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Weighed Today

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I'm one of those people that weighs hardly ever. Its been a weird trigger for me in the past and I'd rather avoid that. So I am determined to only weigh myself at appointments and on the first of every month.

My total weight loss so far since the start of January is 46.5 pounds (or three stone). 23 of those have been since my surgery on the 11th of May. I have also lost 17.5 inches total from various parts of my body. All in all a pretty good result. I am just happy it is coming off. I still can't eat a lot so my portion sizes remain quite small. It means I am basically eating all protein to make sure I am getting enough in. But drinking all my water in has been no problem so far.

Had my first group appointment the other day and that was interesting. We talked a lot about nutrition and our medications and things like that. Pretty good stuff. Feeling very lucky and fortunate that my journey hasn't been as hard as some others, also a little guilty too. But I know its a different journey for everyone. 

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Fantastic update! I am SO with you on the infrequent weighing. I've saved myself so much self-torture that way. Your results are fantastic. I'm so glad you haven't had many issues. Cheers!

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There is zero room for guilty feelings on your health success stories, instead I will say thank you!  I have not had my surgery yet and it is great to not hear of horror stories. You must be very happy for your success. Congratulations. This is awesome.

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