The day NerdyToothpick got her groove back.


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Poof!  85+  pounds disappeared!



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34 minutes ago, tracyringo said:

Congrats Nerdy Toothpick !! How is maintenance going?


@tracyringo Maintenance is going well. Thanks for asking. While it’s hard and I freak out all the time, it’s getting a little easier. 

How are you doing?

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3 hours ago, NerdyToothpick said:

@tracyringo Maintenance is going well. Thanks for asking. While it’s hard and I freak out all the time, it’s getting a little easier. 

How are you doing?

I am doing well and I am loving my sleeve !!  Last month was a short month so I don't think I will make my 10 pound goal but I will find out Friday.

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Today is the big day!!! I hope you take some time to reflect back on all the amazing positive changes you've made to your life this year :D 

giphy.gifgiphy.gifgiphy.gifgiphy.gif giphy.gifgiphy.gif


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One year. 

It’s amazing to look back and think that a year ago, I was sitting in a hotel room waiting for a cab to the hospital. I wanted to walk because I was nervous but early morning Tijuana traffic is not forgiving locals, much less a fat lady dragging her CPAP and suitcase. OK, my husband was with me and would have carried my stuff but i made a nice dramatic image, no?

One year. So much has happened in one year. So much pain and hopelessness. Here is a message I sent a couple of friends. I was SO ashamed  I was the only fat person in my circle of friends  0A28EF1C-67D9-4F48-A60A-330E0AE858B0.thumb.jpeg.8d5604598157481a304e91fd17fdf78f.jpeg 


This year was rough but worth every single second. Every dime. Every challenge. Diabetes is gone! Anyone need a CPAP? 

March was not a kind month and I am struggling. I’m not in a good place in my life but my good health is a blessing. I don’t have to stay away from city hall, for fear I will pass out. I can stand and shout with the confidence that my body will carry me where I need to go. I can participate in Katya’s physical therapy and give her the exercise she needs. I can look in a mirror without self-loathing. 

When I was in my late teens, I read an advice column in a fluffy magazine. It urged the reader to travel the world, rather than buy clothes. After all, what would make you more interesting and well rounded? Twenty pairs of shoes or backpacking through Europe. I’ve taken that advice to heart and apply it to my surgery. What is making me more interesting? Large amounts of food that makes me sick and sluggish or great health? I’m choosing health  I’m choosing me  

My only regret is that I didn’t have surgery earlier. I’m not dwelling too much on that part. My life is mine again! I can do anything I want! 

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