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  2. @BrightDay1 He told me my pouch is the size of a shot glass and the reason I don't feel restriction is because I am on full liquids. Once I get to solids I will feel it. Its definitely not like the sleeve but I am sure all will be well .
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  4. Had my checkup and I am doing okay and have been put on soft foods !!!! Ricotta bake is in the oven and I can hardly wait !
  5. I am so sorry for your loss. Prayers going out to you and your family.
  6. This is not the same as the sleeve post surgery and that is what I was expecting. The first day I had the sleeve I could drink which I thought was odd . The 2nd day or maybe later that night I could barely sip and when they gave me a pill I had to take, I about gagged but was able to get it down. From that point on I was tight as a drum for a very long time. If you have the sleeve you understand what I am saying. When I took my first sip Friday after the bypass it was the same as it had been with sleeve so I wasn't concerned. The 2nd day same as first so I asked if I was allowed to just drink normal and was told a mouthful at a time. I have no problem getting my liquids in or anything else for that matter so far. I eat a 5 oz yogurt with no problem for breakfast. I am on a full liquid diet and was on that in hospital 2nd day. They wanted me to take in 8 oz of full liquids each meal. 2oz of each item on my tray. Try wrapping your head around that !! I never came close nor wanted to I had no appetite and was on drugs, lol ! When I got home I finally came down after a few days, had to get that *&^% out of my system so I could think. ( I have taken very few pain pills since being home Sunday, which has helped my head in trying to understand what is happening. I was not rational on all those drugs } My Dr. appointment is today so I do have questions for sure. I also had a hernia repair.
  7. @tracyringoHello Tracy! I am glad that surgery went well and that you are recovering as expected. Do you mind explaining why you will give up restriction? I thought the bypass also entailed having a pouch that would limit how much you can eat. I send you a hug and hope all keeps going very well.
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  9. Thank you. Down another pound so I'm moving in the right direction. I'm actually looking forward to my follow-up with my nutritionist on 6/8 and my cardiologist on 6/9.
  10. I had my own covid party as well, lol. I put on 10lb and had gotten 6lb off putting me at original goal on surgery day. I was worried about losing too much weight after having the bypass and now I am not so sure that was the best choice but I know it will be fine. Thank you for the encouragement it is much appreciated.
  11. Thanks for the prayers we appreciate it very much. It has got to be VERY weird not to have the restriction! I have recently started logging/weighing everything I eat into MyFitnessPal. I needed to combat the Covid binging! It really has worked for me to get back to my goal weight. I am super confident you can do this! You know all the rules and have the knowledge and I know you will succeed!
  12. Hi Tammy ! So glad to see a familiar face ! I think the GERD is gone because I haven't felt any burning but that may be that it is all numb but wont really know until I get off the PPI in 3 months. The challenge is I didn't realize I was going to be giving up all my restriction and I am fearful. I have worked it out in my head that I will have to be diligent with portion control by weighing and measuring. I am so sorry to hear about your father in law. Prayers to you and your husband and family during this time.
  13. Hi tracy! I am still here lurking and lingering as time permits It sounds like your surgery went well. I truly hopes this helps with the GERD. What sort of challenges are you having? I know I read your pain was worse with bypass I hope day by day you are feeling better. We lost my Father-in-law on May 14th to congestive heart failure. While I am happy he is no longer in pain, my hubby is going through a lot losing his dad. Hang in there hun and know some of us are still lurking
  14. Well dang, it seems this support page is not as busy as it was 3 years ago. I have still been coming in just not posting as much in the past year. I see @Jen581791 hasn't been on in many months and neither has @NerdyToothpick, but with this covid I suppose people are busy with other things. If anyone in here reading this has had a revision to bypass or the bypass recently, I have also just had bypass on May 22nd . I need a brain to pick and someone to buddy with. I am not seeing anyone new out there but maybe I am not looking in the right place. I am looking to lose 20 lbs and would be more then willing to see you through your whole journey .
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  16. Thanks so much @Res Ipsa I am not feeling any restriction at all and I am scared. Will I still have malabsorption being a revision since I don't have restriction? I can drink the same as I did last week no problem and I asked the surgeon about that and he told me I can drink mouthfuls at a time just not gulp for now. ( which I am sure I can do but wont try) I gonna baby this thing and hope it serves me well. I don't plan on drinking but if I do have a drink it will be at home. I am not a drinker anyways and had problems with the sleeve a few times and learned my lesson. I have not been sick at all as far as vomiting ect but I didn't do that with sleeve either so I hope I will be okay. I ate a 15 gm protein yogurt for breakfast and had no issues. I am drinking premier like with the sleeve and no issues. I have also had split pea soup no problem but only had 2 oz because I am unsure of how much I should be eating. I going to see the TEAM on Thursday so hoping to get lots of good info. Thank you for all your advice I need it. I feel so lost and I miss my sleeve
  17. Treat your self to a pair of jeans or pants that you really like and congrats !
  18. Hi.  You have answereda few of my questions in the past and I have found that your answers to me and others are always very well informed, thank you so muich for that.

    I wonder if I could ask for your help again?  I am just over 6 months post op, have lost 6st 2lbs and am very happy with that.  However I think I may be suffering from dumping but I am not really sure.  Often about 15 to 20 minutes after eating I start to feel really hot, bloated and nauseus for about an hour. I am never sick. However after about 2 -3 hours I feel hungry, I eat and then the cycle repeats itself.  I eat the same food as I did before surgery but much less of it, round about 150g.  Am I eating too much?  Is this dumping?  Please could you explain this for me.  I really appreciate your help.  Many thanks.  Suzanne.

    1. Res Ipsa

      Res Ipsa

      What you describe absolutely could be dumping.  In general, dumping is caused when a person with a gastric bypass eats or drinks a lot of sugar.  This sugar flows directly through their tiny stomach and directly into the small intestine, where it is rapidly absorbed by the body.  This quick blast of sugar into the blood system results in dumping.  Although dumping is sugar based, for some people dumping results from consuming foods high in fat (such as deep fat fried foods or ice cream), artificial sweeteners, and/or alcohol.

      I suggest that you try sticking to a healthy diet high in lean protein, low in fat, and low in carbohydrates (sugar and starch), while avoiding alcohol. With that diet you should avoid the risk of dumping.  If you still feel ill after every meal, your problem may be more serious (such as a hernia) and you should talk to your physician soon on it.

      Finally, if you are not taking your vitamins or are smoking, then your problems may be caused by vitamin deficiency or smoke irritated intestines.  So please be sure to take your vitamins every single day and do not smoke (in any form - tobacco, marijuana, or vaping).

    2. Suzie H1954

      Suzie H1954

      Thanks so much for your speedy answer.   I can see now where Iam very probably going wrong.  I do enjoy a glass of wine before my meal and then sip a little after eating.  Ialso love Iced Cream and usually have one ice cream a day.  I do eat a lot of protein, very rarely fried food but from time to time I do have oven chips, fried bacon and eggs.  I will aim to eat more healthily and hope that works.  Can you just tell me how I would feel if I overate.  Thanks for all your help.  No doubt I will have more questions in the future.  Stay safe.  Thanks again.:rolleyes:

    3. Res Ipsa

      Res Ipsa

      It is very important to immediately stop eating when you feel full, as you no longer have a large stomach that can stretch to take on extra food.  Whenever I am foolish enough to continue to eat even though I feel full, I will inevitably feel sick and often will need to throw up.

  19. @Palta how are things going for you now? Have you been able to up your calories ? What kind of solid foods are you eating? I have just been revised to the bypass and am curious as to what you are able to eat where you were at at 4 months post op ? Have you had any difficulties with food ect ?
  20. Prayers sent, I am so sorry. I think in a post I was reading you had said that you were fine the first 5 years ? I hope someone seeing this is able to help. Have you posted in any other forums ?
  21. I sure hope things are better then when you started this thread. God Bless
  22. I cannot take a sip of water, or a sip of broth without my entire chest becoming tight, and only being able to take an inhalation of about 20% all day , and all night. I had an endoscopy in January 2020, and have no evidence of a stricture, acid reflux, ulcers , the only thing I have is one small hiatal hernia. I am at the point that taking one sip of water in the morning start my esophageal hypersensitivity, which is what my GI thinks I have, and my chest is tight to the point where I feel like I am having an asthma attack, or a heart attack, and that tight sensation never leaves me all day long. I have taken Protonix, Prilosec, rigidity, famotidine, Prevacid AC. For relaxation of my esophagus I have taken DGL, peppermint oil, hyoscyamine, and dicyclomine . The only hope that my GI is giving me is to take an antidepressant to relax the nerves of the esophagus, because he thinks that if the nerves of the esophagus are relaxed, I will not experience esophageal hypersensitivity which causes the esophagus to freak out and gives me the Sensation that my chest is locked and I cannot breathe. Has anyone else had to take antidepressants for esophageal nerve issues, or digestive nerve issues? How has your experience been ? I am severely malnourished, losing weight daily, fatigue, and very malnourished. Please respond with any advice you may have. I must also say, that my gas has become terrible in the past 3 months. I take a sip of water, then I immediately fart, a sip of broth, then I fart, a sip of water, then I fart. I am literally farting 10 seconds after swallowing anything. I belch probably 200 times per day, and I have gas probably 350 times per day. I have taken Gas-X, the gastric cocktail, phazyme, fennel tea, mint tea , digestive enzymes, probiotics, fermented foods, I am on a low FODMAP diet oh, I have done everything possible to eradicate the gas. I am also wondering if s i b o and an overgrowth of bacteria in the intestine is turning things to methane, which is causing all of this excessive gas. I will talk to my doctor about treating me for sibo to see if that helps. Any help, any advice, any feedback that you may have will be truly helpful. Thank you so much.
  23. Thank you for replying Hassan. I will try the mint in water, or mint tea for the gas. I will tell you that my gas is terrible, I pass gas after swallowing even 1/2 teaspoon of water or food. I pass gas probably 200 times per day. I am going to have my doctor treat me for small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, because I believe the overgrowth of bad bacteria in my intestine is causing too much methane to be in the intestine, which is gas. I will update later to let anyone know if this helped.
  24. Most of the rules for living with the bypass are the same as living with a sleeve: e.g., protein first, don't drink liquids when you eat, stop eating as soon as you feel full, track your food consumption, lead an active lifestyle, minimize carbs (although I need a little piece of chocolate every day ), and avoid taking NSAIDS. However, with a bypass (once the post-surgery swelling goes down) you should be able to drink a lot more liquids. To that end, I drink no (or very low) calories drinks (without carbonation) all day long (except not with meals) as this keeps me hydrated, feeling full, and without constipation. I should note that I drank a lot of liquids before my bypass surgery, so it feels normal to me to be constantly drinking liquids. Also, with a bypass you are at risk for dumping, which is unpleasant but not medically dangerous. Some people with a bypass dump when they eat high sugar foods, some people dump when they consume certain artificial sweeteners, some people dump after eating deep fried foods or alcohol, and some people never dump. You will not dump if you eat a healthy diet. I dump about once every 9 months or so, and only after I eat a fairly large serving of a food with a lot of both sugar and fat - like a piece of chocolate cake with ice cream or pancakes with syrup. I do not dump after eating a single cookie or chocolate bar. But everyone with a bypass is different on when/if they dump. When you dump you probably will feel a light headed, a bit nauseous, and want to immediately lie down for 15 minutes or so. With a bypass you should never drink and drive, as the alcohol will hit you much faster and harder than in a normal person. Also note that the risk of alcoholism goes up after having a bypass. Finally, you must take vitamins and mineral supplement every day with a bypass to avoid serious medical problems caused by malabsorption. This Tufts Medical Center guide for eating after a gastric bypass should be helpful to you: Care Services/Departments and Services/Weight and Wellness Center/GBP Diet Manual12611.ashx
  25. Thank you cinwa ! Anything you can tell me about living with the bypass will help. Do's and don't's ect. When I decided to do the sleeve I stopped researching bypass.
  26. Sounds like you're off to a great start Tracy. I don't know that there is any set time when constipation rears it's head but stool softeners were on my list of must-haves just in case and yes - I did need them. I was told that it was OK to drink right up to eating as long as it wasn't large amounts but no fluids for 1/2 hour afterwards and that's a rule I've stuck with to this day.
  27. The gas pain is nothing I could have imagined and it didn't start until I was home for several hours in the bottom portion of the intestines. I had to look back at posts to see what people had done for it. So I got the gas x and took a nap. It all seemed to work out okay. When does the constipation I have heard so much about start ? so far I have just had loose stools. Was able to drink some premier protein without any difficulties, although it was only 2 oz maybe. I also ate Chobani yogurt. I did this in 2 sittings. They gave me creamed potato soup and tomato soup in hospital which I took several bites of without issue also. Drinking beef broth now. is it 30 min before eating and 30 min after eating for liquids with the bypass ?
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