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O -pportunity

N - ausea

E – xciting

In my head I sometimes forget that I am only one month post-op and look down, expecting to see my new svelte body.  LOL I feel like strutting because I’ve got this secret.  I have a tool and it works, will work, is working.  It’s not some fad diet that will cause a yo-yo of regain.  While not yet svelte, I have lost a significant amount and am starting to see changes -  less knee pain, the ability to buckle my PFD while working, droopy drawered swimsuits, less lead when diving.  Mostly my emotions hover around the hope and impatient spectrum.  I am hopeful for this tool and impatient to get to the goal.

My focus this month was not really on the weight loss surgery recovery but on a continually misdiagnosed condition that was an undesired souvenir from a research trip to Africa two months ago.  Why bring home a snow globe when you can bring home an infection that robs you of the use of your dominant hand? Biopsy results came back today and this third go round of medication attempts should work – although the side effects include lovely things such as nausea, lack of appetite and sense of taste.  Perhaps rather than WLS, I should market this new pathogen and treatment? Although the possibility of liver failure may deter some…

I’m excited to see where month TWO takes me – starting with my first trip to Martha’s Vineyard next week!


Sampling at Dawn (photo modified by a color filter)


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I spent my first month waiting waiting waiting to see progress, then tried on some clothes, and of course I had gotten smaller. Then waiting waiting waiting during month two. And some progress: my progress photos showed a pretty good difference. Now, in month six, its a lot more obvious! It'll happen :) 

Not sure a tropical infectious disease would sell as a weight loss plan, but then again, people are pretty desperate! ;) 

I hope that gets taken care of soon!

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