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It is said there are many ways people get inspired to make changes. I found my inspiration while falling on the kitchen floor.I was getting a drink and slipped. Only slightly injured. However, I could not get up. My arm was hurt. My other arm wasn't strong enough to support me. My mother and a friend weren't able to, as well. We had to call 911 for help. That was very humiliating. I spoke with my counselor about it. She said I am eligible for WLS.  So, here I am! Healed and completely inspired. I can not wait to start this journey!

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I think you could say your slip was a blessing in disguise. Your story puts a spin on 'hitting rock bottom'. Welcome to the group. Just dive in whenever you can and we will get to know each other online. You will find so much information on each type of surgery available. This forum helped me to make my decision because I read comments from individuals from all categories. Asking questions proved to me that people care about you and are very willing to tell you their story. I especially like to read from those who have been here for a long time. It is SO wonderful to know that IF I follow the advise of my surgeon and other medical professionals on the team I too can look back on today and remember my days of feeling hopelessly overweight are behind me. No one on this sight has said this is the easy way out, so I know it is up to me (not my surgery) to make my "this time next year" exactly what I want it to be. I wish you the very best for this new beginning!!! Welcome aboard!

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Sometimes it takes a real wake up call for us to see and understand! I am sorry you had to go through it but I'm so glad you're here!

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Welcome :) 

Sorry your a-ha moment had to involve injury, 911, and embarrassment. I hope the decision to have WLS leads you to a much more comfortable future. 

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