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Carrying On

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I haven't updated in awhile. Not because I am having problems or anything. But just because I have been trying to focus in on myself at the moment. Really I can't complain about my journey so far. I feel so lucky and fortunate to be undergoing the changes I am.

 I've had a very easy transition from purée foods to normal foods. I am eating a bit more now but not the super portions I was eating before WLS. Still only one Wheetabix when I have them for breakfast when I used to have three. Sadly I have felt hungry a few times. But I am not sure if this was a head hunger or a thirst hunger. I am trying to work through that and identify the cause. Lots of meat and cheese to keep the protein up.

We are in the middle of a heatwave right now. Temperatures at around 91F which probably doesn't seem that hot to a lot of people but it is really muggy as well. And being England we don't have air conditioning hardly anywhere. I've been practically living in front of a fan. Makes it hard to get exercise in. Have my 6 week check up at the end of the month and am hoping I get cleared for some weight lifting. I have a few exercise dvds that I enjoy that I want to try and work into my routine.

I'm still off work at the moment but go back next Monday on a phased return. Should be interesting but I feel like I am ready for it. Got a new water bottle and a bento box. Ready to get to planning in the evening with my meals. Hopefully I can keep it up. 



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Sounds like you are doing okay and your head is still screwed on straight. I'm up to 2 Wheetabix now and it does feel luxurious. We're at 82F in Boston today but you're so right, air conditioning is much more prevalent here than in the UK (I have been going to the UK in the summers for work or vacations for the last 40 years, and for at least the last 30, people say to me, "Oh this summer is warm, but it's not usually this way!") ^_^ Hope things cool off and/or get less humid!

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Glad to hear things are going well. It sounds like you're taking good care of yourself and are well prepared to go back to work :) 

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