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6 Days until VGS - Top Reasons why I am doing this...



On March 29th at 9am I will be officially moving over to the Losers Bench!  

Am I scared - yes 

Am I sure I am ready to do this - yes

Why am I doing this?   Oh so many reasons.... let me list just a few of this extensive list

1) I want to be alive to see my kids graduate - get married - have their own families. I don't want to die young and miss it all

2) I want to be as confident in my appearance as I am in my work - can't let my weight hold me back anymore

3) Just took my first flight where I could not buckle the seatbelt and I DO NOT want to have to ask for a seat belt extender

4) I don't want to go into a restaurant and be afraid they will seat us in a booth that I can't squeeze into or only be able to sit in chairs with no restricting arms

5) I want my Happy back - I am so embarrassed with my body right now that it is hard to feel sexy or affectionate because I don't want anyone touching my rolls

6) I want to be able to shop in any store, not just the ones with Plus Sizes

7) I want to be able to walk my dog around the lake  - heck I would be happy to just be able to walk past my block at this point

8) I want to learn Yoga without a spotter to help get me up off the floor

9) I don't want to dread getting on the scale

10) I want to hike in the mountains, bike around the countryside, snorkel in the ocean, basically live life, not watch it

Now is my time to take back my life and live it to the fullest!!


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I could have written exactly what you said!!! I too will have surgery on March 29th at 10:20 am and the reasons you posted are exactly why I need to lose weight and get back in the game of life. Good luck to you. 

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Good luck tomorrow I am messaging works great today take it easy in my hospital room now chewing on ice chips with no issue. Luckily the shoulder pain from the gas dissipated quickly so now I only have Abdominal pain  which the drugs take good care of. Overall it went a lot better than I was expecting based on what I've read so I sure hope you have a similar experience tomorrow. Good luck and will see you on the losers bench!

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