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Worry not, Newbies, Unicorns DO exist

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I was on a ketogenic lifestyle website the other day and was AMAZED to see that one of their major threads basically pitted a keto lifestyle against WLS. The forum asked for WLS failure stories, and boy did people line up to give them!!

In short, the tag line should've read: WLS Success Cases are Unicorns!! That got me thinking:  Where is my graduating TT class?? Where did all of the lovelies go?--those faces that kept me going, walking each step with me from Newbie to Century Club?

Its been 5 years, but I still remember their names, their posts, their words of encouragement, their uncanny abilities to just know where I was coming from. 

May I present some of my favorite unicorns:







Their posts may be few and far between these days. Their blogs may have grown cold. No, they aren't sitting around posting on sites about the so-called "fairytale" WLS "gimmick," because they're at the gym or running 5k's or sitting on the floor and playing with their kids. They're tying their own shoes and even starting their own outreach programs to feed the hungry (shoutout to @michieluvsu). They're doing this thing called LIVING. 

I know because I started sending them messages last night, and I found that the unicorn population is VAST but quiet.  Some of them I haven't heard from yet, but I'm keeping the faith that they're simply having too much fun to sit down and play catch up. 

So, worry not, Newbies, unicorns DO exist! Of course, you get their mentoring here in people like @Res Ipsa and @cinwa....but there are many, many more that are behind the scenes.

Apparently, we all wander back to TTF at some point, especially when we need to swim in motivation and understanding---or when we need to be smacked back into our programs. Sometimes, the squeaky wheel gets all the focus---but there are other wheels!! Have faith in the process---and earn your own alicorn (that pointy thing that separates the bags from the unicorns). 


Back story: Before you ask, I am on a ketogenic eating program for life, because of my diagnosis of Mollaret's Meningitis...a rare and recurrent form. Ketones produced from this diet help limit neurological damage and repair damage that already exists due to trauma or illness. I'm a math geek---thinking is necessary for my life. Yes, I had to become adjusted to the fat intake....it was awful but worth it. Please don't try this without your doc watching you like a hawk.

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Love this post! Honestly, when I first started surfing around in research of WLS, the number of WLS fail stories gave me a LOT of pause. Coming to TTF and seeing a lot of people who were making it work, and reading more about how most who fail, fail because they didnt stick to the plan - the unicorns here are the reason I joined such a kickass and supportive community. I agree - those that fall away are often out doing the things they lost the weight for - can't wait to some day join them :) Lovely to meet you and read your blog!

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5 hours ago, delilas said:

Lovely to meet you and read your blog!

Likewise, dear Delia!! I was thinking about your work frenemy just a bit ago....why does there always have to be that ONE (and only one is you're lucky). She sounds like a miserable human...one who is afraid your success with unseat her as the reigning workplace weightloss champion. Petty and sad.

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