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Day 2



(A little too tired to do a unique blog post; this is just a repeat of what I posted in Socialize a few minutes ago. Just want to keep the record of this experience all in one spot!  One real update, though - now they do think I can still go home today!)

It was looking good for a little while there, but sometime mid-day yesterday I started feeling pretty awful.  My minor cough bloomed into a full productive lung-wracking cough, my throat hurt like it had been scraped raw, my neck started to ache, and I basically felt terrible.  Plus, as of this morning, I've lost my voice entirely. It felt, and still feels, like it has nothing to do with the gastric bypass.  I think I'm just unlucky enough to have developed a bad cold at the worst time.

I'm aware of the dangers of post-operative pneumonia so I alerted everyone as soon as I realized something was not okay.  I haven't had any fever, aside from the first night when my temp went up to a whopping 99.1 F for two minutes. My lungs sound fine - everybody is listening to them when they come by now.

My nurse last night was not great. Such a huge contrast from what I've seen at this hospital so far. I felt pretty crappy, and she just wasn't really on the ball. She never remembered to put the lower-leg stockings that help prevent clotting back on me after I went to the ladies room - I had to remind her, sometimes twice. She tried to give me a dose of liquid tylenol less than 3 hours after my previous dose of liquid tylenol, because she hadn't looked up when I last got it. She would come in to check on me and I'd ask her to turn a light out - once I'm in bed, the stockings are basically shackles, so I can't get to stuff myself - and she'd turn it out but turn on something even brighter and then leave.  When the doc said I could have some throat drops for the pain, which was extreme, my nurse left to get them, and didn't come back - I had to take off the stockings, get out of bed and go get her - and when I did she was just sitting at the nurse's station chatting.  Plus she dropped everything she picked up or brought into my room, usually several times.  

Anyway, the consensus is that I do NOT have pneumonia - just terrible luck. But they have backed off from saying I can go home today to a "wait and see" stance.  On the bright side, they took off a ton of monitoring equipment and switched me over to oral pain relief, and stopped the lactated ringers drip.  So I have more freedom of movement and it's a little easier to sleep.

And even more on the bright side, all the surgery stuff seems good.  My incisions are healing nicely, I still have no nausea, and I managed a full protein shake yesterday.  I did feel weird about that - I never felt full, and worried I was doing bad things to the pouch but just couldn't feel it because of the generalized chest pain from coughing.  I should be drinking more water - working on it!


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