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Week Two Post-Op



Well here I am 16 days Post-Op and feeling pretty good! I waited on writing this post so that I could include the results of my two week follow up appointment. The last week has been an ongoing experiment of how far I can walk and what liquids my stomach can tolerate. My doctors plan has me off of clear liquids and onto "Full Liquids" the second week. I have found that the definition of "Full Liquids" varies from plan to plan, some plans classify "FL" as only being the Clear Liquid diet with protein drinks added to the mix. Other plans include adding such things as strained cream soups, pudding, yogurt and cereals such as cream of wheat. My doctors plan had me adding protein drinks for the first part of the week and if that went well then slowly try adding cream soups, Greek yogurt or applesauce near the end of the week.

The diet has been pretty easy to follow, especially considering that my sleeve will only accept about 4-5 ounces of anything other than water sipped over about 20 min, after that point I have a very full feeling and don’t dare sip anymore! The later part of the week I slowly tried a few new things, tomato soup, apple sauce, Greek yogurt & cottage cheese. These things have been a nice treat from the water and protein drinks and they have been a good pre test for phasing into Week Three - Pureed Foods.

The Two Week Follow Up Appointment

The appointment went pretty well. All my stats are right where they should be including blood pressure, which has not been this low in years even with medication! Hopefully this means that my blood pressure meds can be reduced soon if not eliminated. My incision points are healing nicely, I have been applying a vitamin E cream to the incisions to help reduce any scaring and that seems to be working well. The only negative things I had to bring up with the doctor was my sciatic nerve and some muscular issues.

  • The sciatic nerve is just something I have to deal with right now, at least until the weight drops off to the point that it will fix itself or until the changes have reached a point that it can be addressed with out the possibility of my body changing and undoing any corrections that might be made.
  • Muscular issues - These are just the normal muscular issues that most people encounter as their center of gravity changes due to the rapid weight loss. Basically areas of muscles are having to work harder than they are used to in order to compensate for the shift in weight displacement. It varies from person to person but in my case the worst is the band of muscles that run across my back, right below my shoulder blades. When I go for a walk those muscles are worked pretty good and knot up to the point I can barely move. It will get better over time or once I heal to a the point I can start using my Bowflex to work those muscles back into shape. To coin the phrase "If I knew then what I know now" one of the things I would have done pre-surgery would have been to work my back muscles and abdominal muscles more, if I had I would have reduced these muscular issues significantly.

All in all the appointment went well. The doctor was very pleased with the rate my wounds are healing, the fact I am having none of the normal possible side effects and the amount of weight lost so far. On that note here are my current stats as of 8/8:

Start Weight: 465 lbs.

Surgery Weight: 448.3 lbs. (16.7 lbs. lost prior to surgery)

Current Weight: 415.4 lbs. (32.9 lbs. lost since surgery)

Total Lost: 49.6 lbs.


On to Week Three - Pureed Diet…


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Sounds like you're doing great! So glad :)

Very interesting about the sciatica and muscular issues. I've noticed that different places on me feel like they get different amounts of strain as the weight goes down, and my balance is a bit off, too. When I'm doing something strenuous, I can't really tell how much I can trust my muscles - my body strength/weight ratio is constantly varying!

Great news about your blood pressure. What a great feeling that must be. Pat yourself on the back.

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