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Adventures in public eating



I'm at almost six weeks out - that's coming on Tuesday. I haven't weighed myself in almost a week, so no idea how things are going there. I'll do that tomorrow. I've been away from my scale for that time, so it doesn't reflect any amazing self-control about not weighing myself. Just no scale access.


I've spent the week at the international convention for my profession (job hunting, networking, etc), and this has been an interesting challenge for my the new me. Until this week, my eating has been a purely private affair, among those who know why I'm eating like a picky toddler and not drinking during my meal. During the convention, I ate several meals out and was for the most part very successful. I was also able to bring enough snacks (shakes and string cheese) with me so I could keep up my energy all day.


The convention center had just a couple of sandwich places, and staying inside the facility all day was pretty grim anyway, so we decided to venture out into the city to eat at lunch each day. I was with my husband (we're in the same profession) and my BFF who flew in for the convention, and who I told about my surgery right away. She was actually very supportive and non-judgmental about it, and as an avid exercise/nutrition freak, was very interested to hear about all the physiological stuff. Anyway, they were both OK with choosing restaurants based on whether I felt I could choose something good there. 


One day I had a Mexican bowl thingy with black beans, cheddar cheese, sour cream, salsa, and olives (no rice) and it was easy to eat and tasted good. I ate only a teeny bit because the beans were pretty heavy feeling, but it all went down well. Nothing really new here, just new to eat it in a restaurant. 


Another day I tried Indian food. I had already had some palak paneer (spinach and cheese) from a ready-made foil pouch, so I was pretty sure it would go OK. The restaurant stuff was of course much better tasting, and I ate a fair bit of it, but not so much that my stomach was uncomfortable. As a table, we ordered palak paneer, malai kofta (cheese curd balls in cashew gravy - sounds awful in the description, but this is one of my favorite Indian dishes), and dal maharani (spicy lentils), plus naan (bread) for my two dining partners. The dal was disgusting because it was pretty oniony, and onions taste like poison to me now, as does garlic. The two other dishes were delicious and went down very well. They were pretty spicy, which was a little bit uncomfortable, maybe because it was just a new sensation, but not too bad. These dishes are mostly of a soft, pureed texture, so very easy to eat. I wasn't bothered by not eating the naan, even though I used to LOOOOOOOVE naan. I just sort of felt like, "This is not for me," and that was it. I drank a bunch of water before the food came, and then not during or after eating, which was a little weird, particularly since the food was spicy, but I managed just fine. 


Another day I had Thai food, specifically red Thai curry with tofu. This sounds easy because I've had home versions of it previously, but unfortunately, this version had deep fried tofu instead of just cubes of plain tofu. Oops. I figured I'd try it just to see, but regretted it all afternoon. It just felt not good in my stomach to the point where I will definitely not try this again any time soon. I had to sit through several sessions with a very uncomfortable feeling. 


For breakfasts, I ate little rolled up snacks of sliced Tofurkey (fake lunch meat) and swiss cheese. This is my new go-to thing. It tastes good, goes down well, and fills me up. One little roll of one slice of cheese and two little slices of Tofurkey are enough to really fill me up.


In the evenings, we of course had to go out because that's what you do at conferences, so we ended up at a lot of brew-pubs (it was in Seattle). I used to really love a good microbrew, but it just tastes awful to me now. The bitter part of it is the only thing I can taste, and it's terrible. I drank ice water with lemon or bloody mary mix (no booze) instead. This was not difficult. I didn't miss the beer. I did have to explain to an old friend that I'd quit drinking as he paid for a round, but I think I played it off casually enough. He didn't ask any follow up questions, anyway. I suppose he's imagining AA or something. It really says something about my fear of acknowledging my issues with my weight that having someone think I have a drinking problem seems preferable to admitting to WLS...


On evening outings, food was a little more difficult since we were in pubs, but one night they had pizza (awesome amazing pizza, apparently, if my companions are to be believed), but I skipped it because I've determined that pizza (or the toppings, anyway) doesn't sit that well with me. Another night the pub we were at had a cheese plate appetizer with several nice varieties of fancy cheese, plus crackers (ate one to try it - it was OK), apple slices (delicious - I was worried it might not settle well, but it was fine), and cranberry chutney (I dunked my cheese in it a few times). This was about the perfect pub meal, and I'll have to look for places that do this in the future. I can sit and fiddle with my food for as long as I like because it's a fiddly sort of dish, plus anyone can have some of mine because it's an appetizer, anyway. 


All in all, it wasn't terribly difficult to eat out as long as I did some preliminary menu research online before going. It felt like the waiters were a little weirded out by how little I was eating, but whatever, they're not paid to judge my food consumption. 


I'm really glad that I've already started this journey and lost around 40 pounds since pre-op. This made me feel a lot more confident in the job interviews that I had, which I'm sure is a quality that works to my advantage in hiring decisions. I'm hoping one of the places I interviewed with offers me a job - I've got another place I applied to online but haven't interviewed with yet that I'm really well qualified for and that I really hope I get an offer from. I know I'm counting my chickens, but if I get those two offers, I'll be really pleased.





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Great job on the eating out! Everything you had sounds delicious. If you were at the convention center in Seattle I work 2 blocks away. I imagine I know which restaurants you went to within walking distance. The Thai place is a favorite of my workplace. I'll keep in mind that the fried tofu should be stayed away from. I LOVE Indian food and look forward when I can enjoy that again. Kudos for staying away from the naan. That is going to be hard for me. Yay for cheese plates and Yay for bringing all your snacks with you to stay full and energetic.

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