From the blog "Odyssey to A Healthy Me"

I'm writing this from my hotel room in Monterrey. I was discharged yesterday around noon after my leak test, and I think I'm doing pretty well. I'll be here at the hotel for about four more days, for one final check with the surgeon and nut before I return to the US.    The hospital stay was just fine - a nice private room, but since it's a hospital, there are people coming and going checking things pretty constantly, so not that restful. Also pretty boring (hello, hospital, you need to up your game with your cable package!). I slept a lot less than I thought I was going to, so lots of sitting around doing nothing but reading WLS blogs and forums. I couldn't drink anything for the whole time until right before release, so I was super thirsty and with dry mouth. So glad I brought chapstick and Biotene mouth spray. I wasn't hungry or anything, as I was getting fluids via IV the whole time, but it was weird not to be able to drink.    For the leak test, I was wheeled down to the X ray lab and asked to drink whatever the hell nasty stuff shows up on the X ray, and then stood in front of the scanner. I watched live as the liquid went down into the little teeny pouch, did a little whirlpool, and swooped out the bottom and around the rest of the loops of my intestine. One of the surgeons was there to show me what was going on. It was pretty fascinating. So, basically, no doubts they did the surgery: I've seen the evidence! Very cool to see what actually happens when I drink. The nasty liquid led to some truly foul liquid poos, which is OK because I know my guts are working, but it is pretty gross. Similar to the bowel prep for pre-op, I guess.   After the leak test was all good, I went back to my room and was served some broth, apple juice, and chamomile tea. It was freaking delicious after several days of no food (Mexican hospital vegetable broth, 9/10, would recommend). Surprisingly, I was able to consume all of it, and pretty quickly. I was worried that it would hurt or come back up, but no problems whatsoever. Packed up to go, wheeled to the lobby, and into a cab. There was one pothole on the way to the hotel that was a little jarring, but nothing terrible.    Back in the hotel room, I started fluid intake: water, diet Gatorade, repulsive clear protein Isopure grape nasty stuff, and eventually some wonton broth for dinner. I've been a vegetarian for like 12-13-14? years, long enough that the idea of meat is not very appealing to me, but I'm stuck in a hotel for week in a country where "vegetarian" is not really a thing. I figured sort of clearish chicken broth might be inoffensive enough, but the wonton soup was in a pretty dark beef broth and it really icked me out. I drank it, but with a nasty look on my face. Going to resort to bouillon cubes from home today, in hot water from the coffee machine... ooh, fancy!    I spent the evening going for little walks around the hotel and sitting and watching streaming videos, feeling pretty good. At bedtime, I got propped up nicely with pillows and went immediately to sleep, waking up at 7am - not too shabby for a lifelong insomniac. I'd had one pain pill before bed, but they're just over the counter something-or-other so no help on the sleep from that quarter. I actually rolled onto my sides to sleep for part of the night, which scared me a bit, but wasn't really painful - just a little strange feeling. I squished a pillow up to my tummy and it was fairly comfortable. I had some weird dreams about eating things I shouldn't - a bit of baguette, some crunchy vegetables. They weren't like "I wish I could have some" dreams; just "oops! I forgot I can't eat that!" I'll try to stay away from the baguettes...   The drain is still in me so I've had to empty that a couple of times. It's pretty gross, but doable. The incisions don't look too bad. I have two to the left of my belly button, one to the right of my belly button, and one IN my belly button. I also have the drain straight up from the belly button. They don't hurt and haven't been leaking or anything. My belly is very poofy from the fluids and the gasses and stuff, so it feels a bit weird, but I assume the swelling will go down soon.    I actually got up, had a shower, got dressed, and put on makeup this morning, so I feel pretty normal now. I even went to the hotel lobby for breakfast with my husband. Lucky him - Mexican breakfast is awesome: chilaquiles, huevos a la Mexicana, beans, fresh fruits, etc. I had carrot juice, grapefruit juice, and mint tea. It felt very civilized to be up and around and in the restaurant. My husband keeps saying, "I can't believe you just had this surgery - you seem totally normal!" I kind of feel the same way - a lot better than I'd thought I'd be at this point. Very lucky. Some of the women in the Fb group of people who had surgery the same day as me aren't feeling as hale and hearty - I really hope they feel better quickly, and I thank my lucky stars that I feel as good as I do.