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This week. Whew. 

Monday, I was annoyed in the morning to weigh and still be the same weight as last week's weigh in (3 weeks now of only plus or minus a few ounces). It had me in one of those WHY BOTHER THEN?!?! kind of moods. I stuffed up and ate my stupid chicken and spinach all the same. Weigh in went as expected (6 whole ounces down). It is just wholly frustrating to eat 1300-1400 calories a day (sometimes even less) and not see anything like the weight loss they say you will! I know you all know that pain :) On the upside: I am 6 ounces away from being under 300 pounds :D:D:D 
Yesterday was my cardiology eval to get clearance for surgery. No problems there. They repeated an EKG (which makes it my fourth this year!) and it looks the same as ever (some permanent damage from years ago), so he happily gave me approval for surgery and wished me lots of luck. 
Today was a follow up with sports medicine about my stupid foot. Unfortunately, he's super unhappy about the healing (or lack thereof) and ordered an MRI and for me to be in das boot for the foreseeable future. MRI is this Friday, here's hoping things are alright, I'm terrified that this fracture will need surgery and that will delay my bariatric surgery.
Overall it's been a busy week! Next week is my EGD, which (I think?) is the last big obstacle besides finishing the next 2.5 months of preop classes. And I get to take the day off work for it, which is a total bonus. =] Hope everyone is having a lovely week!
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One more big hurdle, the EGD, which should be a breeze and then you can get your date, correct?  

You lost another half pound and that is great.  Slow weeks are so frustrating.  I've been losing fairly steadily since my surgery a couple weeks ago until yesterday, so i know it is probably time for a stall or maybe at least a slow down.  I'm trying to get mentally prepared for those longer stalls where you have to just keep working the program and eventually you come out of it, if you still have more weight to lose; I've heard up to three months!  Pretty soon you'll be heading to clear liquids and then you'll probably get a scale boost.  Congrats on being so close to a major milestone!

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You're getting there, you're getting there. It must be frustrating to be so close and still have hurdles to clear. 

Sorry about the boot and the foot. I hope the MRI goes well and you have smoother sailing after that. Less weight on the foot will certainly be a bonus. I can literally feel that my feet have less pressure on them now than a few months ago - like, the soles of my feet feel that I'm lighter. It's kind of weird, but in a good way.

Six ounces? I feel your pain, but it'll disappear soon enough. It sounds like you're doing a great job of following the plan you're on, and in the end, that's the important part. Plan. Habits. State of mind. The numbers will follow, eventually. 

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Ah, the WLS journey sure has its ups and downs! Boy, can I relate to, "WHY BOTHER THEN?!". I have managed to gain so much weight on 1400 calories a day. It still enrages me that that is the amount of calories MyFitnessPal still tells me I should eat to lose 2 pounds a week. My life experience tells me I'll never be able to lose or even maintain on that high a number. I felt like I was crazy for so many years. I am beyond thankful that I now have a team of doctors and a tool helping/encouraging me eat to the amount that is actually allowing me to lose even when MyFitnessPal and most articles I read claim I'm being unhealthy about it. It's tough being told being fat is unhealthy, then being told eating the amount you're eating to not be fat is unhealthy. OK, rant over. 

I hope your MRI and EGD go beautifully. Annoying to be told your heart is damaged when we all think your heart is perfectly delightful. Enjoy that day off work! Your program's classes continue to sound awesome and I think they'll help you be such a success story.

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@kayak19 - yes! last major hurdle. Once I near the last couple weeks of classes, I get to meet with the surgeon to set a date. I like trying to think through this like I would a post-op stall - perhaps that can get me in the right mindset! Glad to hear surgery is working well for you!

@Jen581791 - I remember the last time I lost 30+ pounds (for my wedding 6 years ago) how much better my knees and feet felt - which is funny because on a day to day basis, they dont hurt or have discomfort - but they still feel better when we lose! 

@Gretta - the ups and downs are crazy lately, but I know plugging away is the way to do it. I feel crazy too - when telling docs and nutritionists you're eating x amount of calories and they're looking as if they know you're lying, because "its not possible". Well, the proof is in the pudding, and the pudding is everyone who has successful weight loss with WLS! I never did understand it - even now, in my classes, my nutritionist gets mad if I drop to 1200 calories...but post op I'll be eating considerably less for weeks, if not months! Thank you for your sweet words :D

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You know if we could lose it on our own without surgery we wouldn't need surgery, would we? 

Are you exercising? Sometimes you put on muscle or gain weight from lactic acid, or you retain more water because of that. 

I would just keep on keeping on. At least you are getting in tune with how many calories are in various foods and portions and all of that.

I use my Fitnes Pal app, it is amazing! The truth is that some people just cannot lose weight unless they eat about 800 or less calories a day. And it's been shown that the more you have dieted in your life, the more true that is for people. And there was no way on earth I was going to be able to eat that small amount of calories without surgery! I would have been hungry so much that I wouldn't have been able to concentrate or get a thing done. Now I eat about 1000 to 1200 to maintain. 

There are some people on here who are long time vets who eat about 600 a day, and if they eat more they start to gain again. It just depends on your age, your body, genetics, your diet history, etc. 

About your foot, this is just my opinion. But I had a bad ankle injury which is one of the reasons I wanted surgery. It just wouldn't heal and there was no surgery that would fix it. I was in pain almost all the time, couldn't exercise,  I was constantly looking for a chair. It was awful. Once I started losing weight it got so much better and now I really have few issues with it. Sometimes it flares up for some unknown reason but if I would stretch before I swim I think I would be better off. I keep forgetting to stretch! Anyway I would say go for the weight loss surgery first because losing weight is one of the best things you can do for any kind of foot injury. Just my opinion, but you need to talk to your docs about it. Also might want to mention to them that if you do get surgery on your foot first you are more likely to gain weight from lack of activity? I don't know. 

Good luck to you, hang in there! 

Edited by lightenupwoman

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@lightenupwoman - I'm mostly doing weights right now, as most cardio is out for me while wearing the boot. I'm supposed to limit the use of that leg pretty severely. When my class does exercise I can use the "nu step" recumbant bikes with HUGE pedals that my boot fits into. Depending on my MRI results this Friday, I may buy a membership to my class's gym so I can use that piece of equipment more often. I know the slow down in weight loss the last 3 weeks is because of my exercise limitations. 

I use the loseit app to track, I've used MFP before and liked it also. Like you said, I suspect I need lower calories, but if it were just that simple, I wouldn't want WLS!

I would like to avoid surgery on my foot at all costs - the physician said unless its severe then the first option will likely be crutches and a real cast. That will murder my activity further but would at least avoid surgery!

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Hoping MRI okay and EGD clean. 

May not be part of your current practice, but swimming is super good as it is non weight bearing and even with crappy legs and back - good exercise. Not speaking for you, but it used to bore me as a kid but now I find it a form of meditation. 

Best of luck BB

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@BurgundyBoy Yes! I love to swim. The gym I am looking at joining has a small warm water pool. I am hoping this upcoming month my hours will change at work and get me out 30 minutes earlier, which would be perfect to hop over to this gym before going home. It's just rather expensive and a long commute otherwise, but I should know in the next couple weeks :D I really miss swimming laps. Thanks for the luck! 

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Great way to build in exercise as part of the daily routine!... I've been most successful when exercise doesn't require me to make some extraordinary effort. By way of an example -

I used to take my young son to daycare at my workplace, and went to a gym near my office and rowed or lifted weights at noon every day.It also helped me to cement the habit of exercise which persisted even after I had to change my place of exercise. I was "fat but fit" and am sure it's one of the reasons I escaped the development of diabetes. It was a great setup and I rarely missed more than a day in a workweek.

Again, good luck with the tests. 

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Keep your head up. it will happen 6oz added up will turn into pounds. the more weight you lose the easier the healing process is for your foot. Good luck keep the eating healthy up it will count in the long run

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