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Day 1



Following my Recovery nurse's numbering scheme, yesterday was Day Zero - surgery day! Which makes today Day One. So far so good! I'm on clear liquids right now - there's a tray in front of me with a bottle of water with crystal light peach tea, a bowl of broth, and a container of sugar free strawberry jello. The tea is the only thing remotely appetizing. The jello tastes weird and the broth is basically terrible. Not sure if that's a taste change or just hospital booth. I'm poking away at it all though. 

Later today I'll graduate to protein shakes! 

Right now I feel zero restriction, but my surgeon came by and assured me I would in later food stages. He said my pouch was just the right size. 

I'm having a little pain, but it's manageable. I'm still on the hydromorphone pump, but the Recovery nurse warned against using it too often. Said it slowed down the digestive system and could paralyze the stomach. But a different nurse who's been here longer said to use it when I need it. And that seems to be working out better. 

Its it's all pretty weird because I thought by now I'd know the answers to more questions. Here's what I know:

  1. i have had zero nausea
  2. nothing I've swallowed has tried to come back up
  3. i can tolerate cold or warm liquid
  4. i do not seem to have acquired a supernatural sense of smell
  5. i can walk forever. The pain meds don't just work on the abdomen! They work on knees and feet too. 
  6. burping is highly encouraged. Passing gas too - not that I have yet. 
  7. dry mouth sucks. 
  8. pain was alarming for maybe the first half hour I was awake. But I clicked the button a LOT and it's been low/tolerable ever sense

I haven't eaten anything that could lead to dumping so I'm not sure I'll have that. Not sure if my tastes have changed in any way. Not sure if I'll have hunger - though I haven't so far had any desire to eat anything. I guess those are lessons for another day!

Now I'm about to head out for another few laps around the floor. Then a wash-up, and then maybe Leah and Meg will be here!

(Oh that's another thing I learned. A few hours after I came out of anaesthesia, I was coherent and comfortable enough to sit up and chat with my friends!)




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It sounds like you're doing great! I haven't had my suergery yet, so I am closely following yours and your journey and it is great to hear/go through with you!  Sounds like you're acing it!  Enjoy your visitors!

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Hooray for you, @Kio! It sounds like Day One has gone really well. A lot of your questions will take a while to get answered, so you'll keep discovering stuff about yourself for a while :) You're a new you now, lots of new stuff to know. 

I still don't know if I dump from sugar because I haven't had any in seven months... lots of things to learn. 

Keep your great attitude, and walk walk walk, sip sip sip. 

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