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Overeaters Anonymous & WLS - Taboo?

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I went to a different OA meeting this weekend and it was a completely different experience. The OA meeting I have attended a few times has been a very small group of just 4 people in total. I travelled to a different neighborhood Saturday to try out another group and it was HUGE! 40+ people! Slightly different format but I enjoyed it.

Other than introducing myself as a newcomer in the beginning of the meeting I chose not to share more about myself and that has been bothering me ever since. Perhaps because it was my first meeting this this huge group I was a little intimidated, but I'm NOT a shy person. I can talk to anybody and everybody, I just chose not to share and, in retrospect, I really should have.

I've gone to enough meetings now to feel comfortable with the program but I'm not sure where I fit in as a WLS patient and a Compulsive Overeater. I've been hesitant to bring up WLS because it can be such a polarizing subject. Everybody and their mother has an opinion about WLS whether they have had it themselves or not. Also, it hasn't been brought up by anyone else and hasn't fit in with any of the topics we've talked about in the groups. People have shared deeply personal stored about binge eating, seeking food for comfort, and all the usual traps of compulsive overeating. One of my issues I'm dealing with is NOT feeling hungry. How many eyes are going to roll when I say "I forget to eat." when everyone else is talking about eating constantly? But, we're all here to get help, right, so I shouldn't care what people think. Maybe there are others like me and I just don't know it. WLS it's part of me now and it directly affects my relationship with food and eating so I need to be open about my WLS or I may not get any benefit of going to these meetings if I continue to neglect the topic.

It's coming to the point where I need to look into finding an OA sponsor and it would be wonderful if I could find a sponsor who has also had WLS. I'm never going to find the right sponsor unless I put myself out there 100% and be honest.

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I agree that it sounds like you're in a tough spot if you're hoping everyone will empathize with you. Honestly, as an overweight person, there is NO WAY I would even have believed that words like "I forgot to eat" would ever have come out of my mouth. But you're also right that there are probably other WLS people out there... it's maybe just a question of finding one (or some). I hope you do :) 

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have you tried to see if there is a WLS support group near by you?  At least those ppl would understand what you're going through....it won't be the 12 step kind of meeting, but we all know there are a lot of compulsive eaters out there and I'm sure a lot have had WLS, so there has to be ppl dealing with both at a WLS support group meeting.  It's worth a try.  

Honestly if I was at an OA mtg and heard anyone say that, I'd roll my eyes.

(that being said, I can not wait to be on the other side, I am so sick of being hungry/wanting food nonstop!)

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