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Baths, and Hiking and more..

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So, before my epic story detailing my morning. I wanted to add a small anecdote to losing weight. I can take a bath now. Previously, I could not fit into my tub. Now I can. Huzzah! It's a surreal feeling, I know I say that often. But it really is, the small things, like taking a bath, something that I am sure many many people take for granted. But it was something I previously could not do, and now, I find myself taking baths as often as I can. I have salts, and oils, and bubbles, oh my the bubbles. I enjoy the tub so much, being able to actually lay there without the fear of being stuck, and just let the water roll over me. It's great. 


Moving on! 

This morning I attempted to do a 3.5 mile hike called the Sugar Pine Railway trail, Strawberry Branch - "For more than 50 years in the early 1900s, the Sugar Pine Railway operated steam trains to haul logs along the Stanislaus River for the Standard Lumber Company and later the Pickering Lumber Company. Today this wooded corridor hosts a gentle 3-percent grade rail-trail for hikers, mountain bikers, equestrians and cross-country skiers. The trail represents a very small part of the Sugar Pine Railway system, which included about 70 miles of main line and almost 400 miles of spurs and branches. While there are a number of rail-trails in the Sierra left over from the area's extensive logging history, this is one of the easiest and most family-friendly because of its easy accessibility, gentle grade and relatively forgiving dirt surface."

So, this morning I put the trail in my GPS and off I went. I left the house at 8:40 this morning. This is important. GPS had me there at around 9:20, that's fair, it's up the hill a bit. SO, I get on the road, and go to where my GPS is taking me. Which is fine, I have an all wheel drive vehicle, I can do this. I am used to going off-roading. So, n4613 here I go, Forest Access RD. So I am going down it, and the road is getting hazy, but sure, it's 2 miles up the road, right? right? Gps then says "You have reached your destination".. UH.. where the hell am I? I am in the middle of no where. and GPS is saying "Welcome to the Strawberry Sugar-pine Railway trail".. with an option to "walk to your destination".. So I press it.. it's 2 hours behind me walking distance. #%$? I am getting so frustrated at this point I almost start crying. It's now 9:40am. So, I haul out of there, and pull up the trail on my phone. Eventually it says "The bridge.." So I go back to the road where I saw a bridge.. This bridge : 




You would assume that is the bridge? Right? Uh. No. Nope, not even close. So, I headed to the rangers station, and got a bloody map. Which I am really glad I did, because I was no where near where I needed to be. Eventually, I found the trail, at 10:30 this morning. 


Finally smiling because I am on the trail : 



Course, I am feeling kind of like an idiot : 


But, at least the trail is gorgeous and I ran into a good amount of beautiful butterflies - 




And, Small streams and waterfalls : 





And a pretty path : 





And the loggers run : 





Pretty meadows : 


Leaning against the rocks : 




Despite the trouble finding the place, I am glad I went, and now I have maps galore to go on more trails, Huzzah!! 

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Recommended Comments

21 hours ago, BurgundyBoy said:

Great photos and a nice story of being lost and found again...

Thank you! Of all of the people on the forum, I tend to seek out your replies the most =) 



20 hours ago, Vaultgirl72 said:

Love the pictures! Such a lush and dramatic landscape.

Agreed, A few years back we had the opportunity to move back here, where I grew up. My older two children were born in South Carolina, I have no regrets about returning here, I love where I live. 


20 hours ago, Gretta said:


Thank you! I can't wait to get a new lens for my camera, then maybe I can get some shots of the birds that keep flying away from me! 

13 hours ago, Jen581791 said:

Converted railway trails are great - they're never too steep ;) Looks like a lovely hike - glad you're having such good hiking weather!

Aye, Thank you! Hopefully we continue to have great weather. The river was rushing harder than I've seen it done in recent years, we are recovering from a drought so it's nice to see it, and going up in higher elevations the temperature isn't too bad! 

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A rough start, but man those pictures and that atmosphere! I've never really thought much of hiking...but there are some trails near me that I'm suddenly feeling the urge to look into :D Thanks for sharing!

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