Gretta's Surgery Date

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Wish me luck!

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Do your list of what you need at the house, think who you will talk to afterwards and why, and keep your admirers here up to date. Don't shirk having nice PJs for those victory lap walks in the hospital after the surgery.

Then kiss your past goodbye. 

We'll send the appropriate Cosmic Vibes (or maybe little local wiggles, whatever we can manage; I promise some serious Waggles at a minimum). 

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3 hours ago, Gretta said:

Packing right now! I feel ready. Glad the doc gave me Xanax for the next 2 nights, though! I've had a couple brief moments of nerves. Nothing major. Won't be long now!

I packed a couple of days ahead of time too, lol. It's nice to have the Xanax for sure. I take that regularly, so I just took one before I left for the hospital as instructed. You're going to do great!! I wasn't nervous until I was all hooked up to my IV's waiting to head in to the OR. Then before I knew it, I was waking up! 

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1 hour ago, BurgundyBoy said:

Cosmic wiggles and waggles being arranged, and prayer wheels are spinning. 

Thank you!!!

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