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It Begins

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I met with my new doctor today. My anxiety was completely wrong! I was referred to Dr. Shin. As it turns out, my doctor had WLS just a couple years ago. He was her surgeon. She spoke very highly of him. She also told me a bit about the process and such. Between now and a couple weeks, I should be getting a call from his office to set up an appointment. She faxed a letter of referral with my medical history included. Once I meet with him, things will start to happen.  I'll have to see a nutritionist. go on a diet, take a 3 hour mental exam and a series of other tests. She said it takes about 6 months to get things in order.  So, that means this Spring I should be several pounds lighter and feel healthier!  Just gotta wait a bit longer. I've waited most of the summer. A few more weeks won't be that bad.

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Glad to hear that what appeared to be a setback is actually a positive.  It is great to have people on your medical team who have gone through the process.  There is at least one on mine and it really makes a difference!  Congrats on getting the ball rolling - I found all of the steps in the process to be very helpful mentally.  You'll be on the loser's bench before you know it!

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On 8/14/2017 at 3:35 AM, Rakat said:

Thanks, everyone! It feels great that things are starting to happen. I can't wait!

Glad things moving forward! BB

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