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Surgery date confirmed! July 10th!



After 2 weeks of waiting for insurance approval I hadn't received any phone calls with confirmation. I had a check-in appointment yesterday and got the good news that insurance has approved the whole shebang and we chose a surgery date of July 10th.

It's another 6 weeks of waiting - and preparing -  but I am ready!

Part of the appointment yesterday was a group class with other patients where we went over the 3 diets we will be on. 2 week low-carb "Atkins" diet (staying under 20g carbs a day), 1 day clear liquids before surgery, and the 2 week post-op liquid only diet. 2 weeks after surgery I will have another class to take on diet advancement to pureed and soft foods.

I loaded up on protein and vitamins at the clinic store. We go to sample a lot of the drinks and chewable vitamins before we purchased so that was very helpful. I was surprised to see the prices were a good $5 cheaper than Amazon for most products. The Unjury chicken soup might be the best medical grade food product I have ever tasted! Funny because the Unjury protein powders are absolutely vile!

Anyway...it's happening! Now I just need to get all my ducks in a row at work and contact the powers that be regarding time off.

I'm almost there!


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So exciting! Six weeks will pass before you know it. 

It sounds like your surgeon's office has some good support. It would be fun to try before you buy :) 

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