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Three weeks!



Yesterday was three weeks since surgery. Things have been going pretty well. 


I've been eating soft foods and having good luck with them - refried beans, ricotta bake, applesauce, guacamole, hummus, soups, and the ever-present protein shakes. I'm getting 500-700 calories a day, with two shakes normally, and 65-85 grams of protein, so I think I'm doing OK. Yesterday I went out for pizza (what!?) because my husband is getting pretty desperate for it. We ordered a veggie pizza and I ate most of the toppings off of one smallish slice, rationalizing that it's not that different from just eating cheese. I felt pretty full afterwards, and the fat overdose (I assume) sent me to the bathroom pretty quickly after getting back to the hotel. So, hey! No constipation. Anyway, lesson learned: I can have a bit of pizza if I want, but I may pay the price. This won't be a frequent menu item for me, but good to know it's an option if I want. 


My energy is pretty good - I'm traveling, as I have mentioned, and am currently in hiking heaven (Moab, UT), and trying to hike enough to satisfy my desire to do so without doing too much. For the last three days, I've been doing short (2-3.5 mile trails) that are nice and flattish. I'm drinking a ton of water and taking it slowly. It's so beautiful here - I'd hate to miss out on the hiking, and I'm doing just enough to make me happy. It really tires me out for the day, though. I can't wait until I'm hauling a lot less weight up and down the trails so I can really enjoy hiking again. Just the idea that things are headed in the right direction now is really helpful - my mood is good because I know I'm getting better. 


This morning my scale moved one pound downward after 10 days of stall (I stalled after 10 days out). I'm trying hard to take the numbers with a grain of salt. I lost 20 pounds in the five weeks leading up to surgery, so I'm sure I was due for a stall anyway, but I'm certainly hoping that I can resume the march downward now. I know that I'm doing everything right, and this is just how my body is responding to the trauma/shock of surgery and a radically reduced caloric intake. Think of the big picture! Trust the process! Etc.



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