. It has no place in my life and recognize the harmful effects it has on my body and how I feel. None of this is easy by any means. I started to track my food a few months ago and I find it helpful. I am trying not to be obsessive but use it as a guide to make adjustments as needed. I hope you can relax more around food while still being accountable. If you don't eat exactly what is on your plan, self compassion is the key. Giving yourself what you need, which is not food, will provide balance. Wishing you the best.
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  7. @Kim M I am curious to know what happened at 4 years to make you start gaining? Obsessing is what I am worried about . I obsessed the whole journey and even after I hit goal and I think a lot of it was the tracking of food constantly, but I do believe I needed to do that to hold myself accountable at that time.
  8. I had gotten to 130 pretty effortless at my initial surgery. I was able to maintain it for about 4 years. I had revision for GERD in November 2018. The weight loss has been slow. I am hoping to get down to 140. If I should reach 130, that would be a bonus. I agree that maintaining is definitely a concern. I say go for it and see how it feels. If you can maintain it without constantly obsessing about what you are eating, then it works. If it becomes a struggle to maintain, allow yourself to settle where your body feels comfortable. Good luck
  9. Awesome, I was hoping someone would join me !!! Whoohoooo I have gone back to 3 small meals and 1 or 2 snacks (yogurt and almonds for snacks at this point). I also found myself grazing at night sometimes, so I knocked that off too. I also find if I have even 1 or 2 glasses of wine the scale goes up ( so no more of that while I am trying to lose 10 more ) How much more are you wanting to lose CJ ?
  10. Haven’t done it,,, but I am there with you! I am. On day 2 of my 5DPT and I am ready to regroup. I feel the same way you do, so I am joining you! What are you doing to help the scale move down now? (I was just blogging the other day about how I feel like I am discouraged over where I landed, so I am doing something about it)
  11. Thanks, @BurgundyBoy,I am doing the 5 DPT and this is day two of liquids and I am doing well. I am a little hungry right now but I am just dealing with it bc I KNOW I was strong enough to do this for 4 straight weeks before, so what is 2 days?!?! And tomorrow I can have my beloved greek yogurt again! Funny thing you mention balance, I am reading a book by Dr Connie Stapleton called “Eat it Up! A Complete Mind/Body/Spirit Guide to Life After Weight Loss Surgery” and she talks a lot about havin gbalance in your life. It is kind of a wake up call bc a lot of her clients come to see her bc they’ve gained most or all of their weight back and I SWEAR that is NOT going to be me!!! So, in sheer determination (and yes, with equanimity), I am composed and ready to get my head back in the game! Thanks for the encouragement!
  12. I am fine but just a little discouraged about my letting little things slip here and there (just wrote an update on my blog). I am up 5#, not critical but still, nipping it in the bud now. On day 2 of my 5DPT, and doing ok. A little hungry at the moment but I am at least feeling focused on what I need to do. All the things at the beginning we HAD to do don’t seem looming with importance to me lately (not being consistent w/ taking my supplements, not drinking as much water between meals, staying away from carbs, etc.). I am hoping these 5 days resets my brain as well as my sleeve!
  13. I decided to bite the bullet and see how it goes, 10 more pounds !! I don't like failing and so I think this has been what has held me back. I have been having wars in my head about it. I am pretty sure I can do it but maintaining that extra 10 pounds is what I am really afraid of. I was at 175 last week and am sitting at 170 this morning. My plan is to get to 162-164 and hold it. I have been holding 171-174 since January without stress for the most part, a few days of 175( holding water I am sure or I would not have dropped 5 in a week) Just wondering if anyone else has gone back to lose more this far out ? If so were you able to maintain it?
  14. I do keep a journal and have since the start of the 2 week liquid diet. It really helped me in my journey to see how my body was losing, so I didn't give in or up. I would go 3 weeks and not lose, then BAM 7-10 pounds over a week to 10 days. It was like getting a prize at the end for all my hard work and not giving up or in. I also tracked my food with sparklepeople for 17 months, I no longer track but I am mindful of what I am eating in a day. I still weigh daily and will for the rest of my life. I cant have any surprises here.
  15. Congratulations @Nana Trish. Looking back it doesn't seem like two years, but so much has happened we know it was a very long time. I may not have spent anywhere near the time you did in a wheelchair or with a walker, but believe me when I say I know the sheer joy of parking them somewhere else. Mine are now resident in an assisted care facility with my 90+ year old parents. I doubt I'll ever be totally pain free on my feet, but walking is something I'll never take for granted again. I also love the fact that I didn't need to renew my disability parking permit when it last expired.
  16. Welcome to your new healthy life! Much of your life has been a result of circumstances out of your control. Now you have firmly grabbed hold of that control so that you get to decide what happens next! I feel like this is just the beginning of a whole new confident you. Congratulations!
  17. While I don't fast I will switch to protein drinks for 3 days periodically as it seems to reset my system. Also, if I'm traveling and it's a little harder to manage my foods, I will do protein drinks for 2 days prior to travel. My weight is holding by keeping carbs at 50 grams or less a day and protein at 70-90 grams a day.
  18. Lol...I hadn’t thought of that...
  19. Thank you so much, @BurgundyBoy I’m very happy for me too!! And yes, I know...I’d love to get one of my kids out there to paint my driveway to celebrate my progress!! Besides hubby, my son is the only one in the family that can truly understand the gravity of what I’ve been dealing with with my mobility issues. He is the only athletic person in the family...he has been a runner since middle school, and he still runs and does a lot of weight training. He’s 30 years old now. But even though he KNOWS what it takes physically to get to where I am right now from where I started, he still doesn’t “get it”...if that makes sense. So I don’t expect those lines to get painted anytime soon...but that’s ok. Because I know what I’ve been dealing with and going through, and I’m proud of MYSELF...maybe I will paint the lines myself!!
  20. Like @athenarose I often judge myself by how I am fitting into my clothes. Having said that - if I don't weigh myself on some consistent basis, I can drift up in weight. Now that I am in maintenance, three things are clearly important for me: Being mindful Minimizing snacking in the evening - easy to eat high-density caloric foods like cheese, salami - if you are a snacker, keep celery in the house!! Exercise
  21. @CheeringCJ!! don't be bummed or beat yourself up. You have all the skills on hand that you need. this 5 lb bump up could just be a valuable lesson on what you need to do to lead the life you want to have. Composure, balance, steadiness. Equanimity, equanimity, equanimity... (Obviously offering this up because I aspire to it, not that I have achieved it!)
  22. Jen, how are your poor legs doing? I remember you injured one of them a while back... wasn't it one of your knees? My memory fails me...
  23. Obviously a professor with tenure, who could not be fired or incur the wrath of his/her boss for not answering trivial emails day or night.
  24. @HeidiA The key comment is "I feel like I've gotten my life back." For all of you Lurkers out there reading these blogs and wondering if WLS is for you, read this again. "I feel like I've gotten my life back." You have. ... And all the work you have done, and will do on your Path to an healthier weight, will bleed over to the rest of your life with more confidence, self-esteem, and satisfaction at your control over your life. Your longer life, since people with obesity die earlier than people without obesity. The great thing about this surgery is that if you just keep to the diet (which is not hard after the surgery) you will lose tons of weight, gain years of life, and be renewed. Congratulations on your success to date and your coming success.
  25. @Nana Trish So good to hear of your progress! Am so happy for you! (Now about those Trishes... you really have to get those no-good laze-about relatives of yours to get their paint brushes out and start marking your driveway... to mark your wheel-chair free life on those renewed/revised legs of yours!)
  26. My Perfect Wife bought me a whitening session at our dentist last year, and it worked pretty well. This thread reminds me to use the whitening gel again soon. Going back to the thread comment by @Charmedd Hour - I grew up in the Caribbean and in the US South, and had a lot of sugar and would not have had fluoridated water for the period I was out of the US as a young child ... and in the space of about 5-6 years, in my 40s, long before my WLS, I must have needed 8 root canals and had multiple teeth fracture. (Once I broke a tooth eating frog legs, which seemed kind of like cosmic justice at the time). Up to that point I had just thought my teeth were fine. Important not to make the mistake of false causation just because two things happen near one another in time...
  27. I was told the same thing and mine didn't whiten up either. I was told by the hygienist of a tooth whitening system that works but haven't gone down to buy it yet. I have tried several since surgery but they didn't really do anything.
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