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  2. I found it to be true except that I went through a short spell of not sticking with weighing/measuring dense foods which I can only think stretched my pouch. But I did the pouch reset diet and then went back to planning, weighing and measuring and that's what I do to this day.
  3. I just read that gastric bypass can alter the hunger hormone composition in your body, which is really interesting. Apparently, after surgery, you're hormones will allow you to avoid crazy hunger pangs. Have you found this to be true in your experience? Did it fade with time and go back to how it used to be?
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  5. No magic answers here for sleep ... modest alcohol intake; got a new mattress recently that I sleep much better on; I do take clonzepam sometimes especially when I am travelling and sleep is elusive; and the thing that seems to help my friends the most sleep through the night as a group ... is a substance recently decriminalized in Massachusetts!
  6. I'm not sure that the sugar in peanut butter is the culprit. There's approx. only 3g of sugar in 2 tablespoons of most peanut butter - not too high an amount to cause a problem for most. I've found that it's the fat that could be an issue for some - there's approx. 16 g of fat in 2 level tablespoons. ETA: If anyone wants a lower sugar peanut butter, Smucker's Natural Peanut Butter, Creamy has 1g sugar per 2 tablespoons for the smooth stuff and 2g for the chunky.
  7. Just wanted to add that the dumping incident after eating peanut butter may have been due to all the sugar in p-butter. Straight nuts might not have the same effect. Of course, nuts may not be something you really care about but wanted to put it out there in case.
  8. That just sounds so cool, lol! Even if you don’t order anything else from them, still way cool I hear ya on the $$$, I just had to buy a new bra yesterday (my absolute LEAST favorite purchase) and it cost $27. That kills me lol.
  9. Thanks!! I get funny looks all the time when I eat out, lol...I’ve gotten used to that after almost 2 years now. Doesn’t bother me now!!
  10. Thank you, @Aussie Bear ❤️
  11. Thanks, BB Yes, still on track for surgery #2. Rescheduled it for April 3rd. Going for the first of my pre op clearance appointments today, so hopefully all will move ahead as scheduled. I’m doing much better now, just working to get the last of my strength back. This hit me pretty hard, but I’m bouncing back. The sleep issue is long term, but I never sleep in the hospital, so I was severely sleep deficient by the time I got home. I need more nights like I had where I only wake up once or twice, instead of every hour. I don’t ever expect to see a night where I don’t wake up once, because that hasn’t happened in over 20 years. Any suggestions you might have on that front would be really appreciated!! I hope you are doing well, my friend
  12. Anita62

    Body changes

    That is so cool!!! Is it a one size fits all suit?
  13. Good thoughts that won't be needed!! Congrats on two years.
  14. So I had my two year follow up today....slightly early but have to fit in the surgeon's visiting schedule. A couple of things were forefront....firstly he said the high ferritin should have never been an issue so to forget it and just tell my usual doctor to get used to seeing those high numbers. He says it's all about the hemochromatosis gene I carry. He did tell me I'm not to donate blood though until I completely stop losing weight. I'm okay with that given I now have to get a therapeutic venesection form done by my doctor and that requires lots of tests etc to be done to rule out all kinds of conditions that could make me an ineligible donor....things like Hep B&C, and nearly every autoimmune disorder under the sun. The second issue was the intense abdominal pain I sometimes experience.... This wasn't as easy....he suspects it's a bowel kink. He wasn't impressed I'd been riding these episodes out without going to ER. At least he has now given me some parameters for that, and had the ER surgical registrar note them clearly on my file along with his concerns. That way they won't mess about with me if I end up going to ER for those intense cramps....the registrar will just get called in immediately and that should trigger the call to the surgeon. He has told me that if he is correct, that will necessitate further it's just a wait and see deal for now...I have to go back in three months, if not to ER before then.
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  16. Hey Trish sorry you have been under the weather with all this, and have now gained some weight back. ... and lack of sleep is so very draining. You still on track for the surgery on your other knee? Best to be in the best shape...
  17. We each lose weight at our own rate. Your rate is what it is. Your stats are minus 30 pounds. You are a success. You must not fall into the trap of comparing your rate to some other random person. Success is success. How quickly you lose weight after surgery does NOT determine your long term success. The fact you are on a support website is good though as social support - in person, via the web, whatever - IS predictive of success. Maybe you would like to accelerate your success. People tend to look to modest changes in exercise; perhaps changing your balance of proteins, fats, and carbs; or (with really low caloric intake) upping your calories by a few hundred calories a day. An interesting tactic is to measure your arms, thighs, waist, hips, bust, chest, neck.... it's really common to see a change in your SIZE with an unchanging weight. A fall in one of those measures keeps your spirits up when the scale is not changing. Try measuring yourself every, oh, week or so with those.
  18. Well done you on staying so close to goal for so long. Given my experience with progesterone, I'd pretty much guarantee that is your problem. I didn't last a week on that medication....I turned into a walking timebomb along with weightgain. I was prescribed it for a different reason though. I don't know how anyone can stay on it to be honest.
  19. Thank you all! I'm so grateful to this forum for the support and education.
  20. You're doing great! On the grand scale of things, an 8lb increase is not bad but I'm glad you're being proactive and nipping it in the bud before it really gets out of hand.
  21. Great to read things are looking up again for you @Nana Trish
  22. Good for’ll be strong and healthy for that new knee!
  23. The art of dissecting a sandwich. I usually get funny looks when I open the wrap and dump it on my plate, lol! glad you are feeling better!
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  25. Well, my sneaky attempt to donate some blood didn't go well. Now I'm barred until I get a Dr to fill in the paperwork for therapeutic venesection. Turns out my ferritin level was 2.5x the maximum acceptable level, so they wouldn't even be able to use it even if they did take it....they just bin it. And just to make me dislike them even more I went to the online link they sent me to give my doctor. The Dr puts in certain info on you BMI, blood test results etc, and it spits our a list of the most likely causes of high ferritin for the patient. Mine came up with most likely reason being "malignancy", followed your a whole list of auto-immune diseases. While I'm not going to worry about it because it's far more likely the hemochromatosis gene....I'm clearly going to end up having a barrage of more tests and therefore Dr visits I'd rather not have to attend...or pay for!!!!
  26. Thrift stores are a wls patient best friend <3. I've gotten some great deals!
  27. Yep! It's a stretchy black suit with these white polka dots that you put on and it takes 12 snapshots of you at different "clock positions" to read your measurements. It's creepily accurate and very cool. I'm not even sure I will order anything from them eventually because that's pretty spending - I'm usually a $20 or less jeans girl. LOL!
  28. Great job with your weight loss.
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