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Week 12 update



Almost three months out - I've got my 3 month blood tests scheduled for next week, so hopefully that goes well. I feel great, so I think (fingers crossed) there won't be any surprises.

It's been a month now that I've been consistently exercising every day (skipped only one day this month). I got a Fitbit a month ago, and it's weirdly motivating to have it remind me to get my steps in and then see my accomplishments as I do. I'm spending the month at the beach (cold, windy, rainy beach in Oregon, not warm tropical beach, to give you the correct mental image), so I've been walking 5 miles on the beach each day. The sand makes it a pretty good workout. My body feels really good - lots stronger and more toned, and comfortably able to walk that far at a good pace. I've been listening to audiobooks and podcasts while I'm walking, and I'm in a beautiful place, so the time goes quickly. After a month of this, I can say that I feel really great about going for a walk every day, and I plan to keep this in my routine even when my life gets busier. I'm REALLY not busy right now, but I'm going to prioritize carving out time in my schedule for exercise. 

On that whole subject (the lack of busyness in my life), to recap, my husband and I quit the teaching jobs we hated last spring and have spent this year traveling around the US and doing some intensive thinking about our lives and what we want to do in the future. We came to the conclusion that we wanted to go abroad again to teach, which we have done before, so we started applying and got some interviews. We were offered jobs in Oman, which is a country we visited many times while we lived in the UAE (Dubai), since it's just across the border. It's a beautiful country and there's lots to do there. We have accepted, so we should be moving there at the end of the summer to get set up for the new school year. Lots of changes in store, but also a little bit back to our old lives that we had when we lived in that area before. Whew! What a relief to have plans, though. 

I ate out at a somewhat nice restaurant this week. I had about 1/2 a crab cake for an appetizer - they were pan fried, and didn't have much breading, so I risked it. It was delicious. Then I ordered the salmon as an entree. It came on a massive pile of garlic mashed potatoes and grilled vegetables, but my taste buds have changed so much that garlic tastes terrible to me now. I ate a teeny tiny bite of potatoes and they were awful (my husband assures me that they were wonderful), and the vegetables looked garlicky too, so I didn't try them. The salmon was great (blackened with some sort of saffron sauce), and I was able to eat about half of the portion. The server didn't even give me a funny look when I asked for a box with so much food left. I had enough salmon for dinner the next day, and my husband got all the potatoes and vegetables for his dinner. It felt a little awkward but I think I can get used to eating out like this. The crab cake was apparently not a great idea, though, because it, um, went right through me in like an hour. Note to self: don't eat pan fried stuff. It seems obvious, but I thought I'd give it a shot. No harm, lesson learned. 

Last blog post, @Hotmamatime recommended I read a book called "Intuitive Eating" and that was a really good recommendation. I bought it and started reading right away. The authors (NUTs) theorize that the mere act of dieting messes with our minds so much that we cannot have a healthy relationship with food while having a diet mentality. We are driven to overeat by the diet voices in our heads, either starving ourselves until we crack and binge, or just bingeing in reaction to those voices. It has some great recommendations for steps to take to get rid of the diet mentality. If we can quiet those voices enough, we can access the "intuitive eater" inside ourselves that knows how to eat in a healthy and reasonable way, rather than using food as a comfort, escape, coping mechanism, etc.

The book is aimed at people who haven't recently had WLS, so some of the advice is a little off the mark for us, but overall I think I can incorporate a lot of what they have to say. I haven't gotten to the actual nutritional advice yet (that's at the end), but it seems like it's going to be stuck a bit in the 90s idea of lowfat low cholesterol everything, which I think there's enough evidence out there to at least call into question if not debunk. So, specific nutritional advice aside, and keeping in mind that I haven't actually read that chapter yet, I think there are a lot of really good ideas there to help me get that stupid diet voice in my head to shut up and let me have a healthy relationship to food and eating. 

If the voices in your head are full of noisy, abusive, negative self talk about eating, you might want to check it out. The writing is a little clunky, but self-help books are rarely pieces of excellent literature, so I think that's probably to be expected.

That's about it for me right now. It's a blue sky sunny day here at the beach, and that's a rare thing, so I'm going to sit out in the sun.


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Congrats on your teaching job!

I LOVE audiobooks! I use the Overdrive app to check them out of my library for free. I've loved everything by Liane Moriarty, Rainbow Rowell, and Caroline Kepnes. Also loved Ready Player One, The Time Traveler's Wife, and The Night Circus.

Well done exercising EVERY day. Bravo!

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Thanks, Gretta! Really hoping it's a good move for us. Another adventure, anyway. 

I love audiobooks, too. We've been listening a lot on our car trip (like LOTS!). Loved Ready Player One, and just watched Big Little Lies - the show was great. Heard good things about The Night Circus - have to look into it. My favorites are the Lemony Snicket books - although they're for kids, they're not really for kids, and Tim Curry does the best voices. I also listen to a lot of nerdy sci-fi and fantasy stuff :rolleyes:



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18 hours ago, Gretta said:

I've listened to the Lemony Snicket ones. So cool they put sound effects in & stuff. My favorite sci-fi recently was Sleeping Giants.

I'll put that on my list. Two of my favorites in the audiobook sci-fi genre are probably The Martian (better than the movie) and Seveneves by Neal Stephenson. I'm looking at many hours per week of walking, so lots of time for audiobooks!

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Congrats on the new jobs!

I envy you in that department. The following recently moved into my house; my eldest son (Home from the Navy and not bad to have around), my youngest son and his girlfriend (I am in denial that this one is actually my son, I think he was replaced by some sort of idiotic, lazy, irresponsible, whinny alien) and a nephew (haven't figured him out yet, a good guy, just a little lost) My wife and I are at the point that we are ready to hand them the keys to the house, quit my job, run as far away as we possibly can and hide...

Is there room in your suitcase for us? :unsure:

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12 hours ago, Havamal said:

My wife and I are at the point that we are ready to hand them the keys to the house, quit my job, run as far away as we possibly can and hide...

Well, Havamal, moving 7000 miles away would probably decrease the number of people in your household! The air travel time alone... :blink:

We're looking forward to it, for sure. It's always exciting to pick up everything and move far away - I've done this several times in my life, and hope I haven't acquired an addiction to it!

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10 hours ago, Jen581791 said:

It's always exciting to pick up everything and move far away - I've done this several times in my life, and hope I haven't acquired an addiction to it!

Travel addiction... I can relate to that! I haven't made it off this continent yet, but I have been to all the Provinces in Canada including the TWT and the Arctic Circle, and every state except the NE corner (NY,NJ,ME,etc) and Hawaii. My favorite pastime was to hop on my motorcycle and pick a direction and go!

Edited by Havamal

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