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Almost 2-month Post-Op Update

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Thank you to Jen581791 for sending me a message checking up on me. I hadn't realized it had been so long since I did an update. It's been almost 2 months since my surgery and everything is going well. I have gotten into a good groove of working, living, eating.

As far as victories go, I have lost 28lbs since surgery day. I've gone down 2 pant sizes and just gave a big clothing donation to a local charity shop. I haven't purchased any "new" clothes yet. I'm swimming in all of my blouses/tops and I am on the tightest settings of my bras so I will need to bite the bullet and get some things that fit soon.

I've successfully navigated eating out with friends twice. It was nice having a bill less than $10 when everyone else at the table had bills of $20-30 because they were eating full dinner servings, alcohol, and dessert. I was a little taken aback when having a 1-on-1 dinner with a friend that she ordered and ate a dessert dish right in front of me. I was triggered with envy to say the least but I didn't let it get to me, I didn't even address it with her. I can't be food-police to other people. I can only police myself. When she offered me a bite I said "No thanks" and that was very hard to do.

My other victory is I am officially off my blood pressure medication. About 3 weeks ago I started getting dizzy spells and almost fainting when standing up. I stopped taking my blood pressure pill for a couple days and went to the doctor. She said my blood pressure was no longer high enough to warrant the high-dose medication I was on. She decided I didn't need a lesser dose, that because I am still losing weight she didn't see the need to have me take anything. I'll follow up with her again in a month just to make sure I'm still good.

I'm struggling with a few mental things but nothing terrible. Mostly I am obsessing a little with food variety. I know I can only eat tiny servings of anything, but I have a full freezer and refrigerator of food because I don't want to eat the same things all the time. I feel the need to go grocery shopping all the time. But in my defense, I am buying and trying a lot of new things including vegan protein options which I have started to really enjoy. I have also cooked some "large" meals for my father. I've eaten my portion, kept a portion of leftovers, and sent the rest of the meal home with Dad. He's appreciative of the extra food and I am appreciative for eating something other than yogurt.

So that's what's been going on with me. I'm feeling good. Happy with my progress. I have my 3-month appointment with my surgeon next month. I'll try to get an update out around then. Thanks for reading!

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Good to hear, thanks for the update! Great you are off your BP medications. 

.... and the issue of friends eating what they want with us is complex. Good luck in navigating it with the humor, honesty and frankness you have shown. Hopefully this gets easier for you, and trigger foods will fade into former-trigger foods, and then you just won't care what other people eat...


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What a great update! So many victories (stopping BP meds, weight loss, smaller sizes, successful dining out!). I find I'm having the need for variety constantly, too. Interesting.

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So glad to hear you're doing well! :) It sounds like you're sort of just getting on with the business of life! That's great to hear, especially when it's possible to be pretty overwhelmed after surgery. 

Happy to hear about the losses, the shrinking, and the goodbye to BP meds - all great victories. 

I think we all have very different tolerances for variety of the lack thereof, so finding the sweet spot where you can be satisfied but not have a fridge full of stuff that's gone bad is helpful. Cooking for your dad seems like a pretty reasonable solution to that. I had quite a few things go bad in the first few months, and that just makes me feel :( I'm figuring it out as I go, but it's taking some time.

Best of luck on your continuing journey!

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You're doing great, and it sounds like you've handled eating out like a champ. I think it's a really healthy mindset to realize you can't do anything about what other people eat - you can only handle yourself! 

Great work with the variety and the weight loss :) Go get some new clothes and enjoy the sizing down!

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