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Insurance Roadblock Demolished

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Apparently, what they say is true, you can't believe everything you read on the internet!

Yesterday, I emailed AetnaBetterHealth. I was advised to contact my DHHR case worker and also to contact WV Mountain Trust, the Medicaid Managed Care connection. My case worker was really nice. She gave me Trust's phone number and said I shouldn't have a problem. She was right! I almost can't believe it was this easy! I called and asked to switch plans. I was asked to explain why. The representative changed it on the spot! It goes into effect October 1st.  Only a one month(and perhaps a few days) setback! I can wait one month. I'll just keep doing what I've been doing. Eating less. More focus on protein, less on carbs. Walking more. All that good stuff. I don't have to worry about enrollment, special circumstances or any of that crap. Thank God! I really didn't want to have to find someone to marry, LOL.

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Great news! It's always satisfying when something that seemed impossible suddenly happens. Great job being proactive and getting done what you need to get done. 

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So awesome to hear a positive experience with insurance - they're so few and far between :) I finish my program in early October, perhaps we'll end up going through surgery around the same time!

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