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Ready to run!.... well, walk.



I finally had my one week follow up appointment this morning! It felt so overdue!

My initial follow up appointment was scheduled for Tuesday, April 25, 2017 and I was so anxious for it. I wanted the doctor to give me the look over and tell me how I was doing for peace of mind. More than that, O felt ready to move and stretch a little beyond walking the 4-5 times a days around my apartment, but the staples kept me back.. I was so tender still around the incision sites that anytime I moved and felt something sting or pull, I sitting out for the count. But I know they were healing because of the itching. Itching is the universal constant for healing wounds and honestly it's the worst tease because you CAN'T scratch at them. Or also in my case: wear a bra, Because one of my incisions was right between my breasts and wearing a bra put pressure on the site and constantly rubbed at it. So for about two weeks I was free-boobing it. (An oddly freeing, but weird feeling without the support)

Unfortunately, my appointment was pushed back two days until this morning due to an emergency with the physician's assistant. This morning was the first time driving my car in almost two weeks and it did require a little ingenuity to bend in the places I needed to. But I got it all worked out and showed up this morning at the requested 15 minutes early to do the whole check-in and paperwork process, but afterwards ending up waiting almost an 1 hour and 40 minutes passed my appointment time. Just chilling in the waiting room watching Fixer Upper on Tv. I was a little annoyed that they were so far behind schedule, but I was more worried they would tell me we'd have to cancel and reschedule again. I needed the staples OUT! Thankfully it just turned out that he had been caught up in surgery and I headed back for my weigh-in and blood pressure.

It was a bit of a let down. :( At home I always weigh myself in the morning at the same time before I've eaten breakfast, after I've gone to the restroom, and without any clothes on. I want it to be as consistent and as accurate as possible to just weigh me. And from yesterday to this morning, for some reason that I'm guessing has to do with water weight (I haven't been the greatest at getting beyond 32 ounces yet when I should be at 50 ounces), I went up 1.7 pounds. Well dang. And then at the doctor's office, with the clothes on and everything, it was 3.7 pounds increase. Which sucks to see the numbers, but things are fitting differently and the shape of my body is changing and I'm just going to focus on the non-scale victories for a while. (but still weigh myself for the consistency) My blood pressure was 124/82 which is still in the pre-hypertension range, but it's a bonus in my book because I always free out when I go to the doctor's and the number is inflated from the anxiety. So if it's that high nervous, in chill-mode I'm gonna be in the normal ranges! And I know that as I continue to lose the weight and work on my cardio, the numbers will continue to drop all around.

And I was nervous to get the staples out despite how much I was excited for it. A hundred irrational fears ran through my mind as I sat in the room waiting, mainly thinking in circles about:

  • Is this going to hurt?
  • Are they going to give me a shot to take the staples out?
  • Have the staples been in so long that the skin has started to grow over?
  • What if I've been over doing it and I've ripped something?
  • What if the staples rip something when they come out?
  • What if my incisions are infected?
  • What if I start bleeding again?
  • What if the incisions haven't closed enough that I have to get new staples or stitches?
  • What if I need to take more blood thinner injections?
  • Is this going to really hurt?

I could not just settle down and let it go. But the nurse came in, and she was very friendly and all matter of fact about it. I think from start to finish, taking the staples out and putting on the new steri-strips took less than 5 minutes. She had me lay back on the standard examination table found in every doctor's office. I did get to sit propped up at an angle, so not completely flat and feeling vulnerable. I held up my shirt and bra out of the way so she could get to all the incision areas and she started before I even thought she had opened up all the supplies. There was a little bit of pain, but not from removing the staples themselves. On the incisions that had a little bit of dried blood around the staple site, I felt a slight tugging sensation to get the staple out. And depending on how much she had to tug, sometimes it's twinged the incision area. Honestly I caused myself more pain than needed because I tightened up during the procedure, so I overworked my stomach muscles and for about 40 minutes afterwards had some spasms and cramping along the main wound site. Just need to chill and go with the flow more. 

But now that the staples are out, I am less afraid of sneezing too hard, or sitting down to fast, or stretching, or bending to the side. Driving was still an interesting endeavor after the appointment and will probably continue to be for a while, but I am cleared for full on walking now and I think that will do the most in helping to loosen up all the internal muscle stiffness. And is just in time too. Before my surgery was scheduled, I had signed up for the Warrior Dash 5k this Saturday, April 29, 2017. I know the obstacles are definitely beyond anything I'm ready for at this point, but I'm planning to push myself with the 3.1 miles. Here goes nothing. 


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I'm sorry you were kept waiting so long. I love reading your updates. You're doing great! Good luck with the Warrior Dash! Wow!

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Thanks Gretta!

It wasn't really so bad to wait since I love to watch Fixer Upper and I can definitely understand that surgery is important and that person needs the focus for a great recovery. At the same time thought, all doctor offices seem to be in a hurry up to wait scenario. Lol. Can't recall offhand when an appointment has started on time.

For Saturday, I'm glad we chose such an early time slot so I can take my time to walk and have breaks as needed. Prior to surgery, my fastest 5k was about 48 minutes, so I think this weekend ending in about an hour and some change would be not too shabby. The real challenge will be seeing all the turkey legs beyond the finish line. Oh dang I used to love me a turkey leg. <3 

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Thanks for the update. Glad the staples came out OK. I wonder why some docs do staples and some don't... I guess that's just one of the millions of ways in which experiences can vary from person to person. 

You sound like you have a really good can-do attitude. I think this will help you on your journey :) 

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You make think this odd, but I find it kind of reassuring that this momentous surgery... has such mundane things in it like the delays at the doctor's office or the staples giving you a little love twinge when they come out. Nice blog! 

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