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Travels Thus Far



I thought a good second post to this blog would be to give my opinion/experience of the list of prerequisites that I was required to complete in order to have approval by my insurance company. I understand that these requirements vary from company to company and from surgeon to surgeon, but these are just the ones that I needed to complete.

  • Nutrition program: Monitored by nutritionist. Must be 3 months or longer and minimum of 4 visits.
    • This was a great experience. I learned a lot from the nutritionist and she has been very supportive through this process.
  • Exercise program: Monitored by Physical Therapist. Must be a minimum of 2 visits and must occur during the same 3 months of the Nutrition program.
    • These visits were full of good information but I was unable to do a lot of the workouts with the therapist because my body decided to revolt and throw some Kidney Stones my way. It took me 10 weeks to get past the stone issue, needless to say when you are dealing with stones it makes it a little hard to get any substantive exercise.
  • Psychological Clearance: basically an evaluation to determine if you are in your right mind for WLS and whether or not a psychologist thinks you will be successful.
    • The psych evaluation was probably the most absurd part of my pre qualifications... I spent 2 hours with a shrink who had me do a basic online psych test that you would typically find on a Facebook post, then talked to me to be sure that my alter-ego didn't wear a bicycle helmet 24/7 and lick car windows. He asked me to come back for a second visit to discuss depression issues but when I came back all he talked about was how great it will be after I had the surgery. The possibility of an eating disorder or depression never even came up!
    • Then there was the $897.00 bill… oh well, the hoops we jump through right?
  • Standard battery of Blood work.
    • I’m sure everyone has visited the vampire room.
  • EKG
    • Strap on a meter and watch it do its thing!
  • Upper Gi
    • This was a first for me! The Barium solution was… well… a new experience of chalky grossness. Then getting sandwiched in the X-ray machine did wonders (If you are sandwiched in there how do they expect you to turn on your side?)
  • Pre/Post Surgery Nutrition class
    • This class was actually conducted by the same Nutritionist that I was seeing for my supervised diet. I was surprised at the number of people who were attending, there were over 20 people just in this one session! Lots of good information in this one.
  • Post-Surgery Nursing class
    •  This class should have been conducted 3-4 weeks before surgery due to the content that covers the week prior to surgery… but so to a cancelation I ended up taking it the day before surgery (yesterday). Made for a bit of a scramble, and there were things that I should have done but did not have time to do… oh well! Don’t think any of them will end up resulting in a catastrophe :unsure:

Well, see you on the other side, out on the losers bench :)



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