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A Minor Setback?

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I received a letter from my (now former) doctor's clinic today. My PCP has resigned. I called and was offered an appointment with the new one. I accepted but can't help but wonder if this will postpone things. I've been a patient at this facility for years. So, they have all my records and info. I don't see why this would change anything. But, my anxiety is telling me this is a setback. Even if it isn't, I have to get comfortable with a new doctor. Luckily though, the waiting time isn't long. The appointment is scheduled for 8/8. The original one was for 8/7.  I'm going to proceed as nothing has changed until I know differently.  This anxiety needs to stop, though.

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I'm with Gretta, I don't see this as a setback either. If you need this Dr. to refer you or whatever for bariatric surgery, then this is HIS (or her) interview, not yours. You'll want someone who is happy with the idea of your WLS pursuit and will be happy supporting you post-op. If it's not a good fit, then move on to someone else.

It will be fine. Deep breath.  :-)

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I think it'll be fine - your appointment is delayed by only a day, and that seems like a pretty smooth transition for having a new PCP in the office. I hope it goes well. In the meantime, deep breaths :) 

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@Rakat You are an accurate person. This is your anxiety talking, and for your own good progress and mental health, "it needs to stop" affecting you.  Your good understanding of this, your posting of it, all good stuff. Does posting make the anxiety go away? No. Will you be anxious with similar events in the future? of course. But will you be deeply affected? I think not. :D We all have Demons; living an insightful life means the Demons become small demons ... and one way to demote these fears down to simple concerns is to enunciate them, to roll them around in your head after you specify them;  and as the other respondents say you will be well on your way in no time. Deep breaths. Move forward. Inchoate anxiety is disabling. Incisively stating the issue, enunciating the anxiety... that is control. So -

congratulations on the enunciation, the post, and on meeting the new PCP. Your goal is WLS. A day different does not change your attaining the goal. ;)

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