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Who Knew......



...shopping in your own closet could be so fun!

For at least three decades, when I purchased new clothes, they were usually the same size or more often they were increasingly bigger sizes.  Sometimes I'd lose some weight and pull out a pair of smaller pants I'd recently retired, but then inevitably, back they'd go to their old resting spot with the other smaller clothes in the closet or basement.

So I, probably like many, have a wardrobe containing clothing in every letter, number or other embarrassing denotation (extra fluffy?) one can imagine.  When I was pre-op, I asked my administrative assistant, the only person at work who knows about my WLS, to help me know if I was continuing to wear something that had gotten too big.  It seems like it's really hard for people to evaluate themselves accurately about these kinds of things, so I wanted some help with this.  And this week it happened.  I came in wearing some PFBs (pants from before) and she said, "Oh no, I don't think so...those pants are making flapping noises when you walk!"  Now this was both exciting and a little terrifying.  I could only think of one other pair of PFBs that I was going to be able to wear to work (at this point, I'm not comfortable in skirts or dresses) and buying new pants, even for this exciting reason, is still my worst nightmare.

Before surgery, I had organized my clothing into piles labeled:

  • Fit before surgery/Wear right after surgery
  • Try a little while after surgery
  • Try a little while after that
  • Donate
  • Discard

Then I also purchased some clothes online on clearance in a variety of sizes, maybe 6 shirts and a pair of stretchy capri exercise pants, sort of thinking that I'd be down a couple sizes by next summer.   Yes, I know, it takes some people awhile...

So today I started by trying on those new shirts, the ones for next summer.  They were a range of sizes, one size to three sizes below the size I've been wearing.  They all fit, today, right now.

Then I tried on all my PFWBs (pants from way before).  To my amazement, I now have five pairs of pants that fit, as well as some to donate and some for in a little while.  

Next I tried on all the clothes I had slated to wear right after surgery.  Hmmmm, shirts had become tunics and tunics had become dresses...and mostly not in a good way.  Okay, time to reorganize and add to some of the aforementioned piles.

I started trying on the "Try a little while after surgery" and I found many more items that are working.  Wow, I feel like I spent the day shopping and I didn't spend a dime!  Not only that, it was some positive affirmation that this big effort, this daily grind of cottage cheese and calcium pills, is really working.  Pretty soon I might even be able to say "when" I lose this weight instead of "if."

The last thing I tried on was the new stretchy capri exercise pants, 3 sizes below.  I don't know why I tried them on; they clearly looked too small, but hey, it had already been a day of miracles and at least I'd have an idea of which pile to put them in for the future.  

I'm wearing them right now.


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15 minutes ago, Gretta said:

How thrilling! Have you ever have that much FUN trying on clothes? So cool!

@Gretta I absolutely have not.  So many times I just took whatever I could get my body into and that is not fun, it's desperate and humiliating.  Today was full of surprise, amazement and hope.

The other thing I realized is to try everything no matter what size it says.  I honestly am super-confused about what "size" I am after today, but I do know what size I'm NOT and that is way more important!

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18 minutes ago, Jen581791 said:

@kayak19 This is such an amazing post! I love how you've completely surpassed your expectations! Keep up the awesome work. 

Thanks so much @Jen581791.  I've been totally conditioned by previous weight loss attempts to not have to "eat" my words when the weight inevitably comes back on after another fail.  It is hard to undo those old tapes, but today's experience definitely helps!

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Love this blog.

I did the same thing organising clothes pre-surgery. My pre-op weightloss was so successful I'd rid my closet of a few sizes even before surgery. Three months post-op and I was in my last bag of smallest size clothes. Every cleanout since surgery - and yes post surgery I suggest you bid large clothes a final goodbye because you'll never be wearing them again - I've become more and more hardened about tossing stuff out. I had my last and most severe cleanout last weekend. There are no longer any clothes for me to shrink into. I did keep a few jackets that are slightly large but everything else got tossed. Then I went to pack and dress for my long drive and stay in the city only to find I had no tops to put under those jackets. I ended up with just a thermal under one and headed for the first cheap dept store to get something to wear under them. Most of the clothes I bought to the city to wear while I'm here won't be returning home with me. I chose knits that I knew my sister in law would like, so I can just wash them and leave them for her. Thankfully I get to almost live in my pjs and fluffy robe most days for now, but even those are too big to bother taking back home in two weeks.

I'm glad we're heading into warmer weather in the southern hemisphere because I'm in for an entirely new wardrobe within weeks. I'd rather be paying for cheaper summer stuff than the major hit my budget would take going into a winter with no clothes. I guess the moral to my story is that free shopping in your closet is great....until the closet runs out of stock. Then it gets expensive.......but still fun!!!!

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Thanks, @Aussie H!  One of the interesting things to me is just the different types of thinking that we are able to do now.  It's so proactive rather than reactive.  My brain hasn't caught up with it yet.  You taking clothes you know you'll outgrow and leave for your SIL or planning and budgeting for a entire new wardrobe.  I like how you say you've become "hardened" about tossing clothes.  It was hard for me to part with a few pieces yesterday because there are a few that I felt okay in, even at that highest weight; they sort of feel like old, safe friends but with a new lens perhaps in an enabling, codependent kind of way.


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On 8/27/2017 at 10:46 AM, CurvyMermaid said:

Great post @kayak19!  I have been shopping in my own closet too and it is such a great feeling! It's so great to have these types of NSV to help us along on the journey.  :D

I agree - it seems like there's a new NSV every other day!


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