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Lactose: my new frenemy



Day nine post-op. Feeling pretty good today - just low energy and a little spacey feeling (probably normal at this level of caloric intake).


Last night I decided to try cream of mushroom soup, a comforting favorite from childhood. Although I make my shakes with soy milk because I don't really like cow milk, I made the soup with cow milk because it sounded weird to have soy Campbell's soup. Very shortly after finishing my delicious bowl of childhood throwback food, my stomach started feeling awful and I had to lay down. Things did not go better until this morning. Well, I guess I can use milk as a laxative now, so that's good. I'll stick with the soy in future. I know there's low lactose milk, but I don't really like milk anyway, so I'll just do the soy thing. It's got a lot of protein, so all good there.


So, some effects that I think may be attributable to being in a state of ketosis right now: gross fuzzy white tongue, thirsty, bad breath, brain fog, insomnia. These are all things I have experienced doing super low carb in the past, so I'm guessing that's what they are and that I'm indeed in ketosis, which is good for weight loss but not totally pleasant. I'm hoping this will go away when I start mushy food next week. Looking forward to some variety and hopefully I'll be up for increasing my caloric intake - right now I'm getting in like 400 or so while feeling full all day.


The last few days, I've been trying to wrap my head around the idea that this IS happening. It feels a bit like I bought the ticket, got into the seat and buckled the belt, and the rollercoaster is going to start moving, regardless of what I do. Very very very different from my previous weight loss experiences, when it felt like it was all on me and nothing was guaranteed - it could all come screeching to a halt at any moment and zoom back into reverse. I'm really fascinated at the difference this has on my mentality. It feels like I have a secret weapon that will do a lot of the work, and that I have to cooperate in order for it to work most efficiently, but that it will do a lot on its own. This doesn't make me feel powerless or like I can slack off and rely on the mechanics of it. It instead makes me feel like I'm just more powerful because I've got this secret weapon on my side. 



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I love that you feel like you have a super power that when used correctly will be a super secret getting healthy advantage!  That's exactly how I feel (most of the time!)!!

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