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50 pounds down since my pre-op diet started - woo!




It's been just over 10 weeks since surgery, so 15 weeks from the beginning of my pre-op diet, and I've lost 50 pounds from my high weight, and 30 pounds from my surgery weight. Hooray for me! I feel really happy about this, and I think I'm going to stop worrying about other people losing faster than me now. It's feeling more real that this is actually happening instead of being a possible hypothetical outcome.

So, how am I doing?
Great, actually. I have a bunch more energy than I did a few months ago. Although I have always loved hiking, it had become torture to haul myself up and down a trail, so I had stopped doing that. I wasn't even very happy just going for a walk - it felt like I was waddling rather than walking :( Now, I've got a Fitbit and I'm walking around 4-5 miles a day. I'm staying at the beach right now (waiting for another job offer to come in, should hear back this week or next), so I'm walking up and down a long beach, which means it's a pretty good workout when the sand is soft! 
I feel stronger and more comfortable. I feel like I can do things. Climbing up stairs is not the chore it was. I feel more comfortable when I'm sitting, standing, heck, even laying in bed. My feet hurt less. My back hurts less. I can breathe more easily. 
My body is getting smaller. My clothes are getting baggier. My boobs are getting smaller (thank goodness - I loathe them). I don't feel so hateful and embarrassed when I look in the mirror. There's just less of me. Yay!
My eating has kind of gotten onto a schedule, which makes things easier. I have between 600-800 calories per day. I can eat more if I eat cheese (lots of calories but goes down oh so easy), but am not trying to do that. I'm getting 70+ grams of protein per day. My day looks like this: 
Breakfast: 1/2 c greek yogurt + 1/4 c berries or crustless quiche thingies (Google Eggface egg bites if you want a recipe)
Midmorning snack: protein shake made with Fairlife milk (haven't pushed the lactose thing, I'm guessing I am still lactose intolerant, but don't want to find out the hard way). I use Syntrax Nectar shake powder. The vanilla tastes pretty good. The chocolate is OK. The strawberry kiwi tastes like jello, which is weird but kind of nice for a change. 
Lunch: 1/2 c cottage cheese or rolled up slice of cheese + tofurkey lunch meat (vegetarian fake meat) 
Afternoon snack: sometimes I have one, sometimes not - minestrone soup (one of the only things that tastes good to me), or 1/4 of an apple in thin slices, 1 oz of cheese, or a little can of V8 juice
Dinner: 3 oz of protein (veggie burger, Quorn fake chicken, tofu, shrimp, fish, or beans) plus 1 oz veggies (broccoli, sweet potatoes, cooked spinach). 
I've had a bit of salad, and it goes down OK, but I haven't really pursued it as a meal yet. I really love salad, so may do that soon. 
I'm drinking 80+ ounces of water per day. I'm not having to take little sips anymore - more like regular swallows, so it's easier to drink larger quantities. 
I have totally quit having any kind of crunchy snack (I could live on crunchy snacks) because I think that's a good behavior to say goodbye to. I may give raw almonds a shot at some point, but I tried a peanut the other day and it tasted so nasty and bitter I spit it out. Weird, I used to love peanuts.
So, my diet is looking pretty boring at the moment, but this is fine with me. Nothing really tastes good, so I don't really care. I'll get more creative later when I feel more moved to do so. Normally I really like to cook and am pretty adventurous, but I just haven't felt the call to do so. 
My pouch is feeling really good. I haven't had any dumping or even nausea - except once, last week. I was sitting and watching TV and suddenly a wave of nausea swept over me, hours after eating. I ran to the bathroom and dry heaved (but not too hard because the pouch is so small) but nothing was in there so nothing came up. I felt immediately better, like it had never happened. No problems eating. Some acid reflux, although I didn't suffer from that very often before surgery, and I take some Pepcid when that happens, usually at bedtime. 
Anyway, that's my 10 week check-in for anyone who's curious as to what it feels like to be at this stage. Can't wait to lose the next 50 pounds. 


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