Loosing Lucy - gastric bypass surgery today!

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Loosing Lucy

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Surgery day! 

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Naaww, thanks for thinking of me @Cindy Lou Who

Mixed emotions. Mostly excited. Logically I know it's a great decision and I'm highly unlikely to die, and probably less likely that the statistics as I'm relatively young,  at the low end of the qualifying bmi range and have no comorbidities (that i know of). I think I will be fine. I have a 2 year old so I'm determined that I will be ok. I can easily visualise a good surgery, recovery and outcome. 

Having said that I have had this lurking  feeling for the last few days that it is my last few days and I can't quite shake that feeling. In sure it's just nervousness and normal pre- surgery fear. Just a little disconcerting though!

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