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  2. Welcome to Thinner Times josaflenya!
  3. Because I had never been anything than overweight/obese that I could remember, I decided just to get to a normal BMI for my height and take it from there. I was never given a goal weight (and never asked for one). Once I got into the normal BMI range, I had a bone density test which showed that I had a below normal frame size. My shoe size went from a 7 - 8 extra wide down to a 5 1/2. My wedding ring went from an 8 down to a 4 at my lowest but ended up having it resized to a 4.5 - now it's back to a 4. It's my experience that my body told me where I felt most comfortable with weight-wise but something I was not going to settle for was a weight that was above the normal range for my height.
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  5. Hello! I am back again with a question on goal weight. I started with 99 kg and initially my surgeon had suggested 70 as a good weight to keep - this would still put me in an overweight BMI. The nutritionist I saw after surgery said that I should aim to 63 kg which is at the highest end of healthy BMI for me. I am now hovering between 62-63 but I still feel that I would like to lose a bit more, and I am finding the process of losing additional weight a bit slow. Which made me wonder whether my body thinks that I'm at a right weight now. In an ideal world, I think that 60 would make me feel great, specially around my middle which is still where fats accumulates the most. I would appreciate any insights on how other people decided what final weight was ok to maintain. I have not started exercising routinely, and I have noticed that when I do, the weight loss starts again, so this may be a consideration. Many thanks in advance!
  6. Jen, you are amazing!! What a great way to celebrate your 3 years of success! Thank you so much for sharing your story, it's really inspirational. And you look so happy and glowing.
  7. What a terrible tragedy, Trish. Hug your kids and grandkids. It sounds like everyone will need a lot of love and support.
  8. I hope everything went well - please update us when you can. I'm thinking about you.
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  10. Yes - sometimes animals like to pout when you leave em for a few days. I think they wonder what cool vacation they missed out on.
  11. There are very few people who have not been impacted by drug abuse. My prayers are with you & your family.
  12. Welcome to the team! You will find the people here are VERY supportive and never mean. WE HAVE ALL GONE THROUGH IT & WE UNDERSTAND THE STRUGGLE! We tend to take a day or two to respond to most things so be patient with us. Tell us about yourself - where you are from, the surgery you are having (or had) - your Dr etc. This is the best place to get support.
  13. Yes! Any surgery has it's risks - but no one dies on the table - NO ONE. The only time that happens is when they open you up & find an alien living in there & then it turns into a horror movie with flame throwers & space ships & crap - but the hospitals have a guy on staff who can deal with that. This surgery is a walk in the park! You said it yourself - you booked the best Dr. - They know what they are doing & they have this down to a science. Just follow the pre-op diet & shrink down your liver so the Dr has room to maneuver. Not sure how this works in the UK but in the US you tell your Dr you are scared & they give you a few pills to reduce your anxiety. We have all been there. I won't fly on an airplane without significant sedation.
  14. Hello friends, just join this forum and glad to be a part of this forum. Looking forward to meeting you all and hope to learn something more about the forum and health.
  15. So so sad - and only 23 years old. Addictions are so awful and I grieve with all of you. My 24 year old nephew just got out of rehab and is now in a safe house several months for heroin addiction. Though we cannot comprehend the pain of this family, I pray for God's peace and healing for every one of you, sweet Trish.
  16. My heart aches for your family, such a tragic loss and trauma for those left to deal with the aftermath. Praying for love and light to surround your loved ones and bring some level of peace.
  17. I too was scared/worried/anxious prior to surgery-as I am sure we all were. However, I found comfort in the statistics...RNY is a relatively low risk procedure, lower mortality rates than gall bladder removal. I would say that there is a healthy level of anxiety associated with any surgery; but there is also a long list of known risks associated with morbid obesity. Do not let fear guide you!
  18. Going on my adopted lab ... it's totally normal. I can't even go to the grocery store without having the cold shoulder when I get back. He'll come around.
  19. Oh Trish! I'm so sorry to hear of your tragic loss. I can't imagine what you're all going through My heart goes out to you and your family - I shall be holding you all in my thoughts and prayers.
  20. TTF family, I’m in need of your prayers more now than ever. My two oldest children, from my first marriage, have lost their half brother last night from a drug overdose. He was 23 years old. He has been battling a heroin addiction since he was 15, and he lost that fight last night. It’s a horrible tragedy, and I feel so horrible for my kids. And for his mother, I can’t even begin to imagine what she is going through at this moment. And I never, ever, want to be in her place. I can’t imagine the pain and suffering this will cause. My daughter had to identify his body, and my son and their half sister were close behind. It’s a very sad time for them, and all I ask is prayers for his soul, and prayers for my kids and his sister and mother. They need all the help they can get. Thank you guys so much for listening. Hug your loved ones extra tight today/ is so short, and you never know
  21. Please, listen to your body!! I find it much easier to get through this stuff when I actually listen to my pouch...when trying to get back on track. It’s when we start ignoring the signals that our bodies give us, and eat too fast and too much, when we start to get into trouble. Its amazing the things we can do, and continue to do, when we follow the rules. It’s so hard to get our heads back into the game after we let things slide for a while. But we can!! And we will ❤️ Totally give yourself permission to not finish the meal if it’s too much...that’s the whole point of the 5DPT :) You’ll get there!!
  22. Thanks guys I’m super scared and this is masking all the positives that are coming out of this! I’ve never been a lucky person and this is going round and round in my head that I’ll probably have every complication going, even worse .....Death
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  24. Thanks for all the support @Nana Trish Looking forward to reading how you get on!! Sounds like you have had a rough time of it. Be kind to yourself and remember, you can do anything you want to. Its actually surprising how easy I am finding the five day pouch test. I had prepared my head for a struggled and so far it hasn't been really. I haven't really wanted to snack. It makes me feel so in control. Its a feeling I have sorely been missing from my life the past six months or so. I am so glad I decided to do the 5DPT and am following through with that decision. I always say that this surgery was the best thing I ever did for myself. Haven't had too much trouble with day one and two of the liquid diet. I made the ham and cheese soup recipe from the book yesterday and have had a portion of that for a few meals and find it very filling. I am making sure to pay attention when I am eating and listening to my pouch. Have a pretty big breakfast tomorrow which concerns me a little. The morning times are not my best for eating post-surgery. 2 scrambled eggs with some beans in a mock breakfast burrito. Two eggs! I generally struggle to eat just one. So I am giving myself permission not to finish the whole meal, to listen to my pouch, and my body. Fingers crossed I continue to enjoy tomorrow!
  25. I came home after 2 days in hospital, my yorkie is afraid of me and won't even sleep next to me where he never left my side. Is this normal?
  26. You got this!!! I just went through this on 12/31/2019. It's really not that bad. A little gas pain & some soreness when you move etc. But I was able to sleep on my side from the jump (nurses told me it was all good when in the hospital). I am down 49 lbs since my surgery & down 62 since starting the liquid pre-op diet. That is in just 2 months! Focus on the positives - you will FEEL GREAT once you are done! I can honestly say I was surprised at looking at the portions others eat now & I wonder how it was I could have ever eaten that much (I usually ate much more than others I see now). You wont have any cravings - you wont even want most foods for the first few weeks. It really is amazing. Just follow the rules pre-op as best you can. Remember we are here to help & YOU GOT THIS!
  27. Hello :) I’m kind of in the same boat as you at the moment. I will also be 3 years out in May, and I’ve gained about 10 pounds since November. I went through a period last summer where I was really sick, after taking pain meds from having two knee replacements) and a hernia surgery all within 6 months. I lost a lot of weight during that time, and got down to 119, which was horrible. I looked as sick as I felt. I was on just liquids for the better part of a month, and my surgeon told me to drink milkshakes if I could tolerate them to put some weight back on. I finally got my weight back up to 135, where I stayed for a while. I got my normal appetite back, started eating better, end of story...or so I thought. I put on about 5 more pounds, which I was totally ok with. I feel good at 140. But then the holidays hit, and I’ve been going through some emotional stuff, and I allowed myself to start in with the carbs again. Plus I find myself stress eating. Now I’m up to 150. Which still places me within a normal BMI, but believe me, I feel every pound, and I don’t like it at all. I had done the 5 day pouch test once before, and it worked very well to get me back on track, and give me the feeling of restriction back. I’m seriously considering doing it again...because like you, it feels like the start of a looming mountain that I do NOT want to climb again!! You CAN do this...we both can!! Please keep updating so we know how you’re doing. When I start mine, I’ll do the same ❤️ Best of luck to you, and I’m sending lots of prayers your way!!
  28. <3! This just filled me with joy to read. I am so happy to hear you have done so well. You are a total inspiration to me both as a weight loss surgery patient and a runner. Just completed my first half marathon in November and am searching for my next challenge. You are just so amazing.
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