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Days 3 and 4



I'm trying not to be that crazy girl who blogs three or four times a day, so I'm combining two fairly uneventful days.  Day 3 was mostly reading, walking, having people give me shots and meds, sipping water, sipping broth, etc.  And then at some point I got a nice sugar-free purple popsicle and that was awesome - felt great on my throat.  The very bad coughing had tapered off to random coughing, and wasn't always productive, so I stopped feeling like I was dying of pneumonia.  That left me with feeling a bit sorry for myself, because coughing was painful.  

But things turned around.  They took me off all the monitors the night before, and the morning of Day 3 they took me off fluids, which meant 1) I could wear actual pajamas and not a hospital coat and 2) I could do my laps around the floor without lugging the IV pole around with me.  I hated that IV pole, because every third or fourth step I'd stub a toe on it.  UGH.

And then around midday they said I could go home!  I WAS SO PSYCHED.  I reallllly wanted to go. I packed up and was ready to leave by 1pm - but there was a problem.  I was supposed to switch from Heparin to Lovenox for blood thinners, and they had given me my heparin shot in the morning at about 8am.  The lovenox is self-injection, and I had to do it to myself in front of them before I could be released.    That meant I couldn't be discharged from the hospital until 8pm, 12 hours after my heparin shot.  So I ended up hanging out there for another 7 hours for no reason, watching 30 Rock on my chromebook and walking the halls at random intervals.  

Once I got the shot I was free to go, but I had to give myself ANOTHER shot at about 9am this morning - and I couldn't get my Lovenox prescription from the BWH pharmacy before I left, because it was closed until 9am this morning.  And because it was a new prescription that required a prior authorization, they couldn't just call it in to CVS - because CVS would check for a prior auth and find that the BWH pharmacy had already filled the prescription.  CVS wouldn't fill it until BWH cancelled it on their side - and there was no one in the BWH pharmacy to cancel it, because CLOSED.

So a friend had to get up at a ridiculously early hour and go to CVS and wait until I got through to the on-call doctor who could tell the pharmacy to cancel the scrip so CVS could fill it.  It all worked out fine, but it was all super inconvenient.  I got my shot on time, and will get the next one on time, and all is well. My prescriptions for the week are Omeprazole, Oxycodone, Zofran, and the Lovenox.  The oxycodone and zofran are "as needed" - and so far I've needed the oxycodone, but not the zophran.  I haven't had any nausea at all since surgery, even after they took off my other antinausea patch. I'm also taking adult liquid acetominophen, which I picked up at CVS with all the other stuff. 

It is great to be home.  Sleep felt so much more restful than in the hospital, even though I ended up sleeping in my recliner downstairs.  That meant I had to go upstairs to use the bathroom, but stairs turned out to be much easier than I expected; I just focused on using my legs instead of my core, and it was fine, both up and down.

I still have no hunger at all, and also no sense of restriction.  However, I do sometimes feel things draining out of the pouch and down.  It's a very bizarre feeling, but not a bad one.  Like something pulls the plug on my stomach and lets all the water/broth/protein shake through, then puts the plug back in.  

I still feel like my system is full of air - I'm burping a lot, and as of day before yesterday passing gas a lot.  I'm hoping those things will settle down soon!  I never got the extreme gas pain some people describe - maybe because I was up and walking so soon after surgery? 10 laps around the recovery room floor before I got moved up to a room later on the night of surgery day, and the nurses all thought I was a rock star. :) Gas makes me feel a bit bloated but it doesn't hurt.

I confess - I weighed myself last night when I got home from the hospital.  I was 298 when I went into the hospital; 309 when I came out. Since I wasn't exactly scarfing burgers while I was in there, I can confirm surgical weight gain is definitely a thing that happens - probably due to the IV fluids and swelling.  I'm not concerned about it. I'll probably continue to be a once-a-day weigher, because it's one of the ways I keep myself honest.  So I'll update with numbers here as i get them!

Today I'm just concentrating on getting liquids in and getting as close as possible to my protein goals (there's no way I'm going to meet them today!).  And having a disaster movie marathon with Meg, today's designated friend-sitter!




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So glad I got to skip the shots. Surgeon said I didn't need them with a lower BMI. Then after my recent ortho surgery that surgeon also said I could skip them. He said the downsides to having those shots outweigh the low clot risks for lower weight people. Sounds like it's another upside of losing weight!!!!

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