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18 days post op, 2 days since the switch to soft diet!

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Well I was sooooo excited to finally have soft food, and on Easter!  It was like those balloons that you blow up for birthday parties, big and shiny ready to burst!  Then a slow leak poooof!  I had my salmon recipe all picked out, it smelled soo good baking...and the first bite!  It was just so disapointing, I could hardly eat any of it, I was so scared it was going to hurt!  

I'm now on semi-soft (actually mostly full liquid diet!)  And taking the days slower until I can feel comfortable with my own body again!  STILL SUPER HAPPY I'VE DONE THIS!!!!  I am taking one step at a time and living every day, which is something I've almost forgotten how to do!

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18 days out is pretty early, don't be disappointed. You'll get there soon! I know the first few weeks feel like they move really slowly, but you'll be eating salmon before you know it. Congrats on your journey so far - and so glad to hear that you're happy with the process.

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