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  2. Last Required Monthly Visit!

    Everything went well. My doctor praised me on losing weight and maintaining over the past 6 months. All of the tests info and such are being sent for insurance approval. He said I could get a call from his PA anytime between now and 4 weeks. Each case can vary. I could get a call tomorrow or I could get one in a month. Once I'm approved, I have to take a 90 minute pre-op class, get pre-op testing done and go on a liquid diet a week before the surgery. I have to stay over night and, if things go well, I will be sent home the next day, I feel excited, nervous, alittle overwhelmed and a bit scared all at the same time. I trust the surgeon and his staff. I guess its the fear of the unknown kicking in. I also feel impatient LOL. Tired of waiting. The end is in sight. So, that helps. I need to keep busy, though. I might start watching some episodes of my 600lbs Life.
  3. So Angry and Upset

    Not much to say about this, except it royally blows. I'm sorry to hear it, and I'm angry for you. It also really bites to have a physician that is really good at their job, but is completely uncooperative in other areas.
  4. a little frustrated

    Lol thanks Readytobeme, you gave me quite a chuckle
  5. Glad you liked it Tracy I find they really help sometimes. This one totally rings true though huh?
  6. Please let me know how it goes. I hope I don't have the problems you are having down the road since I also have a hernia ugh. Good luck to you
  7. @Ladybugzzz86 I really like that quote and it is so very true !!
  8. So Angry and Upset

    No. Where I live it takes months to get in. According to my bariatric office, I needed that paper today or it was a no go. I'm supposed to start my week of no eating tomorrow and go down there for testing and do additional paperwork and such. And what also sucks is that I'm sure as hell not going back to my Rheumatologist either, and she's really good at being a Rheumy. She just thinks she can cure every other ailment as well and needs to stick with what she does instead of inserting her VERY STRONG and OUTSPOKEN opinions on other topics. Like when she screamed at me today in her office "YOU WILL FEEL LIKE *&^% FOREVER", multiple times to the point where the office staff was laughing at the reception desk. Yes, it was that bad.
  9. So Angry and Upset

    Can you get in with a new Rheumy before next week?
  10. So Angry and Upset

    I'm so upset I don't even know where to start. I was supposed to do my pre-surgical testing and have surgery next Wed but now that's not going to happen. The doctors office called me last week and told me that I needed a letter regarding my rheumatoid arthritis medication management to make sure I was ok to have surgery. Well, I told them prior that my Rheumy did not approve of bariatric surgery because she wants to put me on her crazy diet and drug me up with phentermine and I don't want to do that. I told them that my husband is a physician and that he said that I've been on the meds more than long enough and they were completely out of my system several weeks ago already and he would be willing to write a letter or speak to them regarding this. But nope, they want a letter from the Rheumatologist. I offered for my PCP to write a letter, but nope, has to be the Rheumy. So I called last Wednesday asking for a letter but she (Rheumy) was actually hospitalized over the weekend and did not return until yesterday and would not write a letter without an appointment. So they get me in this morning and I had to sit there and be lectured for 1.5 hours about the dangers of bariatric surgery, and how this is impulsive, (who cares that I've been working this for the past year) and that SHE WAS NOT AWARE and therefore she will not give me clearance without further medical testing on her end. BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. And I had the whole thing scheduled, have gone off my meds for RA, had my presurgical testing scheduled, my Endoscopy, took of work, husband took off work, had my kid taking off school because the hospital is almost 3 hours away from home. Jumped through the millions of hoops that the Bariatric center wanted. And now I can't get the surgery. Can't reschedule it now until August. And there's not a darn thing I can do about it.
  11. Almost 30 lbs down

    Thank god for Spanx. Congrats on being 30 pounds down!! It's such a great feeling when clothes start fitting really differently! The eating will get easier for you as you learn what works and what doesn't, and also as your stomach heals and gets used to its new anatomy. As for fixing the emotional eating, that's a long-term project! Going for a walk is a great mood-lifter when you're feeling like you'd normally reach for some comfort food. Doing things with your hands (video games, crafts, cleaning, whatever works) is a great way to head off the urge to eat. If all else fails, taking a bath is great - you can't really snack in the bathtub, at least if you don't bring snacks with you in the first place!
  12. It's working. It's just not working at the speed you want it to. If you are following your surgeon's plan, it will work, but you can't control how fast it will go. At times, it seemed to me that it wasn't working, either, but looking back, I can see that it was just part of the mental game - I was losing, and pretty quickly, even if it seemed slow at times. My brain is pretty messed up from a lifetime of trying to lose weight and hating myself when I couldn't or when I gained. Be patient and give your body some time. Keep doing what you're supposed to be doing.
  13. 1 year Surgiversary

    A very happy surgiversary to you, @BurgundyBoy! What an amazing year it's been. You have done such a great job of making lifestyle changes that fit your ethos. Thank you for all of your wisdom, support, and inspiration. I hope you treat yourself to a wonderful evening out of tiny portions of excellent food and drink.
  14. Newbie from London

    Tomorrow's the day for you, @Gladys - best of luck. I hope it goes really well for you. You're in for some very exciting times and a whole new life!
  15. I'm pretty sure there is no medication that will stop the fluctuation. Using glucose tablets just causes the cycle of high then low to start over again. Diabetics can take insulin to help their intolerance issues, but reactive hypoglycemia occurs when insulin response is very efficient. A bit like you can take medication to lower blood pressure when you suffer hypertension, but the same doesn't happen when someone has low blood pressure to be able to raise it. Then again, that's why I've asked the question, to find out from those that have this condition what (if anything) can be done to help manage symptoms.
  16. Wow! All that in just 30 pounds??? Awesome!
  17. a little frustrated

    I had to do a double take!!! I honestly thought it was a picture of someone else.
  18. First thing that comes to my mind is that you may be able to get medication to keep your bs under control. You don't want it fluctuating up and down too much if you are able to control it.
  19. My Journey

    I went for pre assessment today. The anesthesiologist looked at all of my recent medical tests (including heart cath) and said that everything looked perfect. He explained that he will give me a cocktail of drugs when I arrive. What I remember is, tylenol, celebrex, versed, lyrica, I know there was more. I felt confident with the entire visit. Next, I went to see my friend/classmate that had bypass yesterday. When I asked her room number, I was surprised that she was in ICU. I do remember my surgeon saying that if a person went to ICU from surgery, it didn't mean that anything went wrong during surgery. Could just be that the person needed closer attention than what they would get on the floor. This person does have some health issues pre op. Anyway, she actually looked well. She said the pain was there for sure but they were keeping it under control for her. No issues drinking so far and she was feeling pretty decent. No nausea. This did set my mind at ease even more.
  20. I've recently had a few medical professionals tell me that some ongoing health concerns are indicative of diabetes. They've been turning me into a bit of a pin cushion if I'm honest....and it is really annoying me. So far they're only doing fasting blood sugars which are always low range normal. Curiosity though had me pull out a glucose monitor (when I've been feeling pretty off) and the readings have been pretty eye-opening, with very high readings followed later by very low readings after meals containing any carbohydrate. I was always fairly sure I was suffering reactive hypoglycemia, although never had the proof. Other than knowing this myself and taking the step to avoid the carbohydrates everyone seems to want me to increase, is there really any value in having this formally diagnosed? To be honest just the thought of having a full glucose tolerance test makes me cringe. Not because of the blood draws, rather because I know how unwell I'll be until my body balances out again after the test, and our local pathology centre is really an uncomfortable place to wait around in (uncomfortable unsupportive chairs in a very public waiting area) when I know the reaction I'll have to the glucose load will force me to need to lie down.....and very likely need to sleep off the glucose load. I'm interested to know if others that suffer this have just self diagnosed and adjusted to it themselves, or if they have been formally tested. Also, if you have reactive hypoglycemia and had a glucose tolerance test, how did you find the experience. Has having a formal diagnosis made any difference at all to how doctors treat you, or is there really nothing they can do anyway.....making the diagnosis a useless inconvenience?
  21. Ooh, let me add that I did try the Unjury RTD and seriously, don't bother. It is the worst that I have tasted so far. The vanilla is really bad. Yuck.
  22. They are but, some of the Syntrax Nectar are just as tasty if not more. Plus, they don't seem to upset as many people's stomach as the PP does. I am pretty sure that the isolate is the purer form of whey. My dietician said that the PP are cheap but just like most things, with protein supplements you often get what you pay for. They want us sticking to the pure isolate and it just makes sense to me.
  23. @CheeringCJ Go to Sams and use your free one day membership! I think that you may have to pay 5% more. I would also be glad to send you a peach or two to try. Just PM your address but, do it before Friday.
  24. Go time


    Good luck, @michiganmilkman!!!!! Tonight is the last night of your previous life!!! After the surgery you will awaken to your new one!!!!
  25. Wow you are looking good girl ...... Have fun in Hawaii !!
  26. I’m pretty sure here in Wisconsin we will have a muddy ice crusted snow Easter egg hunt! It is officially mud season at my house:(
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