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Well the date is set...I decided to change to the sleeve ..I already have severe osteoarthritis which took out my hips and also moderate to severe forminal and bilateral lumber stenosis which has landed me on SSDI..My surgeon has said if I have any severe problems with acid reflux that l would be able to come back for a revision and that Medicare would cover it. He also said the size of my pouch would be a 34 ?  Anyone care to tell me what that is/ means ?

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Congrats on the date! You must be pretty excited. 

I think the size relates to the diameter of the guide used for when the stapling is done. The surgeons put a flexible tube down your throat into the stomach and use that as a guide for the stapling of the stomach around the guide. That way the stomach pouch is consistently of the same size. 

You might find this a reasonable short read on the topic -

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Congrats on your date and I wish you all the best with minimal to no hassles once the surgery is over so that you have a speedy recovery and start really enjoying the new you.

Yeah, I was leaning to the sleeve too but acid reflux was a problem so in the end I didn't go for it since I had some minor ulceration in my lower esophagus - such was chance in my case.

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