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Four weeks at the same weight, so last week, I really crunched down, you know? Lunches around 300 cals, dinners around 500, totals between 1200-1300 a day (I am pre-op). High protein, low carb, all the water.
I gained 3 pounds at last weeks weigh in. 
No doubt its hormonal (grr) water weight given the timing but man. I would just like to see the scale go down for the first time in over a month!
At least this week I am back down to the same damn weight I've been plateauing at. How I can hit a plateau this long when Ive only lost 11 pounds, I have no idea. 
ANYWAY, on a note that isn't crying over my scale being a jerk, last Tuesday I had my mid-term fitness eval. I'm a few weeks past the middle of our classes, but thanks to the the boot, I couldn't do the eval prior. I can hold a wall sit for 20 seconds longer and do four more pushups than I could twelve weeks ago! Its not much, but I lost a lot of activity when I was waylayed by the boot for 4 weeks. 
I put sticky notes on the back of my bathroom door so I see them every morning. I overall don't have an issue sticking to the diet (given I have to be accountable for classes and weigh ins!) but sometimes I need a reminder of what I'm doing this all for. Things like "to travel comfortably" and "to finally have children". I'm not typically someone into mantras or affirmations, but the visual reminder daily is helping a bit to look forward to the changes rather than be annoyed that I'm eating cauliflower. Again. <_<
In the real world, I'm annoyed and irritated constantly at my current job and just not super happy here. The job is mostly me endlessly nagging diabetics and heart failure patients to stick with their diets and take their meds. To top things off, I apparently dropped my badge in the parking lot (I have no idea how, its incredibly loud, so Im not sure it wasn't stolen from my car) and it was used to break into our facility overnight by a couple people known for arson. Truly wonderful to walk into work and find an email directing you to call the police. 
So they really just needed a statement from me basically saying I didn't knowingly let them have access to the building. I went through security hell to have a badge reissued to me, and as I was coming back to work, an elderly lady on oxygen fell over a bump in our parking lot and hit HARD. Broken foot be damned I went flying towards her. She wrenched her shoulder hard and I couldnt stand her up because of the pain. We waited for a squad, getting nearly hit by a car twice in the process (one of them being anothe rpatient who refused to wait to leave, despite the fact the fall was behind her car).
It reminded me that emergency, trauma, and "real" medicine is what I love. I like the relationships I have with my patients but nagging people is not my jam. Grabbed my GRE book and started studying so I can apply for my NP for real this fall, rather than just talking a good game about it for forever.
Puppy tax for long windedness - him and his lil "bow chicka bow wow" collar :D 
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@delilas You clearly have the evil Weight Loss Gremlins hanging about. Too bad there isn't a posting here with reliable banishment spells (Wikipedia may not be reliable for Wiccan spells). And how very annoying to have the badge-loss episode. 

More seriously congratulations on being in better physical shape and considering a job change. So much of the WLS process is the taking of control. At least your head is in a good place.

The dog is also seriously cute. 

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@delilas, great update - thanks! :) 

Sorry the plateau is wearing on you. Those are never easy, and always demoralizing. It sounds like you're doing a great job, though, so rest assured that the numbers will move eventually. I'm in a spot right now where the scale isn't moving but my body is changing - maybe that's happening to you, too. How on earth that happens, I'd love to know. What is actually going on???

Congrats on deciding to study for NP. Sometimes it takes a specific incident or a series of bad events to remind you of what you want, and it sounds like this has happened for you. Is that a long involved process for you? I hope it goes well.

I'm also not a mantra person, but keeping some goals in plain sight seems like a very positive thing to do. Good daily slap in the face ;) "Hey! This is why you're doing this!"

I'll gladly pay the puppy tax if that's the price of admission to your blog! :D

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Delila! Loving the improvement in your physical fitness! That has to feel so good. So sorry the scale isn't moving. Once the surgery helps you comfortably lower the calories, that scale will finally reflect your efforts. That was my experience anyway. Good for you pursuing the job change. So much happy coming your way shortly.

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Thanks for the positivity you three! 

@Jen581791 - I'd love to know what's happening in our bodies too! My scrub pants have felt looser, but wearing elastic pants every day does make it a bit harder to realize when stuff is fitting better :D 

Thankfully the process for NP grad school isn't too involved, but some schools want a GRE (which is odd to me since it has zero to do with nursing and most schools dont require it), so I'm studying up for that. The only other problem I've encountered is at least one of the schools I'm considering insists we find our own clinicals - how the heck are we expected to find someone to let us follow them around for 600+ hours of clinic time? Goodness. I'll probably just avoid those schools :rolleyes:

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21 hours ago, delilas said:

wearing elastic pants every day does make it a bit harder to realize when stuff is fitting better

This is sooo true!  I had slowly transitioned to leggings and long sweaters or loose tops so I really have no idea what my largest size truly was because that elastic can be so forgiving. 

And while your scale may be ticking you off, its exciting to hear of your fitness achievements.  This is why the NSV are so important! AND to make advancements considering the 4 weeks of booting it up!   Hooray for you! 

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