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The good news is I don't have a hernia

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The bad news is, I feel like I have a hernia. 

I went to the surgery clinic yesterday after work to have a checkup. For the past week I've had some uncomfortable feelings on the left side of my abdomen just a little lower than my incisions, to the left side of my navel. It hurts every time I sit down, get up, bend over, turn over in bed, or even just adjusting myself in my chair. There is no obvious bulging like a hernia, but something is moving around in there and it tweaks, twists, tugs, and hasn't gotten any better in an entire week.

The PA I saw poked and prodded all my belly areas and ruled out an internal hernia and decided that it is a buildup of scar tissue and possibly some internal stitches that are sewn into the muscle tugging around. She said to massage the area to help break up the hard tissue but it could take months before the feeling will go away. When I press on it and massage it like suggested it basically feels like pressing a huge bruise. But there is no bruising on the surface.

Thankfully it's not painful. Just uncomfortable. As long as my guts aren't going to burst through my navel when I bend over to feed the cat I will be just fine.

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Oh, does this resonate! My lower right incision felt like it was tethered to something in the back of my belly by some kind of string. Just like you, the same movements caused this kind of pulling sensation. I was sure there was something wrong. It wasn't bad pain but I had myself convinced it was the premonition of something worse. To my intense relief, and some kind of annoyance, it all went away. Don't you hate it when you predictions of Doom are wrong?

Something shy of your guts busting out might still be a bit weirdly satisfying given all the discomfort you have. :unsure: 

Ok, all joking aside, I hope this is nothing. Echoing @Jen581791 - massage away!

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