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Not the worst idea I've ever had

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Day 2 on the beach - or rather, 1.5, since we only had a few hours of beach time on arrival day.  Still, we got in the water, so it counts.  Today I've spent probably 4 hours in the water already, and it's just 3 o'clock.  I may be all watered out for the rest of the day, but if an after dinner swim time happens, I'll probably be down for it.


There was a lovely view from the restaurant where we had dinner, and where I was restrained - grilled red snapper and steamed veggies, all lovely.









Plus, I made a new friend! 









And now, it's just about time for a nap.  Vacation should be for ALWAYS.

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I know, right?  I'm definitely feeling yesterday's "workout" today - I spent hours and hours in the water, and woke up with sore arms and legs and hips and whatever else - all achy. But I took a couple of advil and got back to it this morning - an hour in the ocean, then another hour or so in the pool towing 7 year olds back and forth from the shallow end to the deep end and tossing them into the water and whatnot.  My arms are probably going to be killing me tomorrow, and I likely won't be able to lift them over my head, but it was fun.  Other people's kids are a blast!


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I'm so happy that you are having a blast! The water there is to die over!! We will have to trade pictures once you get back  

As someone who is always having her dentist pop her crowns back in, you have my sympathies!

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