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(holy crap already 8 weekly entries? I don't feel like its been two months...)

So my MRI cleared my foot and the reigning days of das boot are over! Which is fabulous, except my foot still hurts like mad. Docs aware, he just kinda shrugged and ordered some physical therapy for me to see if that helps. Grr. Physical therapy starts tomorrow.

Last week was an exercise class, and I powered through 2.5 miles on the recumbent cross trainer like it was my job :D Now that the boot is off, I'm going to spend the week researching more about the gyms in this area, although I'm pretty sure I'm going to be joining this one. I'm hoping this week I'll find out if my hours are being changed, which would super help with making time for the gym. The changes won't go into affect for several weeks, but that's okay given the limitations with my foot. 

Last week's class was otherwise about long term success with exercise - how to not burn out, try new things to stay interested, etc. Nothing mind blowing, but a solid course. I think today's class will follow in the same vein - long term behavioral success.
My EGD was Friday, and it went alright. The resident introduced too much air into my stomach and I had the weirdest episodes of long belching while they were trying to take biopsies of my stomach. I'm pretty sensitive to sedatives and don't remember anything else. I dont even remember talking to the doc (who is also a bariatric surgeon) after. Thankfully my DH was present and they gave me a printout of everything. Other than some mild gastritis that they're putting me on prilosec for, everything looked really good. 
Overall, I can't complain, as beyond synthroid I was on no meds prior to starting this, but in the past 4 weeks, but I am now up to 5 pills a day and it feels so foreign to me. I'm horrible at remembering to take everything (which is pretty sad coming from a nurse!). Getting myself a little weekly pill minder to carry with me this week in hopes that helps and gets me in the routine of taking everything, as I know I'll be adding at least 1 or 2 supplements after surgery as well.
Ended up having crazy dreams bordering on hallucinations (I kept dreaming people were outside my window, or that my puppy was thrashing about in his crate, and would feel so strongly about it I'd wake up and check the windows or the pup), but no other untoward craziness :) 
So that's the last major testing hurdle prior to surgery! Now just minor hurdles: finishing my 6 months of classes, meeting with the pre-anesthesia clinic, and meeting with my actual surgeon to set the date.
My DH has been supportive but nervous about this entire shindig. One of his favorite youtubers, Boogie2988, just went through a VSG last week and has been really open about his process and is sharing it on youtube and twitter. He's been showing me the videos and I really hope it helps lower his stress level regarding it, to watch someone he's a fan of go through it for the next few months while I prepare for mine :) 
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Congrats on no more boot!!! You are moving right along! I hear you on all the extra pills! I was only on Synthroid prior as well. AM/PM pill case plus phone alarms are helping me. Keep up the good work!

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No more boot! :) 

Step by step, you're getting there. Glad the tests so far have been good. 

I hope your crazy dreams calm down. I have a lot of nightmares when I am stressed out - like little kid ones, full of monsters and snakes (which are obviously scarier than monsters). You do have weird food dreams in your future, most likely: dreams you ate something you shouldn't have, dreams you can't have something you want, etc. Those are in the past for me, thank goodness. My subconscious has apparently calmed down about my changed diet :D 

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@Gretta - I did start setting phone reminders yesterday because I know I'll forget the prilosec otherwise, thanks for the suggestion! Now to find me an easy little pill case. 

@Jen581791 - I think the dreams were mostly from the sedatives - I hope! No repeats, thankfully. Glad you gave me a heads up on the dreams to come! I have once or twice since starting my program had dreams about food I want to eat but can't, which is odd since I haven't really outright denied myself anything currently. Brains are weird :D Glad your dreams have chilled out!

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