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Losing s l o w l y



Today marks 16 days post-op, and I'm feeling pretty normal, barring the weird eating/drinking schedule and occasional exhaustion attacks. Since I have the luxury (?) of being unemployed during this process, I'm able to take it easy or not, depending on how I feel, which is nice.


So, I'm apparently one of those "slow losers," at least initially. I know, I know, it's only 16 days out. Don't weigh yourself every day. Third week stall. Everyone loses at different rates. It didn't go on overnight, and it won't come off overnight. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know, I know, I know. But STILL!!!


The problem is that I'm in a Fb group with about 15 other women who all had surgery the same day, and who are VERY supportive, and kind, and happy to cheerlead for each other, and are daily celebrating their much larger losses than mine. And some of them have lower start weights than me. I don't wish them anything but the best, but it's actually not humanly possible to not compare myself to them. I've lost 10 pounds since surgery (in 16 days), and several of them have lost 20+. The ones who've lost less than 20 are feeling sorry for themselves. And then there's me. I know that there's absolutely nothing wrong with me. I know that I'm following doctor's orders practically perfectly. I know that my body is in control and that it will do what it's going to do. I just need to be patient. It will happen.


On a positive note, my lactose intolerance seems to affect me only with liquid dairy (milk, yogurt) and cheese has been OK. This is a very good thing. I'm totally fine with not drinking milk - I don't like it anyway - but cheese, must have. Thank goodness this seems to go down just fine.


Food is going just fine: refried beans, cottage cheese, eggs, applesauce, and split pea soup are on high rotation in my two weeks of soft foods. So far so good. Getting in the water I need to is going OK, too. I haven't been sleeping well, but it's hard to tease apart my normal insomnia from anything WLS related.


I've been really active the last couple of days, but it doesn't take much activity to exhaust me. I'm traveling in New Mexico at the moment, and there are so many fantastic things to see, but many of them require at least a little light hiking, and it seems like everything in this state is at altitude, which doesn't help. We've gone to a couple of really cool Pueblo sites and walked all around the ruined villages. They're really beautiful and evocative and amazing to walk through. Today I walked a 1.5 mile loop that included some short climbs, plus some stairs (I didn't attempt the ladders - that seemed to be pushing my luck), and this was at almost 7000 feet. It was so tiring. I was just absolutely exhausted by the end. I tried to just keep focusing on the fact that hiking will be so much easier when I'm not carrying around a 100 pound backpack ;)





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Hi! I too am a slow loser. My surgery was on 1/23 and I've only lost a total of 16lbs since surgery.... almost 6 weeks ago! I follow the plan perfectly and have been excersing 5 days a week, I get all of my protein in, all of my fluids in and I just keep wondering why I'm not losing as fast as others. I completely understand where you're coming from. I've been at the same weight for the past 2 weeks, Stalls do happen so just continue to do what you're doing and the weight will eventually come off.... As least I hope for both of our sake :)

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I guess we just hang in there and keep going. The catch 22 with social media support is that although it's SO helpful and educational, it can also seem a little like a constant parade of people to compare yourself to, which can lead to some unhappiness. I'm sure that losing 10 pounds in two weeks would seem pretty awesome to me if I didn't have evidence that anyone else ever was faster! 

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