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  2. I need to lose 25 pounds before surgery. I can hardly stand or walk with virus all I want to do is sit. All of my dog's have gained also. Tummies are pouched out and hanging. I can hardly get on and the bed I am so depressed. To me it feels like life or death. It seems like the only thing I do well is eat. I ask that you pray for me to make. I feel desperate and not sure I can make it. I am afraid to go out because I embarrass my grandchildren. I feel if I make it through this I will feel so much better. Grateful for any suggestions.. thanks
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  4. I’m 8 years out. Absolutely no regrets! No problems. Went sledding with our grandson yesterday. Could not have done that before! All my health issues from obesity are gone.
  5. There are newer abdominoplasty procedures now that are drainless!!! My surgeon said any drains used will be removed before discharge...but...he has patients in hospital for 4-5 days after abdominoplasty. I don't get how US surgeons do these procedures as day surgery given the size of the incisions required.
  6. Hi Robin, You have been through a lot, no wonder you're having trouble concentrating, and experiencing depression and anxiety. There are a lot of things in your life right now that you don't have any control over, and that is so scary. However, there are some things you can control and sometimes if you can manage even one or two of those successfully it can brighten your entire outlook and make that spinning out of control feeling seem not quite as wild. For example, from your writing it seems like you are really missing your connections with your church and really even with God. I
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  8. I was denied several times. My surgeon's office told me this week that they submitted the request in four segments, three have been approved and they expect the fourth to be approved. (I sure hope so.) I had letters from my primary care and bariatric physician's stating that, in their opinions, the removal was medically necessary. Both of them detailed skin infections they had treated and other concerns. I gathered copies of doctor's notes from six other doctors who treated skin infections in the past. I sent those copies in with the request as well. I wrote a letter detailing my we
  9. Wow! Can I ever relate to that experience at the airport scanners! Every single time. So embarrassing. Thank you for all the information. This is very helpful.
  10. Hi everyone! I'm almost 58 years old, I have an extensive history surgically and after rny surgery in 2001. I have had a very large messenteric hernia repair after several bouts of pancreatitis, chronic pancreatitis with a surgical ERCP with stent done through a g=tube placement just for the surgery, diagnosis was malformation of the sphincter of odi, I had already had gallbladder removed before that after my 1st pancreatic attack. I have IBS, ulcerative colitis and lactose intolerance, yay! Had a major attack of the ulcerative colitis last year and ended up with sepsis, since then after sever
  11. When I hit 65, my best friend and swimming buddy gave me a birthday card: "What do older women have between their breasts that younger women don't?...a belly button!" If ever I win the lottery, I'd be very tempted to get me a new set of boobs.
  12. My surgeon grouped several procedures so that I could get everything done that I wanted done in a total of 2 surgeries. I was told that the limiting factor is the amount of time under anesthesia; about 6 hours is the outer limit for safety. My first surgery I had lower body lift with abdominoplasty, liposuction here and there, and fat transfer to buttocks. Second one,, which was by far the easier one, included brachioplasty, breast lift and small implant. After the first surgery I developed a blood clot in my leg, which i think was partly because i had traveled and had a fairly long fl
  13. I also can't help with the multiple procedures question, but good luck with them all. YouTube has some excellent videos made by folk that have had different procedures, as well as surgeons actually performing them, so it might be worthwhile combing through some. As for the abdominoplasty question, I'd definitely be looking to pay the additional cost to convert from just a panniculectomy to a full abdominoplasty. Without the muscle tightening, naval restoration etc, you're unlikely to ever feel happy with the end result of a a panniculectomy alone unless it's solely for stopping skin breakdown
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  15. Mike! It's good to see you posting - especially with the exciting news about your skin removal. Sadly, I'm unable to help with the timeline or multiple procedures - I had my WLS through the military and the excess skin I ended up with wasn't considered severe enough to warrant surgery to remove it.
  16. Hello folks! Reading posts in this forum has been very interesting because.... drum roll... I was just approved for some skin removal! I'm excited and a little scared to be honest. Like pretty much everyone else, I was turned down initially, appealed, lost, gave up for a while, got new insurance and tried again, was denied, regrouped, tried again... My surgeon's office informed me this week that three out of the four procedures they submitted have been approved and they expected the fourth to be approved as well. (I sure wish I would get that final confirmation of the fourt
  17. My RNY gastric bypass was about 4 years ago. I have managed to maintain my weightloss since surgery (at a "healthy BMI" level, for the first time in my life. I did lose the bulk of my excess weight prior to my surgery though, and have done that too many times over the years. It isn't "easy" though. I still have to watch almost everything I eat. Unfortunately, despite taking all my vitamins, and eating a mostly wholefoods diet with lots of protien and calcium, I now have Osteopenia having lost 12.5% of my bone density over the past two years. I also struggle with severe reactive hypoglycemia s
  18. We all wish you the best during your weight loss surgery journey. The path is neither fast nor easy, but it also is not hard. You can do it. Life at goal weight is wonderful. We are here to support you.
  19. Happy New Year, Everyone! Hope everyone is keeping well with the journey during these COVID times. I need your help keeping me accountable on my journey! So I have created a youtube channel focused just on my weight loss journey, please check it out! I love and welcome any input or support my RNY family has to offer look forward to chatting with all of you soon https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7Q38wqyMxqTWLNNMGZAYzw
  20. I had my gastric bypass a few years ago, and it was the smartest decision of my life (besides marrying my wonderful spouse ). Life as a thin, healthy and active person who should live decades longer due to the weight loss is wonderful. No regrets and no problems.
  21. Welcome to Thinner Times Jodie! I had my WLS back in September of 2007. Surgery was laparoscopic - I was up and walking within an or so of getting back to my room. I was sore of course but it was no worse than the 2 C-sections I'd had a few years before. Was it worth it? For me, yes. If I had to do it all over again, I'd be there in a heartbeat. At more than double my current weight, I was miserable. It was painful for me to do much of anything. Now - I walk a good 3+ miles every day (thanks to an adopted Labrador), have the energy to clean house, cut wood, do the yard wor
  22. Hi I know this might be in the wrong section but I’m considering having a gastric bypass and am trying to do as much research as possible. I was wondering how people have felt after their operations and whether it was worth it or not? Ive tried dieting and lost weight only to put it back on again so am looking for a long term solution. Have you had problems after surgery? How common is it to have problems? Thank you
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  24. Doing great!! Getting close to 10 years and still going strong. Hope all is well with everyone else. 


  25. Well done you!!!! Time to update your current stats in your profile. No reputable surgeon/hospital will risk a lawsuit by using equipment not rated for the weight of a patient, so your daughters fears are baseless. That's is of course unless you're flying off to some shady ultra-cheap establishment in Mexico, Dominican Republic etc. Not sure how it is in the US, but in Australia the weight-ratings on equipment is actually tested at 3x the maximum rating, and under movement/force that most equipment would never be normally subjected to. The only real concern when it comes to your weight b
  26. Hello and welcome! I'm 6 years out from my sleeve and the only regret I've ever had is that I didn't do it sooner as it completely changed my life! In the last 2 years I have developed a hiatal hernia which is causing GERD at night. I am reluctant to have another surgery and now with Covid I am just too busy (healthcare) so I have managed to manage symptoms with Nexium and elevating the head of the bed (luckily have an adjustable base). My surgeon insists on an EGD periodically (just had one on Monday) to make sure I am not experiencing any erosion or excessive irritation/inflammation.
  27. Yay! Congratulations on making the best decision for your new healthy future! In a leadership movement I've been part of "recently" (pre-Covid), we talk about why change is so difficult. People don't fear change, they fear what they might lose because of the changes. In order to get people to embrace change you must first speak to loss. Perhaps your sisters fear they will lose the things you do together (many of our social activities revolve around food); sometimes spouses or significant others fear they'll lose you, either literally or emotionally. Right now, they are likely needing
  28. Congratulations on reaching this first goal! You are working hard to make changes that will save your life, and vastly improve your quality of life and that should be celebrated! It's likely your kids aren't really worried about the beds collapsing; it probably is a much deeper fear. Maybe a fear that you won't make it through surgery, maybe a subconscious fear of losing the Mom they know (I mean, who IS skinny Mom, anyway lol), but it is far easier to make it about the bed. All you can do is keep providing factual information and reassurance, and keep moving towards your goals.
  29. April, you need to do this FOR YOU. Only you know the pain you feel every day being trapped with all this weight. I am sorry your children are not being supportive. We support you, and are here for you!
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