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Day 5 recap



So today I got up to 57oz of water, but only made it through 30 grams of protein.  I feel like I slacked for the first part of the day, and spent the second part playing catch-up.  Maybe tomorrow will be easier - at some point my Unjury chicken-soup-flavored protein powder should be arriving, and maybe non-sweet protein will go down better.  At this point I'm so tired of sweet I could cry.  

I also did a ton of walking, for me - 30 minutes on the treadmill, and then later, I went outside into the real world for a walk.  Down the street to our little park, then back up, then around the block.  Walking outside is so much harder than inside - probably because I can balance myself against the desk part of my treadmill desk.  It was good to get out there - it was a lovely, cool September afternoon.  

Pain level is still not bad; still no nausea; still no hunger.  My throat is mostly healed, except for one tiny spot on the right side that isn't.  That tiny spot is driving me a bit mental.  Hopefully it'll be better tomorrow!


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13 hours ago, CJireh said:

glad you got out in the real world for a walk! :)  Keep it up!  Have a great day today!  Hopefully the protein will arrive....and you will like it

I got out into the real world for a DRIVE today!  In the pouring rain.  And I'm going to a movie tomorrow!

The new protein was a mixed bag honestly.  It tasted okay, and it wasn't sweet, so that was nice... but it also sort of...lingers on?  I can still taste it.  I don't think I'll want it very often, sadly.  Ah, well - 3 days till real (soft!) food!

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bet you're counting the minutes to soft food!  (soft food sounds gross to me now, but after weeks of liquids, i bet it sounds like a buffet!!!

It should feel good driving and getting about and seeing a movie tomorrow will be nice if you are ok smelling popcorn! :)

I like protein drinks but I have heard tastes change after surgery.  Plus after the redundancy of it over and over it probably grows old!

Hope you're feeling better and better each day!  When do you go back to your dr?

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@CJireh - I can't speak for the rest of my diet, but I can say that my taste in protein drinks didn't change.  I liked the taste of Premier Protein best before surgery, and I still like it now - I'm just soooooo tired of sweet!  I did a "taste test" in the hospital, and on the first day I was allowed protein shakes, all of the Premier flavors tasted normal to me except chocolate, which was a bit weird.  But after I got home, even chocolate tasted normal.  

I would not be able to live with my BFF if I couldn't handle the smell of popcorn - she thinks it's the most important food group and makes it at least once or twice a week. :)  So far so good - I just hope that transfers over to the smell of movie popcorn, which can sometimes be a bit gross.

You're right - it's all the liquid that makes the soft foods sound good!  Though I really liked plain greek yogurt and ricotta before, just not as a diet staple.  I liked cottage cheese, too!  I just mixed the cottage cheese and yogurt with some berries before, and I won't be able to do that for a while yet.  I'll half to try the pudding/blender trick!!

My next appointments are on 9/22 - with my dietician, followed by my surgeon's PA. :)  Hopefully they'll be happy with how it's going so far!

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