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Just over a week

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It was a week on Thursday that I had my surgery.

So far I have to say its been pretty smooth sailing. I think I've been pretty fortunate to have such a good outcome. I am a little worried about what is going to happen when I hit the solid food stage. Its been so simple for me so far but I think food might be where it starts to get more difficult.

I am still getting tired out pretty easily. We managed a trip into the city centre on Thursday and did a lot of walking around. But Friday I was totally wiped out. At one point we were walking past a Greggs and there was a lady with giant slice of pizza. It was strange because I didn't really want to eat it but its more like I remember pizza tasting good and enjoying it? I guess I am still figuring out where I am with food and how it can be a healthy part of my life.

Feeling less tired today and managed to do some cooking for my husband and a good friend that is coming over tonight. I've always loved cooking and I didn't want to lost that hobby after weight loss surgery. But as I was cooking I realized how much I used to pick as I cooked. I can't at the moment because I am still on liquid but it was totally something I took note of and will remember in the future. Wouldn't want extra calories to slip in at a future date. I've also hit up Egghead's cooking blog after some recommendation on the forums.

I haven't weighed myself since the surgery. In the past the scales have always been dangerous for me. So I have decided to make a firm commitment to only weigh and measure on the first of each month. My main reasons for having this surgery were for getting healthy so I am trying to think of the weight loss as an added bonus. Its going to come off, I'm confident of that.

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So glad to hear that things are going really smoothly for you :) So many have lots of initial discomfort, nausea, etc, and I felt really lucky to have smooth sailing, too. 

I was just commenting on a post about stalls (Mega-stall?), and the scale issue was being discussed, and people have such different reactions to it. I'm interested to hear how it goes with you not weighing yourself frequently - please let us know! I think it's really important for people to find what works best for them, and being able to read about different people's experiences has got to be pretty useful, so I think this is a good discussion to have. 

Eggface is a great resource. The ricotta bake is delish when you get to that stage. I love to cook, too, but I feel like that may change a bit due to my tastes changing so much (nothing really tastes good to me right now, but I'm a bit of an outlier on how much it's changed). Hopefully your tastes are less affected than mine. 

Keep up the light walking - I was really easily tired at a week out, but now at 3+ months I'm walking so much and feeling really strong! It'll get easier.


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You're doing awesome! I think your idea of weighing infrequently is so smart. I plan on doing the same. I am not going to torture myself with obsessing over daily weighing and fixating on stalls. Why do that when you don't have to? It sounds like you're doing a great job learning about yourself during this process. Well done!

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@like_rain_to_sea let me echo your feelings about cooking. It ties us to our families and friends, and I'm invested in it for all the right reasons... as well as having been invested in some of the negative ones. Tonight we'll have some close friends over and will make lamb chops, gazpacho, other foods light on the carbs. I just get to have one chop, not 4, that's the only difference. 

Three weeks ago I had dinner with my in-laws who had ordered pizza - too much for them to eat (I had salad). I had two bites of pizza. Yes, I liked the topping, and I liked the crispy thin crust... but after the two bites I went back to the salad. In my "hedonistic heart" I wanted more pizza, but my brain - and my stomach - said no way. 

I think you are smart, and built of sterner stuff than me, to weigh yourself just one a month. 

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I plan on staying off the scale everyday initially. I thinking once a week though.. Congratulations and good luck on your journey!




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Glad to hear its going well!

It's funny, isn't it, when you start to notice where calories crept in before? I was (AM!) a big mindless nosher - I work all day and then do a bit of graphic design sometimes at night, and its so easy for me to just grab a bag of chips or popcorn and not even notice how much I am eating! Like you, I also love to cook and pick my way through cooking. But you've noticed it, and that's half the battle sometimes!

I like your idea of weighing once a month. I'm currently trying to kick my "scale habit" to once a week (I weigh in weekly with a weight loss group anyway) but sometimes weighing in motivates me ....and sometimes it demotivates me. I look forward to following along with your story to see how the once a month works out for you!

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