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Day 3 - transitory trauma!

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Into every vacation a little emergency dentistry must fall - that's what my mama taught me.  I was snarfing down a square of superdark chocolate (one of my few dietary indulgences for this vacation) when something went CLACK in my mouth, and the crown of my 5-year-old implant popped out.  I saved it, jammed it back in, found a dentist on the internet, and got a friend to drive me there, all in half an hour.  I could have driven myself, but with an unseated implant and visions of pain for the rest of the week in my head, I didn't trust myself to remember to stay on the left side of the road.

The dentist was awesome.  They were able to take me immediately, and when I got there I went straight in.  The dentist had two assistants, and they were all super friendly, and took great care of me.  The implant was back in and cemented on in minutes, painlessly, and the dentist explained everything step by step.  The total cost was less than I'd pay for a cleaning at my regular dentist's office in the States.

The crown came out at 3:30 and was back in by 4pm, so it was just a tiny blip in an overall beautiful, relaxing day.  I spent a little too much time in the sun and got a little toasted around the edges, but also played a lot with my friends' kids (and reaffirmed my choice not to have my own - omg so tired!).  We're all about to pile into cars and head back to the local seafood place for dinner.  I'm thinking possibly the garlic shrimp, this time. :)

(Also - sorry for the double post last time, that was a bit weird!)

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I hear you on the kids ;) I enjoy other people's children and then I go home...

So glad you were able to get a quick dental fix. 

Seafood has been a great restaurant choice for me post op - a great choice for protein.

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Dental and medical are no fun on vacation but I'm thrilled  you were able to find a fix so quick! Hell, I don't think my own dentist can see same day, much less same hour :huh:

I totally feel you on the kids! About 6 weeks ago I kept my brothers 4 and 7 year olds for three days and you'dve thought my husband and I had been hit by a semi truck by day 3 :D 

Enjoy the rest of your vacation, eat some shrimp for me!

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