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Playing The Waiting Game

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Nothing really new to share as of late. I noticed today that in exactly 3 weeks, I finally see the doctor to get the ball rolling. I can not wait! In the mean time, I've been researching surgeons, diets, and other tools needed for this journey. I've even somewhat binge watched My 600 lb Life on TLC.  It's not a bad show. Somewhat educational and such. In each show, you see the life of a person as they prepare and deal with WLS. Each show consists of a year.

I've also have been forcing myself to eat veggies. The only ones I like are beans, tomatoes, lettuce and potatoes. I'm trying to expand my tastes. Starting with celery. It's not bad with peanut butter. When I was a child, my mother never really insisted we eat veggies. She tried on occasion to get us to eat corn and peas but I just couldn't get into them. I hate onions. So, this 6 month diet will be challenging in regards to that.

I've also started walking more. It's been really hot, though. The only time I can is late evening. I've been trying to distract myself with hobbies but my mind always returns to this. 3 weeks feels like forever!

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I know what you mean - weeks feel so long as we start on this journey! My insurance required a 6 month diet and exercise counseling, so Im halfway through that, so surgery could still be quite a distance away for me!

Vegetables can be hard. I like a lot of them, but my husband hates anything that "tastes green" so finding a happy medium has been hard. Keep in mind though, raw veggies - especially hard ones like celery - will be a no-go for quite a while after surgery - AND your taste buds may change, so don't worry too much.

3 short weeks! You can do it!

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Perhaps you could try to cook up some vegetables so they are more savory... as well as play to your favorites. Beans are sooo healthy, with both protein and fiber. As a child, black beans and rice, plus/minus some chicken or fish, was a go-to meal in the house. Now after my sleeve, and in my active WL period not eating much rice, but plenty of beans with my nearly vegetarian wife and vegan son. 

Recently roasted some ears of corn in the oven (lightly dressed with some olive oil) for half an hour over some aluminum foil. The oil mostly ran off the corn so only the lightest coating was left. After half an hour took each ear, using tongs, and then final toasted it over the flame of my gas stove to blacken some of the kernels. The ear got very toasted in just a few seconds - the kernels pop very impressively and even smoke a little bit - and kind of fun. (Impressive to the teenagers, horrifying to my mother in law).  

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