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T - W - O



T - iming

W - onder

O - ddities


TWO Months post-surgery.

TIMING:  This past month brought an amazing trip to Martha’s Vineyard (see this post) and a one-ish month weigh in that was at first underwhelming (see this post) but was a great example of the pressure we put on ourselves and the scale (accurate or otherwise).. After the lovely encouraging words from the women here on Thinner Times, I prepared to join the gym and find a trainer only to have a great opportunity drop in my lap.  I was an invited panel member to a 3-day workshop this past month and was paired with a woman to be her mentor on the workshop topic.  As we sat and strategized, she mentioned she needed an accountability partner for both the work we were doing as well as some personal fitness goals.  I agreed to do both with her and one of my fellow panel members said she formerly owned a personal training company prior to starting at our employer, and that she could offer us some sessions for free as well as do a body fat assessment.  Never in my life did I think I would get excited by those words!  So with that, she and I have met twice and developed an exercise plan that evolves past my former cardio only fumblings!  What perfect timing!


WONDER:  At this point I have lost 30% of my excess weight based on my goal weight.  I am left with a sense of wonder at how much this weight loss has done for my confidence.  I have always been a fairly confident individual but I think a portion of that was more of the fake-it-until-you-make-it variety.  Now my friends have been calling me sassy and I am happy to own my sassiness.  I work in a male-dominated, old boy network and it used to really weigh on me (pun, believe it or not, unintended) as I became accustomed to being marginalized because I was female and additionally marginalized because of my weight.  I don’t know when this mental shift happened but my hesitation at speaking up or doing certain things just dropped away.  I wonder where my sassiness will come out next?


ODDITIES:  At 2 months out I don’t know where I expected to be but here I am.  My recovery was luckily a thing of beauty. Minimal gas pain immediately after and no complications since surgery, unlike some of the super-hero Trish’s here on TT who have endured many trials and tribulations during their post-surgery recovery time (I salute you @Trish1967 and @Trish13!).  But there are some odditites I’m getting used to.  Like I have nausea every day.  Every. Day.  Talk about an incentive not to eat.  Surgeon and PCP say this is acceptable only considering the other medical treatments I am undergoing because of the Africa situation so I suppose it is not really related to the WLS but when added to Oddity #2, it’s not great.  Oddity #2 is that apparently cold water and I are not going to have the relationship we once had. At least for right now. I was a water drinking fiend and the not-drinking-with-meals is T.O.U.G.H.  Adding more nausea from cold water to the nausea of oddity #1 means I have been avoiding water – not like me at all.  Oddity #3 – some of the things I bought pre-surgery, thinking I would be using them all the time, are getting dusty from lack of use while other items I bought at the last minute are getting constant use.  Unused:  blender, mini bento lunch boxes,   Worth their weight in gold:  food scale, snack sized Ziploc bags, gummy bear molds.  Other post-oppers – anything gathering dust or worth their weight in gold that surprised you?

il_340x270.1138647309_egb1.jpg.8dc14af8b804eee32d18c72bbc7b6a58.jpg  il_570xN.476802157_mf9k.jpg.93a5909b48236902b6547dfe6d0c1cdb.jpg  il_570xN.789415932_h816.jpg.15d3d51b49459f8d0b4e4356a116e35d.jpg  il_570xN.905930319_orc4.thumb.jpg.7ab919f13d9656b53a1d778be95eba00.jpg  iss_fullxfull.5792141_kulsdpc2.thumb.jpg.ff09267fbbfd898168f69d1623acb77e.jpg

A selection of items available from Etsy.com when you search 'oddity'

What's this vegetarian eating?  cottage cheese, protein gummy bears, protein powders, Trader Joe’s meatless Italian sausage, egg whites with nutritional yeast, Dubliner Cheese

What I'm not eating?  Jackfruit – nope, not jumping on that bandwagon. No matter what I try doing to it, not loving it enough to give up precious sleeve space.

What I wish I wasn't eating?  The miraculous-never-ending-no-matter-how-many-shakes-I-make bucket of veggie protein mix.  Vitamins, I’m looking at you Calcium Citrate.  


Recommended Comments

Using: Bought a Vitamix (powerful blender) and use it to make not only my morning protein shake with blueberries and fiber, but also gazpacho. Now when drinking my fluids, can also get my veggies. [Amazing what a little bit of habanero pepper does to spice up those tomatoes!] It's overkill for what I need but it makes me happy to use. 

Not Using: 2 giant bags of protein powder, a container of pea protein vegan protein powder. Instead eating beef jerky now, grrrrrr. 

Worth its weight in gold: My kitchen scale. 

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You are doing so well! Congrats! Down 30% is so great. 

In all my moving, I haven't bought much in the way of equipment, so...

Using: used plastic water bottles for shake shakers, ziploc baggies for snacks

Not using: my fancy GNC shake shaker (made of plastic. Gets smelling like nasty old whey protein, threw it away!)

Worth its weight in gold (although it doesn't weigh anything, so...?): My Fitness Pal. How awesome is its database? It has my local Omani brand of yogurt. No kidding.

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Love this! Love the personal trainer serendipity and the new sassiness. Yes!

Ugh, constant nausea has to be awful. Have they given you zofran or anything for it? I was having constant nausea, & we discovered it was being caused by ursodiol/actigall I was taking to protect my gallbladder. We adjusted the dose, and things got better. I chew Extra spearmint gum whenever I'm nauseated now and am surprised at how much it helps.

I got a new blender for the pureed stage 10 weeks ago, and it is still in the box. I just use my Magic Bullet for everything. I also got silicone push-up popsicle molds I have yet to use. Haven't used my gummy bear mold yet either. Teach me thy ways!

I am with you on the calcium citrate being a nightmare. The Citracal petites go down easily, but they're only 200 mg of calcium. The Celebrate chews aren't bad but just way too expensive.

Dubliner cheese rocks my socks too!

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@BurgundyBoy - I'm glad I'm not the only one saddled with some veggie protein powder.  That stuff haunts me in my sleep.  But I WILL SLAY THE BEAST!  It's now a personal challenge to finish the tub.

@Jen581791 -  Yaaaaaaaz add MyFitnessPal to my Worth Its Weight In Gold category too! I love that app and I had never used it prior to surgery.  Now I chart everything - and get lovely graphs, pie charts and tables for my efforts!  :D

@Gretta - They haven't given me anything for the nausea (despite my request, I don't get that?) and I've got four more weeks of treatment.  Yuck.  And get on that gummy bear mold Gretta!  It's so easy! I have three small trays that make 50 bears each and using a combo of sugar free jello, agar (or gelatin) and Genepro Unflavored Protein powder, they end up being 1g protein per bear. It's such an easy to boost the protein.

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I dislike aspartame & SF jello, so I need to find recipes with a different flavoring and sweetener. I think I just found a good one for cinnamon bears. I even bought citric acid to make sour patch ones. I need to DO it.

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I try not to use any artificial sweeteners like aspartame and found the Simply Delish brand of sf jello (sweetened with xylitol) tolerable. My goal once I finish the boxes of jello I bought pre-surgery is to just buy straight flavorings and use those instead. The agar gives me enough gel to harden so I don't really need the added ingredients in the boxed jello. Cinnamon bears sound amazing!!

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I've tried to fob my veggie pea protein stuff on my vegan son but he will not touch the stuff... And accuses me of attempted manslaughter, the insolent cad. I have thought it will make nice fertilizer in the garden. Dust to dust, ashes to ashes, pea protein to sweet peas in the spring. Hee hee hee. 

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Gathering dust on my shelves: three big tubs of protein powder (ugh, but I'm trying), too many water bottles, a sippy cup, too many boxes of jello, cans of chicken broth (can't stand it)...I must have thought the liquid stage would last for years, LOL. Although it DID feel like it.

My favorite, most indispensible tools are small-size spoons and forks. Gotta look into those gummy bears!

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The first time I made a protein shake in this old mini blender I had, it added so much air and foam and caused so much abdominal distress, I pulled out this very old shaker bottle I had.  I've been using it ever since.  I too, have a brand new fancy (big) blender that I was gifted with pre-op.  Haven't used it once.  It sort of seems like a behemoth next to my four ounce shake.

Sorry to hear about your nausea and water aversion...both are no fun at all, especially when we are trying to get all these water ozs in!  Love the graphics!

Eating:  crockpot chicken tikka masala (makes me feel more normal and a good WLS food!)


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12 hours ago, Juliet said:

My favorite, most indispensible tools are small-size spoons and forks. 

Ages ago I hosted Christmas and went to IKEA for an additional silverware set. It came with these tiny forks and spoons and I thought 'You crazy Swedes, what could these possibly be for!?' Of course I didn't get rid of them, bc I don't get rid of things (see note above about the evil plant protein tub) and now they are my everyday silverware! I even rearranged my cupboards so the small plates are front and center along with the ramekins **cough,cough** 'borrowed' **cough, cough** from restaurants over the years.

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I love, love, love my tiny forks and spoons. They keep me out of trouble, because I tend to forget about the tiny bites, to my own discomfort. I love to read while I eat, and I know it's a big no-no, but I absolutely love to do it and feel deprived if I can't. And I am sooo done with feeling deprived. My tiny tools allow me to read on while not eating too mindlessly or fast. 

Trish, you are doing great and I think it's safe to say we are all so proud of you for trooping right along in spite of all the problems you're having. It WILL get better!

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