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Another week, another weigh in, another tiny bit closer to the operating room!

This was a stupid stressful week - my dad (who is 5 months post liver transplant for hepatopulmonary syndrome) has been in a lot of weird pain this week, and my youngest brother was in a serious car crash. He's doing surprisingly okay, besides some stitches and a mild concussion and a lot of bruising, thankfully. 
I also happened to be diagnosed with lupus this week, which is kind of a total shock, and I hope it doesn't affect my chances at surgery. I'm not medicated, as I barely have symptoms (the only thing that prompted the testing even is a non-ending face redness in the typical butterfly pattern) so since I'm not on steroids or anything, I hope it won't mess with my weight loss.
My weigh in went okay - down another pound. Slowly but surely! I'll take it considering it was so hot last week (over 90F every day) that I was loathe to come home and cook over a hot stove, so I wasn't nearly as on-the-ball with cooking and leftovers like I normally am - we ended up eating out way more often. However, when I'm stressed, I don't eat as much (I am the opposite of an emotional eater), and I almost feel like that balanced it out, ha. Thankfully, this week is cooler and I have a nice bunch of dinners planned out for the week. 
This weeks class was #8 out of 24. I am slowly but surely counting them down! Our topic this week was was about negative self talk and the feelings that come along with being overweight/obese (shame, disappointment, etc). It was a very interesting discussion, and I was surprised at the different things people in the class endorsed as their #1 emotion over their weight - things like loneliness, for example. It was definitely a good class. 
Got a sampler pack of Syntrax Nectar, and have enjoyed them quite a bit - thanks for the recommendation @jen581791 ! It's nice to get away from protein powders that need some form of milk to be tolerable. Also, Unjury's chicken soup protein powder is also good when I want something warm. 
Currently counting down until July 6th, when I meet the surgeon's nurse practitioner and get some preop work done, like the EKG. I can't wait - I feel like that'll make it more "real" :)
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Wow, you have had a stressful week. I send my best wishes to you and yours. I hope things go the best they can. 

I think there may be someone else I've seen here on the boards who has lupus - you may want to search. It sounds like a scary diagnosis, but hopefully you and your doctors can keep things under control. 

I kind of wish I had in person classes/meetings or something. I think it must be helpful to discuss WLS issues with other people in person, so I'm glad you're getting to experience that. 

Glad you liked the Syntrax.

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Well, dang, a week like that and you still lost a pound. Bravo. All my best to you, your dad, and brother.

Your classes continue to sound awesome. Things get real so fast during this process. It feels like you're waiting forever, but the big day arrives before you know it.

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Thanks for the good vibes, @Jen581791 and @Gretta! My family needs all they can get right now!

The classes sometimes feel like an UGH DO I GOTTA?!, but overall Im pretty thankful for them, and agree its been a good experience - they also have a bariatric support group once a month for both pre and post ops that I may attend sometime soon. They have people up to 9 years out still attending!

Hoping the lupus will be a non issue but Im definitely gonna search around the forums a little bit. 

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