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Today, I was feeling a little impatient. So, I called the surgeon's office. I was put on hold for 8 minutes. Then, I was told they could not find the referral. I was questioned about my insurance. It turns out they do not accept my Medicaid HMO. If I'm able to switch to Aetna, there won't be a problem. However, I read you can only switch if a major life change, such as marriage, is happening. So, I have to find a doctor who accepts WVFamilyHealth. I'm kinda down about it. After hearing and reading all this hype about him and his staff, I was really looking forward to becoming a patient. I am anxious to get this started.

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@Rakat, would go on full alert here. Do you have a once-a-year change option coming up? And if not, there must be some option for WV Medicaid. You might have to change surgeons to get to this goal, and if so, look for experience, experience, experience. Given all the US uncertainties about insurance, I'd be very proactive now. Read @Res Ipsa's posts to others with insurance issues. 

Otherwise you are going to have to be trolling for a new spouse. Very inconvenient if not somewhat emotionally trying.

(My wife has indicated she does not favor polygamy, so no luck here, plus am out of state. You'll have to look elsewhere). 

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Sorry to hear that! Changing insurance is a pain. I agree that looking into a surgeon that accepts your insurance might be a good option. Try to keep your spirits up, and be proactive - sometimes a roadblock is just an exercise in being creative and resourceful. Over, under, or around - or any other way past it - what's important is getting there. It sounds like you're taking charge of the situation, good for you :) 

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Sorry for yet another hurdle. You'll end up in the right place, with the right surgeon, and on the road to success. It will all be worth it. Way to hang in there.

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