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Week One



The first week has been a bit of a blur. Being limited to water, broth and Sugar Free Jell-O does interesting things to the body. The goal has been to consume at least 50 oz. of fluids per day, more if possible. Key phrase there is “if possible”. During the time from waking after surgery to being discharged, roughly 22 hours, I consumed 80 oz. of fluid. I thought hitting 50 at home would be a snap… but it turned out to be more difficult than I thought. My mind was a little muddled on the first day of being home from the hospital due to my body starting the ketosis phase so I forgot to track my fluid intake, but I did start the following day. Here is what I consumed the remaining 4 days of the week:







23 oz.

6 oz.

1 oz.

30 oz.


40 oz.

6 oz.

2 oz.

48 oz.


45 oz.

6 oz.

3 oz.

54 oz.


53 oz.

4 oz.

3 oz.

60 oz.

The doctor had sent me home with a large bottle of liquid Oxycodone for pain, and a bottle of anti nausea pills. Thankfully I really did not need either. I took a dose of the pain killer the first 2 nights just to ensure that I slept well, not because I was currently in pain, but rather as a prevention of possible pain.

I kept down for the first week as per my doctors orders and I am glad I did. The first couple of days are a bit of a blur as my body adjusted, not so much to the new stomach but rather the lack of nutrient consumption. Eventually my mind started to clear… not sure that it is completely clear yet… actually not too sure it was clear prior to the surgery… but it is getting clearer! From what I have read of other persons accounts I have fared pretty well, at least thus far.

Now for the down side.

Getting around the appeal of food is interesting, especially when others are eating. I don't physically feel hungry but at certain times or when someone else is eating my mind starts going "hmmm… that would taste good about now". I just remind myself that I didn't go through the lengthy process just to defeat myself stupidly. Besides, I would hate to think what my stomach would do if I ate something right now!

About the worst side effect I have had through this process has not been related to the surgery so much but rather a sciatic nerve. I have had an issue with the sciatic nerve in my left hip for years. Usually it manifests its self as a numbness in my thigh with the occasional  shooting pain similar to feeling like a coat hanger being thrust up and down my thigh. The last 2 mornings I have awoken about 4am with a pain in my thigh and hip that the closest way I can describe it is as a red hot poker jammed in my hip and thigh with electricity coursing through it. When I got up this morning I could barely stand. With a little time stretching and sitting upright the pain subsided after about an hour. I can only assume that the weight loss that I have already experienced as loosened and freed up the nerve so that it can shift around resulting in the increase of pain. Something to talk over with my surgeon ASAP.

All things considered so far this has been a really good experience, I have no complaints so far other than I can't wait to be to the point where I can chew something! On that note I will close out this post with my stats... today, one week post op, is the first time I climbed on the scale since surgery day. Here are the results so far:


Start Weight: 465 lbs.

Surgery Weight: 448.3 lbs. (16.7 lbs. lost prior to surgery)

Current Weight: 423.6 lbs. (24.7 lbs. lost since surgery)

Total Lost: 41.4 lbs.


Recommended Comments

You are doing great! Sorry to hear about the sciatica - I get the same hot poker feeling on my left butt/thigh once in a blue moon and wouldn't wish it on anyone. Hopefully it will start to behave itself as you are able to move and stretch more! Keep us updated, love following your journey!

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Wow, you're losing fast!! Congrats. 

I used to have some nerve pain and numbness in my right hip and leg before surgery. It got a bit worse during the couple of months after surgery, but your post made me realize I haven't experienced it at all in the last three months or so! So maybe you'll lose yours with the pounds, too. Goodbye, pain!

Keep working at the liquid. It sounds like you're doing pretty well on that front. 

I hear you about the lack of mental clarity. It gets better, but it's a little funky for a while. 

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So glad you are doing well with the weight loss !!  Damn sciatica. Mine gets me in lower back. Guess I will find out soon enough how it's going to react to my surgery and weight loss...  Keep up the good work

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